NYC Punk’n’Rollers Mala Vista release their sophomore album ‘Fun Time’. Mala Vista (translates to bad view or bad sight) was formed in 2017 with Myke Miranda, Manny Dominguez, Erik LAMF and Ben Heyman, all sharing a love of the glory days of punk rock. Mala Vista stays true to legendary bands like Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Zeros, The Kids, Ramones and Johnny Thunders and boiled all these vital ingredients in their Rock n Roll mixing pot and poured it into their hearts and soul and then let it all spill out decades later into what you’re hearing right now.

There’s no fucking about, no trying to goof it up with some modern twist they just let all that Rock n Roll out and capture the energy and excitement that first hit us when the forefathers did it in the 70s and beyond.

They might not be alone in this pure ’77 punk n roll revival that’s gently gathering pace thanks to some great labels like Spaghetty Town outta the USA there are some other kindred spirits on the scene doing likewise and turning heads like Poison Boys, Ravagers to name a couple we’ve gotten on board with here at RPM over the last few years. Mala Vistas’ second record gets underway to the sound of that magic ‘9 Ball’ with its drum intro smoothly rolling out the beat with some gritty 70 glam rock before going through the gears on this hot rod record in a zero to sixty in the blink of an eye mixing the Ramones attitude with the swagger of those Heartbreakers and we’re off and running like our lives depend on it. Follow that up with the least single and things are grooving on nicely. Some sweet BVs and well-placed woo hoos and this party is cooking nicely.

They go for the time-honoured well rounded production not too smooth plenty of light and shade and letting the music do the talking. It works really well so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. ‘Juana La Cubana’ is a cool slice of power pop rock n roll with a great hook and melody and the emphasis is on that with a great sparse arrangement letting the song take the strain and doing so delivering a timeless pop song. In contrast ‘Die Waiting’ is like some early Bon Scott boogie staying in the barroom and listening to Dr Feelgood rather than Rocking harder, this has got serious amounts of swing to add to the compulsion to dance and move your feet boys n girls.

Shaking the tambourine to nail the tempo as the guitars add some meat to the bone and some smokey late-night NYC downtown action ‘Dirty By The Dozen’. ‘Cabron’ shakes some action before bringing the house down with a ‘Riot’ It’s a hoot and keeps the album short and sweet it’s focused and right on the money delivering a timeless slice of NYC punk n roll. They could write and record an album like this for decades and get the reputation as a go-to band for punk n roll with great songwriting and music that’s energetic, timeless and a real Fun Time. Get on it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Look for them touring Europe in Spring of 2024!
Upcoming Shows
January 26th-Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY)
March 1-Star Community Bar (Atlanta, GA)
March 15th-TV Eye (Ridgewood, NY)

Full steam ahead they said as the good ship RPM Online Podcast sails into treasure-filled waters. This Episode is positively overflowing with new tracks as well as an exclusive Live cover from Ravagers that will never be on streaming services or CD and is limited to 100 copies of White Vinyl. Spaghetty Town Records have kindly let us play the Ravager’s cover of ‘Goin Downtown’ by the Lords Of The New Church. That’s only one of the reasons why you should check the Podcast out.

Sweden’s First Boy On The Moon Kick off this Episode with the opening track of their new album ‘Dreamer’. Hot on the heels comes a new track off the Final Cock Sparrer Album ‘Hand On Heart’ out on April 5th. ‘I Belong To You’ is classic Sparrer and an album that sees the band get better and better.

Now co-host Hotshot likes nothing more than fantasising about Sex Pistol and Radio broadcasting inspiration and role model Steve Jones so we’ve dug deep for a sparkling live rendition of his classic ‘Silly Thing’.

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Hotshot wanted to change the mood by introducing a track from Garbage who penciled in a re-release of the album ‘Bleed Like Me’ with his favourite track off the album. How about Japan’s finest glam punks Angel Face with a brand new track off their Slovenly Records self-titled album. A new track from Bullets And Octane, and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard before Hotshot plays Suede with a track off their latest album ‘Autofiction’.

Ravagers are a glam punk n roll band outta The USA and they have a brand new LP released through Spaghetty Town Records as pointed out in the intro above. 100 copies pressed no streaming and no downloading. This will be a must-own record and rare as rocking horse shit. We’ve got an exclusive don’t miss it.

Desperate Measures have been playing support to Cheetah Chromes Dead Boys around the UK and currently in Europe and getting great reviews so having heard the new Desperate Measures album it’s only fair we play ‘Sublime Destruction’ the title track of their soon-to-be-released Cadiz records album. Staying with Cheetahs how about a new track off The Streetwalkin Cheetahs and a wonderful track ‘Call The Dogs’ being released on Poland’s awesome Heavy Medication Records. While we’re playing the label’s newest releases we also have one from Jonesy the potty-mouthed Canadians 10″ release on HMR but not before Californians Crymwav pop by with ‘Mars Fever’ and Mala Vista get aired with a single off their soon to be released album coming out on Spaghetty Town and Beluga Records in Europe.

