What with the shitty news going on on our televisions how about we get lost in some great new videos for new releases covered here on RPM Online? lets do it. First up is one from the brand new compilation album from The Undertones reviewed this week.

 The band unveil a brand new video for ‘Thrill Me’ made by Vinny Cunningham its the opening track on ‘Dig What You Need’,The Best Of The “Reformation Years 1999 – Present” released next week on Dimple Discs. The band are out there touring this record and tickets can be had Here

Next up is a track off the new Ravagers album ‘Badlands’ which has its vinyl release the same day as The Undertones but these street punk n rollers are a different breed and one that will satisfy those searching for the new breed of Dead Boys, Dictators influenced punks to challenge for the underground pack leaders. Don’t snooze on this bad boy.

Finally, this has just dropped from Bob Vylan, the new video for the single ‘Health Is Wealth’. Get Vylan’s album and merch here