Full steam ahead they said as the good ship RPM Online Podcast sails into treasure-filled waters. This Episode is positively overflowing with new tracks as well as an exclusive Live cover from Ravagers that will never be on streaming services or CD and is limited to 100 copies of White Vinyl. Spaghetty Town Records have kindly let us play the Ravager’s cover of ‘Goin Downtown’ by the Lords Of The New Church. That’s only one of the reasons why you should check the Podcast out.

Sweden’s First Boy On The Moon Kick off this Episode with the opening track of their new album ‘Dreamer’. Hot on the heels comes a new track off the Final Cock Sparrer Album ‘Hand On Heart’ out on April 5th. ‘I Belong To You’ is classic Sparrer and an album that sees the band get better and better.

Now co-host Hotshot likes nothing more than fantasising about Sex Pistol and Radio broadcasting inspiration and role model Steve Jones so we’ve dug deep for a sparkling live rendition of his classic ‘Silly Thing’.

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Hotshot wanted to change the mood by introducing a track from Garbage who penciled in a re-release of the album ‘Bleed Like Me’ with his favourite track off the album. How about Japan’s finest glam punks Angel Face with a brand new track off their Slovenly Records self-titled album. A new track from Bullets And Octane, and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard before Hotshot plays Suede with a track off their latest album ‘Autofiction’.

Ravagers are a glam punk n roll band outta The USA and they have a brand new LP released through Spaghetty Town Records as pointed out in the intro above. 100 copies pressed no streaming and no downloading. This will be a must-own record and rare as rocking horse shit. We’ve got an exclusive don’t miss it.

Desperate Measures have been playing support to Cheetah Chromes Dead Boys around the UK and currently in Europe and getting great reviews so having heard the new Desperate Measures album it’s only fair we play ‘Sublime Destruction’ the title track of their soon-to-be-released Cadiz records album. Staying with Cheetahs how about a new track off The Streetwalkin Cheetahs and a wonderful track ‘Call The Dogs’ being released on Poland’s awesome Heavy Medication Records. While we’re playing the label’s newest releases we also have one from Jonesy the potty-mouthed Canadians 10″ release on HMR but not before Californians Crymwav pop by with ‘Mars Fever’ and Mala Vista get aired with a single off their soon to be released album coming out on Spaghetty Town and Beluga Records in Europe.

Marc Valentine is set to release his second album on Wicked Cool Records in the next few months, so, no time like the present to play a track off it, and having had the privilege to hear the album I can tell you it was tough which one to play seeing as the whole record is fantastic power popping Rock n Roll. Gareth drops in one of his favourite songs from Powerkeg before a fine track from The Mysterines who we reviewed recently when they played support on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour of the UK.

If you’re still with us then stick around for a banger from The Empty Page who announced this week that they have a new album coming out on their own label if this is anything to go by it promises to be excellent and the first Empty Page track we’ll be playing. With just a couple of tracks to play Sweet Tooth blast away any fatigue with their banger ‘So Gone’ from their epic Lövely Records release ‘Split Image’. This leaves River City Rebels to wipe the floor with us as they blow the fuckin doors off the show with ‘Unless Your White’ out on Screaming Crow Records.

That boys and girls is one hell of a playlist from top to bottom we doubt you’ll hear a running order with as much quality as that. Keep it RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution!

Hands down one of my favourite bands over the last few years who peddle this Punk n Roll thang mashing up snotty punk rock with a more Glamorous edge much like prime time Hanoi Rocks or Lords Of The New Church who have found their spiritual home and solid label with a magnificent roster and pedigree and have delved into the band’s back catalogue to remaster and reissue their debut EP.

Originally on Virginia’s Cricket Cemetery Records, it’s been out of print for almost ever and when copies become available they cost a small fortune so it’s brilliant to see this fantastic EP get a new lease of life and a much-needed rebirth on Spaghetty Town Records as well as a digital release.

The current six-stringer in the band Matt Gabbs originally produced this collection of tunes way before joining the ranks and a sterling job he did too. It’s six tracks of uncompromising catchy snotty punk rock n roll and right from the off you know what you’re getting with the call to arms of ‘Cold Heat’ with its Heartbreakers meets Hanoi riff n roll it’s fast, furious, and fun. Crack open a cold one and let’s get this party started.

Imagine the UK Subs covering early Kiss. ‘Night Creeps’ carries on the furious pace but has the catchy chorus driven by the most excellent drumming thats furiously pouring petrol on the fire in the engine room. ‘Living In Oblivion’ the title track is a rampant beast thats all flashbombs and fury windmilling through your speakers as it careers almost out of control but held together nicely by the captain Hagen who steers the good ship Ravagers through some tasty choppy waters.

