Irish rockers Trucker Diablo’s latest release presents us with a much more muscular sound to their brand of Celtic tinged pop/hard rock, with a vibe not dissimilar to Black Stone Cherry et al they have really upped their game with a strong album of catchy, upbeat and  sometimes mindless (‘Rock Kids of the 80s’ particularly) tunes that will sound great at your socially distanced summer BBQ.

Opening track BTKOR has a nice fist-pumping, head-banging groove and lyrics about big trucks and beer. What more could you possibly want? ‘I Am Still Alive’ has a fine chugging riff and a Celtic feel that wouldn’t go amiss on a Ricky Warwick solo album. Don’t Hold onto Hate is another decent slab of pop-rock with another catchy chorus which is reminiscent of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and has some great twin lead guitar work.

Other highlights include the punky ‘Insects’ and the punchy ‘Slow Dance’ with a riff that reminiscent of the Eagles classic ‘Life in the Fast Lane’. There are some throw away tracks like ‘The Edge of Tonight’ which sounds like a lackluster Nickleback B side. ‘Woodstock to Vietnam’ is a story of two friends from the 60s who follow different paths in life, more impressive guitar work gives the track some substance. The album closes with ‘Bury the Ocean’ which has a Maidenesque jig.

Trucker Diablo aren’t looking to change the world with their knuckleheaded beer and party style of New Wave of Classic Rock. They just want to have a good time and for everyone else to do the same. Get down the front and bang your head. Easy.

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Author: Kenny Kendrick