From Valencia Spain Baby Scream is a music project orchestrated and led by Juan Pablo Mazzola who first released ‘Lost Balloons’ but now he’s found some and they’re sad but the music contained therein is far from sad (at times).  Kicking off with the T Rex influenced ‘Britney Has Left The Building’ it’s a full blooded slice of Glam rock to kick off this collection of demos and remixes.


‘Cheap Perfume’ is a sombre acoustic song that’s in keeping with the collection title. but it’s then followed by a very demo sounding tribute to Nirvana as ‘Fuck This’ is like a cassette recording from a band rehearsal and as if by magic the next tune is indeed a Nirvana cover of ‘I Hate Myself And Want To Die’ that’s recorded using a piano as the lead instrument.  Sounding more like a lost Bowie track from the 70s.  Then to follow it up with a dreamy demo of The Demon Gene Simmons ‘See You Tonight’ which is a trippy journey sounding more like a twisted pop song.


The songs take a more sombre turn toward the cover of cool hand luke (Mazzolas favourite film apparently) ‘Plastic Jesus’ which segs into a nice acoustic strum of ‘Underworld’  with its dreamy vocal but this is almost twenty years old.  I guess it’s about time Mazzola knocked out a new record that’s up to date it’s nice to put a full stop to the past and package all these songs away in a nice collection available via the Bandcamp site.


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Author: Dom Daley