After a 17 year gap, the mythical beings that are The Network drop their second long-player. Who are they? What are they? Is a question we would all like to know but with only names like Fink, Van Gough, and Snoo to go on and a vague background they leave us guessing. What I do know is that they’ve dropped an album of pure quality so let’s pick out some highlights from this 25 track monster of a record.

“The Prophecy” kicks us off with a spoken word warning for mankind and launches into the chorus of “We’re right you’re wrong and we told you so” and lets us know that we should have listened to the band’s warning all those years ago.

“Theory of reality” is an urgent upbeat number and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

“Trans AM” is an atmospheric number with a great bass line running throughout the song.

“Asphyxia” is an instant earworm and its melody instantly lodges in the listener’s brain.

“Ivankkka is a nazi” is a contender for song of the year as it’s not only a great singalong number but the lyrics are brilliant with lines such as “Ivanka is a nazi, she’s in the KKK” and “She has a Gucci swastika and loves the NRA” it’s simply a great track.

“Flat Earth” is another gem of a song with the band telling us that if we think the world is round that we indeed are wrong.

“Degenerate” has a funky, new wave feel with some scratchy guitar and is another top tune.

“Carolina’s ultimate Netflix tweet” is a short blast of pure power-pop-punk goodness.

“Respirator” has a great keyboard opening and yet again the lyrics are great with lines such as “I used to be an anti-mask crusader but now I’m on a respirator” drawing on the recent events with covid 19 and people refusing to wear a mask for others safety.

“Cancer is the new black” has a great twangy guitar riff and an awesome drum track that keeps the album quality at an all-time high.

“Threat level midnight” is a fast punk number and instantly gets the listener’s foot-tapping to the beat.

The Network money money 2020 PT ll we told ya so! Is a triumphant return with great catchy songs with witty lyrics relating to recent times and is an album that with repeat plays the listener will find something new to enjoy.

Let’s hope The Network can bury the hatchet with their arch-nemesis Green Day wink wink to do a joint tour, now that would be something to look forward to once covid is under control.

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Author: Gareth Hotshot Hooper