Marc Valentine is set to release his second album on Wicked Cool Records in the next few months, so, no time like the present to play a track off it, and having had the privilege to hear the album I can tell you it was tough which one to play seeing as the whole record is fantastic power popping Rock n Roll. Gareth drops in one of his favourite songs from Powerkeg before a fine track from The Mysterines who we reviewed recently when they played support on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour of the UK.

If you’re still with us then stick around for a banger from The Empty Page who announced this week that they have a new album coming out on their own label if this is anything to go by it promises to be excellent and the first Empty Page track we’ll be playing. With just a couple of tracks to play Sweet Tooth blast away any fatigue with their banger ‘So Gone’ from their epic Lövely Records release ‘Split Image’. This leaves River City Rebels to wipe the floor with us as they blow the fuckin doors off the show with ‘Unless Your White’ out on Screaming Crow Records.

That boys and girls is one hell of a playlist from top to bottom we doubt you’ll hear a running order with as much quality as that. Keep it RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution!

How about half a dozen (and some) bangers to get 2024 started and warm the cockles of your hearts in this cold winter.

Fast Eddy – ‘In Too Deep’ (Spaghetty Town Records/Beluga Records/Boulevard Trash Records) Produced by former Biter Tuk Smith FAST EDDY’s latest single, “In Too Deep” is a dreamy light touch melodic rocker. IT’s got a happy sing-a-long disposition and is a great appetiser for what’s to come in a few months when the album hits the shelves.

Beneath the track’s cheerful nature, lies a narrative exploring the intricacies of relationships and the struggle of acknowledging a desire for connection, and the realization of an unfit partner.  It’s got a timelessly cool vibe and a mature feel with the organ and acoustic layers. It’ll whet the appetite for that album when it drops just an allround top tune. Get on it kids.

J Mascis – ‘Right Behind You’ (Sub Pop) From the upcoming album ‘What Do We Do Now,’ out on Sub Pop Records i Feb Mascis is back with his familiar tone and dreamy American Alt post-grunge sound. It’s a cool breezy pop tune from J and just enough to get you excited for the new album with his familiar fuzzed-up solo and mellowed verses. Its always good to hear him do new music be solo or Dinosaur Jr.

Moron’s Morons – Go Pop (Big Neck Records) Slipped through the net but we’ve managed to net this bad boy. Some cool swaggering punk n roll from Poland’s prime punks get their single released through the Virginia USA label. ‘Cadillac Eyes’ is a banger all Briefs swaggering snotty punk n roll but the gem for me is ‘You’re A Sleaze’ with its uptempo rhythm led by the Boys-inspired keyboards that add the party to this buzzsaw punk swinging round the chuck berry meets the New York Dolls attitude. Always a winner for me when you stitch those influences into your music. Great single.

The Fabulous Courettes – ‘Shake’ (Damaged Goods Records) The grooviest Courettes’ tune to date! Try to listen to ‘Shake!’ without dislocating those hips! Slide into your skinny jeans and Chelsea boots and let’s kick out the jams together. Killer fuzz riff and infectious beat of the Motown variety, hints of soul and rock n roll are in there, showcasing a bit of the recipe of The Courettes’ next album due out in September 2024. Catch them all over that there Europe in 2024. Groovy baby. The B side isn’t too shabby either and it’s exclusive to this release as well ‘You Woo Me’ not arf Pop pickers!

THE COMPLICATORS -‘Blink Of An Eye!’ (Pirates Press) The track is from their upcoming self-titled debut LP which goes up for pre-order on January 12th and hits record stores worldwide on February 2nd. Some angry young men play punk rock with aggressive riffs and broken glass vocals with big drunken sing a long gang choruses. What more do you want? It’s got a tonne of energy and would get any sweaty pit moving. If the album is as strong as this then get ready 2024 it could get messy.

Deniz Tek & Jeff Dahl – ‘Love /Hate’ (Cleopatra Records) I’ve saved the best til last this month with my pick of the pops from Deniz And Jeff as they take two new tracks and sing one each and it’s tough to put a Rizzla paper between them for number one pick but together this is the single to get hold of this month. Pressed on red vinyl ‘Hate’ is swinging in on a filthy dirty sleazy riff with an express train of energy it’s a garage punk masterclass with Dahl snarling out those lyrics but don’t take it personally he’s one of the good guys. If you think you’re going to get redemption on ‘Love’ then think again sounding as cool as a summer breeze its got swing like a classic undiscovered Townsend track before opening out. An exceptional song to be fair if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. Record of the Month by A Country Mile and the solo on ‘Love’ is a stone-cold killer. If you’d be so kind gentlemen a full-length album would go down really nicely especially if it sounds this damn good.

