A collection of songs that brothers John and Steve Conte have been sitting on for a long time in hopes of doing some sort of “box set” for their band Crown Jewels – but there has never been a better time to release new music than now when people are isolating at home and need some joy & diversion in their lives.

Steve had this to say, “So – today I will be releasing this collection of songs on bandcamp.com (Here) entitled the Bootleg Rarities EP. It contains 6 well-recorded songs spanning the years 1992 – 1999 when we were most active in our writing & recording as the band Crown Jewels.

The important thing is that Bandcamp.com is waving all commision fees from artists today between 12 noon and 12 midnight EST so if you purchase it between those hours, my brother and I will get 100% of the money to split between us. This is important for us & our families since we are out of work for the for seeable future and could use all the income we can get right now.Please consider going to bandcamp and purchasing the EP…and don’t be fooled by the photo, this ain’t no jazz album – it’s pure rock ‘n roll, with soul – and pop melodies! (As per usual…)”.