Bambies are a trio hailing from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. They are a trilingual, tri-national (Canada, France, Costa Rica) band that plays its trade within the Garage rock n power-pop parameters and boy do they do it well.  They might not be the shinest picture postcard but hell they would just about provide the best beach party soundtrack for those unruly kids everywhere.
There is a tonne of grit n dirt under the water of this shoreline and the tunes contained here within are infectious, a bunch of smiles and cheeky grin but this business of Rock and Roll is serious and in that regard, they are smack bang on the money.
The twelve tunes contained behind the picture-postcard kick off on track one ‘Dirty Taint’ with the snotty bounce of The Briefs with the vocals sounding like the reincarnation of ‘Disconnected’ era Stiv.  But don’t vanish before track two (unless you are off to turn it up or fetch more beer) because the title track is a rabid slab of Ramones-inspired bop n roll that contains some rasping gang vocals and a razor-sharp solo.
Bambies have been around for a number of years honing their craft and it looks or rather sounds like it’s really paid off with ‘Summer Soon’.  ‘Echo’ has some bounce in the chorus and an appreciation for the summerness (is there such a word?  there is now) of the handclap.  The global Pandemic hasn’t slowed the band down and probably gave them the chance to finely tune these songs.
‘Party’ is exactly that and does what it says on the tin.  ‘Stuck With You’ has more of that Dee Dee time change feel to the riff and there can never be enough homage to da Bruvers.  You know what?  You can have all the gimmicks in the world but there’s no sub for a banging tune and an LP full of attitude and bands like Bambies appreciate that.  It’s not their job to reinvent the wheel just to roll with it and write as many tunes as they can to the best of their ability and that’s what ‘Summer Soon’  dishes up.
They beef it up a little with the romper stomper of the rapid ‘Go Gore Boy’.    It’s no coincidence that two of the finest labels have jumped on board to bring this record as far and wide as possible so we can all get in on it Spaghetty Town Records in the US and Wanda Records in Europe is where you need to head or the Bandcamp site and get back to us here at HQ to say thanks for the tip-off because there won’t be any complaints other than why didn’t we tell you about these cats sooner.
Postcard-perfect power poppin’ punk rockin’ wish you were here n all that but do yourself a favour because summer is right here right now and this is the soundtrack.


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Author: Dom Daley