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘We Go Boom!’ (Ghost Highway Records) I’m sure when you hear this you’ll agree that your heart just jumped to over double your resting heart rate. r loud and as raw as fuck. The woo hoo! are easy to sing along to even for the drunkest person in the room. Chuck Norris Experiment have captured a classic moment piledriving a slice of The Hives into their familiar uncompromising style of hard rock and on this, they’ve nailed it folks no doubt it. and had Tek and Dahl not released a single this month this would have been number one with a bullet. Taken from the forthcoming album ’20’ that will be released on GHR in April to celebrate their anniversary it also signifies the return of guitarist Chuck Daniels which might explain why the guitars are so fuckin’ huge! whats bigger and better than two guitars? Three of course. Boom!

Brigata Vendetta ‘1000 Cuts’ (Pirates Press) one of the newest Bay Area bands featuring members of Harrington Saints and Bum City Saints, have released a new single called “1000 Cuts.” The song comes from their debut LP “This is How Democracy Dies” which is available for pre-order on January 12th and hits stores on February 2nd. about incompetence and corruption of a Congress to do any sort of governing that would actually help people instead of toeing party lines. The old adage of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is the refrain in the verse: ‘Lie, cheat and steal / Then feign ignorance / Death by a thousand cuts,” Unwavering uncompromising punk as fuck this is an absolute blast and as pissed off as you’d imagine it would. Darrel and Mike from the excellent Harrington Saints are the seal of quality you needed to have to reassure you this is essential hardcore music to check out.

November is almost done and we can all get on the eggnog but before that there is time to squeeze in a right mixed bag of new singles and videos. From Kenny’s write-up of the brand new Valhalla Awaits track through some classic punk and pub rock to some balladeering and pop songs for you to get your heads around, Go check them out. But hold on Those cheeky chaps The Sensible Gray Cells begin the Crimbo madness before we unleash December’s festive tunes…Enjoy…

Valhalla Awaits – Is There Anybody Out There? (VA Records) The long-awaited new single from Welsh wonders Valhalla Awaits is finally unleashed and it’s been worth the wait. The band have been busy in the studio adding the finishing touches to their latest EP which will be released soon. The guys have had a busy summer with various festival performances, following on from their support slot with fellow Welshmen Those Damn Crows on their UK tour earlier in the year.

This taster from the EP has all the VA trademarks: A fantastic vocal performance, melody, riffs, tasteful guitar solos, powerhouse drumming and crystal-clear production values. A mid paced track full of atmospheric guitar melodies courtesy of Rhys Carter and Chris Green, a rock-solid performance from drummer Snoz Lawrence leaves bass player Sam Kilby to hold it all down on the bass front. The track builds beautifully and climaxes with some stunning guitar work.

Yet again, vocalist Andrew Hunt plays an absolute blinder. His velvet tones soar over the music with ease while giving us an ear worm of a chorus that has been in my head ever since my first listen to the track. The band just go from strength to strength, and I can’t wait to hear the EP and catch the lads in a live setting soon. Bravo guys!!

The track is available to stream/download now wherever you listen to your music. Author: Kenny Kendrick

The Sensible Gray Cells – ‘A Stupid Xmas’ (Damaged Goods Records) I couldn’t think of a better person to release the first christmas single than the good Captain and his Sensible Gray Cells. Join with them in celebrating all things that are daft and frustrating about the festive season. The band’s Xmas ditty ‘A Stupid Xmas’ captures everything you love to hate about this special time of year. It also has the catchiest chorus since Slade and Wizzard ruled the charts! The B side is classic Sensible a gentile romp with soe neat guitar work ably backed by Paul Gray and Marty Love.

***VINYL FANS TAKE NOTE*** A certain number of records will have a deliberate mistake hidden.. well, somewhere or other – a jolly wheeze inspired by some of those old Stiff Records ‘instant collector’s item’ mispressings. We won’t say anymore!

Christmas / Mrs. Anthrope – Split 7 (Self Release) Christmas drop their 19th release with this split 7″. The band are full of snot and anger on their side ‘Armageddon’ whilst the lyrics might be apocolyptical the music shows a way more melodic and softer side of Christmas and it really works for the band with a most excellent record. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a melodic gang vocal on the chorus. Also from St Wendel Mrs. Anthrope is a new band with their first song right here. ‘Squeezy Brains’ is a fast banger that just makes you wanna dance! oh and break stuff. Its punk rock baby and it rocks! Can’t wait to hear more from these guys as its always great to have new music from new bands. Great single!

FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – ‘Brambles’ (International Death Cult / AWAL) second song to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Dark Rainbow’.  With a palpable sense of foreboding and menace, and arrives as something of a plea for a perfect love With the first half of the song being some dark ballad like song it then enters a darker twist before some lush strings and hushed vocals. A melodic pop song from Carter moving in a different direction than I was expecting keeping fans on their toes.

Faz Waltz – ‘Rave A Comin’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Oh baby its coming on like the bastard children of Little Richard and Jerry Lee with its boogie woogie piano leading the way on Rave a Comin. Its full tilt get your party pants on and lets go. The B Side isn’t far behind with a trad bop n roll with plenty of swing. Pure Rock n Roll nothing more nothign less. Expect a new album in the early part of 2024 and on this evidence expect a whole bunch of Rock n Roll kids. Great stuff. Horns a honkin and ivorys tinkling get these cats on tour with Jim Jones Allstars or would that be Rock n Roll overload?

Jim Bob – ‘This Is My Mix Tape’ (Cherry Red Records) Hot on the heels of his most excellent long player released earlier this year Jim Bob has knocked together a 10″ EP of four classic covers from ‘Are Friends Electric’ to ‘Pretty In Pink’ but he also entertains a Squeeze cover and Dexys ‘Gino’. Of course, its quality its Jim Bob and he’s been in a rich vein of form as of late and this only adds to his quality catalogue and will have fans old and new beaming with his take on some pretty classic tunes. This might be his first mixtape but I hope it won’t be his last. I can think of a follow-up bunch of tunes right off the bat Go Jim Bob.

Greg Kuehn – ‘Medicine Man’ (DC-Jam Records) Greg Kuehn, (TSOL keyboardist and prolific composer) is releasing “Medicine Man” the first single off his upcoming EP on DC-Jam Records. ‘Medicine Man’ is a song about recovery and mental illness, a subject close to Greg’s heart. He has been in recovery for nearly 30 years. TSOL fans tak e a breath because this is a dark ballad from Greg but its dark and soulful and sincere. but most of all its damn good.

Bob Vylan – ‘Hes A Man’ (Ghost Theatre) Taken from the upcoming album ‘Humble As The Sun’ which is out in April of 2024. With just one vocalist (Bobby) and one drummer (Bobbie) they have created a unique and ever evolving sound, one that crosses styles and genres, doing away with the traditional and embracing new and uncharted sonic dimensions. They incorporate these styles within their music in an attempt to bridge and blend genres and subcultures together. It is this very unique style and sound that has found them embraced by rock, rap, punk, dance and alternative crowds alike.

Golem Dance Cult – ‘Ghost of Las Vegas Taken from the bands latest album ‘Legend of the Bleeding Heart’. The idea was related to how we can feel alone even (especially) when surrounded by other people, like ghosts roaming in a casino…. in Las Vegas. The duo take chances and aren’t afraid to mix it up on their records but its sharp, captivating and interesting concepts. Besides if you don’t like a bit of Goth then getoutofhere. Here at HQ we love a bit of sparse bbuzzsaw guitar and low range vocals. Check it out.

Penny Rich ‘PC’ (self Release) Cardiff-based noise punks release a studio take and live version of ‘PC’ and it’s angry as fuck and comes out of the speakers swinging so get your dukes up and protect yourself. With a throbbing growling bass rumble, psychotic vocals, and that Grungy Punk riffage that served the likes of Nirvana really well. One to look out for for sure and hopefully I can catch them live soon and see how this brawler comes across – gumshields at the ready.

Johnny Moped – ‘Lockdown Boy’ (Damaged Goods Records) the loveable Lodon boys knock out a tuneful ragged slice of pub rock and they do it so well. Before you’ve heard it through once you’ll be spilling beer and singing along in your mates face with your arm tight around his neck moments before you either get turfed out of the boozer or you stumble and fall. Cheers guys its a belter and leaves me feelign warm and nourished. ‘The Other Side’ no the other side is like they left the tape running when they’re having a chat before the band kicks in with a short sharp burst of energy before fading away – strang? Yup but its Johnny Moped go check it out

Alex Hagen is the singer/songwriter and one of the guitar players in Baltimore Punk ‘n’ Roll band Ravagers who just managed an impressive romp across some of Europe showcasing their latest record ‘Badlands‘. We tracked down the frontman and threw a bunch of questions in his direction because we love Ravagers and everything they stand for. It’s Rock N Roll baby and these guys live it and breathe it and we want to help spread the word because the world needs Punk ‘n’ Rollers like Alex and his bandmates. So settle down and check out what went down when RPM Online caught up with Alex Hagen…

Give us a bit of a background to Ravagers. When did you put the band together? I notice only you and Ray survived the band from the first record to the current ‘album and tour.

