It’s always great to come across an act like the Dogmatics, new to yourself and a complete revelation. With an air of East Coast Replacements about them, with rockabilly elements and enviable songwriting skills. Much like the aforementioned Mats, you come to the conclusion: how have I, or indeed everyone never heard of this group.

This retrospective is a strong compilation for newbies and completists alike of the early 80s’ Boston-based group. Wielding different genre specifics, vocal styles track by track like a guitar-heavy Squeeze in their approach. Opening the record with dance floor friendly New Wave numbers ‘Sister Serena’ and ‘You Say’ (think Plimsouls, the Romantics), moving on to gruffer sounding but still resonating material like ‘MTV OD’ and ‘King-Sized Cigarette’ before to descending into the very “of the time” cowpunk tinged tracks like ‘gimme the shakes’ and ‘Pussy Whipped’.
Further on we enter the completists territory, novelty songs like ‘Hardcore Rules’ and ‘Shithouse’ not likely to win over any new fans, but serve their purpose in a retrospective for those who have been with the band every step of the way.
After this brief trough, the record certainly peaks again in the form of what should be an alternative rock classic ‘Everything Went Bad’, with tinges of Mission Of Burma and even a little bit of Buzzcocks, this one is certainly going to be on the playlists for new converts. Followed through with the melancholic and bitter-sweet “Cry Myself To Sleep”, making you appreciate the good times whilst reminding you of times that you couldn’t possibly envision things improving.
Overall this retrospective is a strong portrait of a band that is walking proof to the more obsessive music fan that the cream does not always rise to the top. Get your hands on this release. You will not regret it.
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Author: Dan Kasm