Ravagers began in 2013 when me and Ray dropped out of high school to dabble in illegal activities and start our own street gang in Baltimore. All the corners were taken in our neighborhood so we started playing rock music to get rich. We’ve been through a couple members since then. Some ended up biting the bullet and others realized the harsh reality that is the long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

When did you first pick up a guitar? Did you always want to be a frontman handling vocals and playing an instrument? I played my first power chord in middle school on a neighbor’s busted practice amp and thought it sounded SICK but I ended up joining my first band on bass till I was confident enough with a guitar to write my own songs. That band ended up falling apart and I had started writing some songs on an old brown melody maker style guitar Matt Gabs set up for me. I got a corporate job for a short while to save up for a Marshall JMP and some celestion greenback speakers that I put into an old ampeg 4/12 cab and I still use it to this day.

When Gabbs joined he’d done the production on previous recordings was it the case of right time right place? I moved into Matt Gabs house around 2011 and when I was working on music I’d show him my ideas. We’ve always collaborated and bounced ideas off each other. When we would record I’d make him come in the studio to listen in and make sure everything was sounding good. He joined the band in 2018 when our guitar player at the time left.

The recent run through Europe you had Sam fill in on Bass is that a permanent thing now? Personally I think the pair of Gabs and Sam are perfect for the band both sound and look. Sam is working out great. He has a cool look on stage and loves the same music that inspires the band. On top of that he’s always down to play and go on tour. As long as he keeps it up he’s in!

You recently did an impressive shift around mainland Europe but missed out the UK are there any plans to visit shit island for maybe a couple of shows next time? I travelled to Barca for the show and thought the performance was excellent but the venue not so. How was the tour? This was our first time in Europe and it was hard enough to get the shows booked that we had working with two different booking agents. We had a great tour manager Gwinny, who on top of driving and selling merch actually booked some of the shows for us before the tour started. The tour seemed to be a gamble and we wanted to at least make the money to pay for our plane tickets back. We heard the UK taxed merch, required visas, and the shows wouldn’t give us places to stay so we opted out of it this time. The tour was a success so we are hoping to go back soon and do some UK dates next time.

Touring Europe was it what you expected? What were some of the highlights? We didn’t know what to expect. Gabs had been over a few times with Biters and Sonny Vincent so he knew but as for us I was shocked at how well the shows were attended and how well the venues and promoters treated us. Some of the gigs we were the only band and people expected us to play an hour every night so we gave it our all. I think it pushed us to grow as a band. Some of the highlights was a sold out show in Dresden, I had cut my finger that morning on a razor blade and when we played that night blood was gushing everywhere! With 28 shows our 2 days off were certainly highlights. Visiting the H.R. Giger museum in Gruyere Switzerland and having a relaxing day in Barcelona was awesome.

Going back to the recent album ‘Badlands’ how did you come to hook up with Wanda in Germany and Spaghetty Town Records two great fits for the band. We have been with Spaghetty Town since the 2018 Drowning in Blood single. They are based in Atlanta where we’ve played a lot and our great friends of ours. They partnered with Wanda on the new release so we would have European and US distribution. Q8. When coming to record a record with you being the main songwriter is it easier now there are other players in the band who also write will it evolve the sound of the band at all? We’ve always collaborated as a band. For the most part I’m the one who brings a song to the table. For example. Here’s the name of this song, Here’s the melody and hook I have in mind. Then we all play it and it grows from there. Things almost always change last minute in the studio when you hear everything over the monitors. We had a great producer (Tuk Smith) who also pushed us to take the songs to the next level. He helped a lot stepping in as a 5th band member and not letting anyone slack on their performance. I think we will do the next record with him as well.

You played some pretty cool covers on the tour from the UK Subs to the Lords of the new church what was it about those songs that made them fit into your set and what others would you love to play? Those songs are bangers and I feel like I have a deep connection with them ya know? They are dark and have powerful hooks with great lyrics. I’m not sure what we will cover next. Maybe something nobody knows so we can say it’s ours.

What are your plans for moving forward and the next album? Will this line up get recording soon and have you many songs already written? So far the plan is to keep coming up with new songs. We have lots but we only record the ones we think are worth it. We will see what makes it on the next record. I would like to get in the studio asap.

You hail from Baltimore is it a good place to hang out in a rock n roll band and is there much of a scene for you to feed off? Lots of great inspiration in Baltimore. I saw a guy last week try to rob my local grocery store with a machete and got chased out buy security with their guns out. I wouldn’t say there is much Rock N Roll these days, mostly hardcore and stoner metal, but there are some great bands. Total Maniac is my favorite Baltimore band and we like playing shows with them. Matt and our new bass player Sam live in NYC so we are going up there to play a lot now. We like playing with Mala Vista, The Trash Bags, Wyldlife, and Tuxedo Cats.

The two EPs you released is there any plan to press them onto one compilation album maybe? Do you have a favourite track you like to play live? I like those two EP’s as separate records. I don’t feel the need to consolidate them onto one vinyl. I like that they are pressed at 45 RPM because they sound better. I also like the art on each of the covers. The first record “Livin in Oblivion” is getting repressed and will be out this summer on Spaghetti town. It’s been remixed and mastered and sounds great.

Good luck to Ravagers for the future and hopefully I can catch you again on the road in Europe or the UK who knows and I look forward to your next record release. Keep on Keeping on. .

Facebook / Bandcamp / Spaghetty Town Records / Wanda Records

Take a bite of some dirty and catchy rock n’ roll scrapped off of the streets of the Bowery, images come rushing through of Richard Hell and the Voidoids and a whole assortment of legendry names who paved the way for others to absorb and follow dishing up their own tasty treats.

Songs about life, love, loss booze, women what you’ve had and what you want Lorne Behrman has been there and done that and now he’s released his own record stuffed full of rock n roll. Lets take a trip.

LORNE, previously played in The Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks and most recently The Sweet Things, This long player follows LORNE’s acclaimed 2021 four-song EP ‘When I Hit The Floor’,

‘A LITTLE MIDNIGHT’ reaks of Noo Yawk cool from the album’s opener through the cocksure strut of ‘Harlem River Serenade’ with its johnny B Goode licks and Lou style narrated vocals on the verse its a real earworm that has you craving more and more.

The story-like delivery of the lyrics is cool and none more so than ‘I Can Burn You Down’ that draws Soprano-like imagery of Lorne driving by the Hudson with a thumping from the trunk of his Cadillac with some nasty punk rock tunes bursting out of the stereo. The bass rumble laying down the groove on top of the solid drum beat it’s a top tune.

‘Monday Morning’ has a keyboard wheeze as the beat skips on with some excellent power pop storytelling its a burst of carefree rock n roll like a throwback to when Rod the mod was Atlantic Crossing but if Lou Reed was doing the vocals. As we reach the midpoint the mood drops to a crawl as the smokey ‘Well, I Can’t Hold You’ punches through as the backing vocals punch you in the guts on this slow burner – a fantastic change of gears and another side of the same coin is flipped.

As we head into side two ‘A Little Midnight’ has us back on the Rock n roll it’s like a slab of dark pop with a underpayed melody right up to the guitar solo and we drop back into the chorus and everything’s ok its hustling and just getting by with a heap of cool and not a single fuck given.

‘You won’t Live In The Past’ is a ballad that got some excellent arranging from the liquid shape-shifting guitar soloing to the hushed vocals and the cool BV’s taking you away to some dreamy place from the past. The record takes a more laid-back approach for a few tunes taking me back to some Green On Red comparisons especially on ‘Black Cars’ which is an epic smoldering journey that paints some great images with the lyrics that worked really well with the whole feel of the song. The album then closes out on a dreamy laid back ‘Further On Down The Road’ I get the same vibes when I heard Lou Reeds ‘New York’ album a great way to end a really enjoyable walk on the wild side where the soundtrack is provided by Lorne Behrman and his pocketbook of Rock n Roll stories. My advice would be to pick this up and enjoy it because songs of redemption and reclamation might be personal, but the messages in Rock n Roll are for everyone and its a universal language we can all understand and appreciate and this is a fantastic soundtrack to help you further on down that rocky road.

Buy Here or Bandcamp

Author: Dom Daley

(Atlanta, GA USA) Big corporations are peddling deceiving “disposable plastic.” Recycling programs are being discontinued due to cost effectiveness. And here we are frozen in indecision: what do we do for the ailing planet? Helpless and hopeless, some say f#$@ it, and others get punk rock about it and make a rousing statement. Today, the post-riot grrrl four-piece band, How Tragic, takes a stand with its achingly-beautiful apocalyptic “Goodbye Cruel World” video.

“The world is burning, the ship is sinking, and people are like ‘what’s the point in even trying anymore?’” says the Brooklyn, New York-based songwriter, singer, guitarist, producer, and director Paige Campbell. “It feels like we can’t do anything to help; it feels like there’s no point in trying; it feels like we don’t know who to believe and what is the truth. There’s a special place for people who still have the fight left in them, and this is their song.”

The “Goodbye Cruel World” video boasts breathtaking landscapes; stylishly, high-concept cinematics; and a captivating video performance by Paige. The backstory behind the video is that Paige, and two of her friends, found themselves stranded together when the pandemic took over. They were confused, terrified, and kind of curious if they could spend lockdown doing something creatively constructive. The trio set out on a cross-country adventure that stretched from the vintage elegance of the Silver Sands Motel in Southampton NY; to North Carolina in a ghostly KMart location being liquidated, and the gorgeous sand hills in Jockeys Ridge State Park; to Bisbee, Arizona at a vacant beautiful hotel and artist retreat and in the desert; and, finally, back to New York City months later with How Tragic reuniting for a filmed street performance at Coney Island.

“Goodbye Cruel World” is a mid-tempo punk song with a touch of 1950s balladry overtones, and it’s as seething as it is sensual, smoldering with ill-fated romantic ideals. One choice passage reads: We hemorrhage apathy, As The World Turns/There’s not much else to do but sit and watch it burn/Goodbye, cruel world/Goodbye, cruel world/and this wasteland/Goodbye cruel world. This is a song for the ages, but we will probably be looking down at our phone checking out influencers, and the meticulously-curated lives on display when the earth explodes in a big ball of fire. But we can’t say we weren’t warned.

Previously, How Tragic (unsigned) has been championed by rock legend Rodney Bingenheimer who introduced the band on his radio show where he premiered the single “Deathwish.” The quartet has issued the 4-song EP, Past Lives—co-produced by Paige alongside producer, engineer, and mixer Matt Chiaravalle (Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, Warren Zevon)—and debuted as a headliner at the iconic rock venue the Mercury Lounge.

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Seconds out video two comes from the awesome More Kicks whose album was released over the weekend and reviewed on RPM Online. watch the video then buy the record. It’s simple!

the title track, and first single, from Lornes, first-ever solo album, out on Spaghetty Town Records on September 16, 2022.

Coming off his acclaimed 2021 four-song EP When I Hit The Floor–which prompted the esteemed Jesse Malin to praise it as Real blood and guts rock and roll that bleeds with soul and redemption”–NYC punk rock n’ roll singer-songwriter-guitarist LORNE BEHRMAN today (June 9) shares the video for “A Little Midnight.” It’s the first single (out digitally this Friday, June 10) from his debut album of the same name, available September 16 on Spaghetty Town Records. Watch the video, directed by David J Barron, here and read a new Q&A below. It was premiered yesterday (June 8) by Glide which noted that the song “features a blackened riff howl of punk bands like The Damned and The Gun Club mixed with pop sensibilities of The Replacements. When Behrman sings “A little midnight/ it’s alright/A little midnight/does you right,” listeners get a gracious sense of rock and roll escapism at its most pure form.”

The “A Little Midnight” single is a slice of dirty rock n’ roll scrapped off of the streets of the Bowery with an introspective heart from the artist who previously played in The Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks and most recently The Sweet Things. “The moonlight looks on good you/Not darkness just silver blue/A little midnight/it’s alright/A little midnight/does you right,” sings LORNE on the song.

A LITTLE MIDNIGHT is a 10-song collection is a series of New York City vignettes haunted by shadows but guided by light. The words here are literate and lacerating, recalling the street poetics of Lou Reed, Richard Hell, and Television. The songs feature stark and fluid guitar playing in the spirit of The Stooges’ James Williamson, Johnny Thunders, and Lou Reed.

“This album is about struggling to be reborn,” LORNE shares. “Wanting to run back to the arms of toxic people or the patterns of self-destruction. It’s about clawing your way to a new existence while acknowledging all the causalities, and all you’re letting go. You glimpse a new life, but you don’t feel it yet.”

The album’s raw but polished production aesthetic is courtesy of producer Matt Chiaravalle (Warren Zevon, Joe Bonamassa, Spacehog). A LITTLE MIDNIGHT was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Joe Lambert. Wyldlife bassist Spencer Alexander designed the album artwork, and it is a subtly playful homage to the cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Damn the Torpedoes.


New video for ‘You Shouldn’t Be Lonely on a Saturday Night’ by Diamond Dogs of their album, ‘Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous’. The Duke of Honk comments on the video: “Yes! We still have time to feel good all night with friends!  We still have time for rock’n’roll! – Big Love” Facebook Buy the album Here

Finishing off this most Rock n Roll of ‘Rainy Days’ is the new video from the awesome Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids.  ‘When The Rain Comes’ is taken from their debut album ‘Charm Offensive‘, which will be out on 19th August 2022 through Ray Records on 12” black vinyl, digipak CD and digital, distributed worldwide via Cargo Records You can pre-order this album Here

It’s Ho-down time and a big rousing yeehaw! from RPMHQ as we get the horses ready to saddle up and ride on outta town with The Sweet Things on the stereo and a bunch of new tunes in our hearts as these Bluesy Rockin mofos hit all the sweet spots with their take on Sleazy Rock n Fuckin Roll.

It’s been a while and not without its bumps in the road but these East Coast rockers are back in the saddle and going guns a blazing once again. They absolutely nail that bluesy soul-drenched Rock n Roll sound that so many bands miss the point of playing right. It’s either in your soul or it isn’t and if you force it you miss the point. Growing up on a steady diet of Keith and Ronnie riffs and some sweet soul music for the down times has stood these cats in good stead for writing authentic Rock n Roll. Whilst the devil might only have made it to Georgia he sent his forwarding address for those who wanted to sell their soul for some top tunes.

The album kicks off with a swagger and a swirl of the organ before the barroom descents into a maelstrom of heaving slide guitar and toe-tapping boogie. Hell, there’s enough whisky-soaked energy in this self-titled opener to put a big shit-kicking grin on a corpse. The hook on the chorus is delicious and they throw the kitchen sink at it and boy it just hits the spot.

They’re sitting out on the porch for ‘Ya Know I Don’t Mind’ and a laid-back Primal Scream meets Jagger swagger floats by. Man, there are several factors needed to pull this shit off and handclaps are a massive tick of that box and the subtle swirl of the keyboards gives it depth to carry home those light acoustic guitar chords. It’s inner-city countrified blues alright.

It’s time to rev up the engine for ‘Ride It Home’ and make a quick dash across the border. IT’s plain and simple Rock and Roll kids but it’s done properly and again The Sweet Things nail it. Like they nail it on ‘Keep On Movin’ that’s got me thinking of early Green On Red – maybe they were torn from the West coast with this uptempo jaunt with its carefree lyrics it’s another side step on their musical journey that’s flowing finding its way through all the twists and turns life throws their way.

There is a big Ballad in the shape of ‘Ain’t Got Enough Room (In My Heart)’ but in a 70s vibe and not some manufactured cheesy way. Sounds like they’ve been let loose on daddys Glen Campbell records that were tucked away in their early 70s Stones records. I wasn’t going to mention the Faces but I got ‘Cold Feet’ and had to mention them as a major influence from the ballads to the keyboard barroom rockers that pepper this record but its not just a rip off as the vocals are quite different as is the welcome addition of those horns which add colour and depth all over the place and who doesn’t love a “Whoo-Hoo”? Can I get a Hell Yeah! ‘Familiar Face’ is finger-licking – finger picking honky tonk as we kick back and settle in on the rocking chair and let the booze take effect as the stereo player gets louder.

Blow that harmonica as the military snare gets beaten, the Sweet Things get the ladies to howl the chorus as the gypsy blues bop n stroll wanders by with some fine Woody slide takes the chorus home. As we head home into the final third of the record we get loose with ‘Problematic Life’ before the curtain falls with an oh so sweet ‘Ride The River’ winds its steel guitar over the closing instrumental outro.

Grab a glass of moonshine, kick back and let The Sweet Things take you on a musical journey that travels from coast to coast not knowing where it’ll lay its head or when. This can be the soundtrack to your summer and beyond – Rock and Roll played with heart and soul. Get on it Y’all its top quality.

Pick it up here (Stateside) EU people pick it up Here


We love loud guitars and this Beluga Records/Ghost Highway and Spaghetty Town Re-Release certainly ticks all the boxes as far as loud goes. To be fair these cats are the bastard children who will inherit the earth that The Stooges once strode on. ‘Shit You Talk’ can testify to that.

This particular bad boy is the long since deleted debut from the band and not since 2000 have you been able to get hold of a copy for less than a small mortgage off the likes of Discogs but now thanks to the true believers at these labels its available on a platter of wax. ‘Heart Full Of Hate’ has dated really well like a Ramones Leather or original SG it just gets better when it’s a little worn and knackered out.

Songs like the rapid barroom brawler of ‘1234 Motherfucker’ is nasty and up for trouble punch to the beak that’ll make your eyes water for sure. Theres no hanging around as one track collides into the next and just rips. Its riff after mother fucking riff for sure and The Manglers should have been a bigger success much the same as our own shit island heroes The Hip Priests the Mud City Manglers go full tilt and don’t deal in bullshit from the opening salvo to the explosive finale its all hands to the pump and rock the fuck out! it works and it still works to this day as a formula but only if you have the tunes. Boy, do the MCM have the tunes. It’s twelve bangers and thanks to these labels for not giving up on Rock and Roll and producing these long lost diamonds and pulling them out of the rough for our listening pleasure and getting them out to a wider audience for a second time.

Get yourself one more Beer and wrap yourself in any shade of black and don’t forget to keep a knockin’ because ‘Heart Full Of Hate’ is always rockin’ and will be another cool as record in your collection its equal parts Stooges, EF, Motorhead and a whole lot more besides and if you missed them first time out then don’t snooze this time get on this Hot Rod of electric guitars and snarling vocals its a blast!

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Author: Dom Daley