My favourite track on the album is the stunning ‘Pretty Sure’ thats got some Hanoi Rocks chops coursing through its DNA. This could easily have fallen off ‘Mystery City’. Sure it might not be that good but it comes pretty damn close and the lick after the solo is McCoy and Suicide inspired and not many bands have come that close in years.

The smoldering ‘Shes A Spy’ is a more measured song with a great rhythm in the verses, it has a real menace about it and a stinking attitude that says in big fuck off neon lights that this band is the real deal and you should get on board asap. They wear their heart on their ripped sleeve and ooze class.

The EP Closes with the rampant ‘Suicide Bomber’ sub-three minutes of pure snotty punk rock n roll. whilst it may only be six songs long, it is a fine document of what came before the full length album ‘Badlands’, another awesome EP in between and this being the starting point.

A monster European tour earlier this year lit a fire in the band and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for another slab of wax pumping out some more Rock n Roll from these guys. ‘Livin In Oblivion’ deserves your attention, and if you have a beating Punk n Roll heart then this should be on your most wanted list. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get on the Ravagers train because this is where it all began. Take my advice because this is a must-buy record!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Alex Hagen is the singer/songwriter and one of the guitar players in Baltimore Punk ‘n’ Roll band Ravagers who just managed an impressive romp across some of Europe showcasing their latest record ‘Badlands‘. We tracked down the frontman and threw a bunch of questions in his direction because we love Ravagers and everything they stand for. It’s Rock N Roll baby and these guys live it and breathe it and we want to help spread the word because the world needs Punk ‘n’ Rollers like Alex and his bandmates. So settle down and check out what went down when RPM Online caught up with Alex Hagen…

Give us a bit of a background to Ravagers. When did you put the band together? I notice only you and Ray survived the band from the first record to the current ‘album and tour.

Ravagers began in 2013 when me and Ray dropped out of high school to dabble in illegal activities and start our own street gang in Baltimore. All the corners were taken in our neighborhood so we started playing rock music to get rich. We’ve been through a couple members since then. Some ended up biting the bullet and others realized the harsh reality that is the long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

When did you first pick up a guitar? Did you always want to be a frontman handling vocals and playing an instrument? I played my first power chord in middle school on a neighbor’s busted practice amp and thought it sounded SICK but I ended up joining my first band on bass till I was confident enough with a guitar to write my own songs. That band ended up falling apart and I had started writing some songs on an old brown melody maker style guitar Matt Gabs set up for me. I got a corporate job for a short while to save up for a Marshall JMP and some celestion greenback speakers that I put into an old ampeg 4/12 cab and I still use it to this day.

When Gabbs joined he’d done the production on previous recordings was it the case of right time right place? I moved into Matt Gabs house around 2011 and when I was working on music I’d show him my ideas. We’ve always collaborated and bounced ideas off each other. When we would record I’d make him come in the studio to listen in and make sure everything was sounding good. He joined the band in 2018 when our guitar player at the time left.

The recent run through Europe you had Sam fill in on Bass is that a permanent thing now? Personally I think the pair of Gabs and Sam are perfect for the band both sound and look. Sam is working out great. He has a cool look on stage and loves the same music that inspires the band. On top of that he’s always down to play and go on tour. As long as he keeps it up he’s in!

You recently did an impressive shift around mainland Europe but missed out the UK are there any plans to visit shit island for maybe a couple of shows next time? I travelled to Barca for the show and thought the performance was excellent but the venue not so. How was the tour? This was our first time in Europe and it was hard enough to get the shows booked that we had working with two different booking agents. We had a great tour manager Gwinny, who on top of driving and selling merch actually booked some of the shows for us before the tour started. The tour seemed to be a gamble and we wanted to at least make the money to pay for our plane tickets back. We heard the UK taxed merch, required visas, and the shows wouldn’t give us places to stay so we opted out of it this time. The tour was a success so we are hoping to go back soon and do some UK dates next time.

Touring Europe was it what you expected? What were some of the highlights? We didn’t know what to expect. Gabs had been over a few times with Biters and Sonny Vincent so he knew but as for us I was shocked at how well the shows were attended and how well the venues and promoters treated us. Some of the gigs we were the only band and people expected us to play an hour every night so we gave it our all. I think it pushed us to grow as a band. Some of the highlights was a sold out show in Dresden, I had cut my finger that morning on a razor blade and when we played that night blood was gushing everywhere! With 28 shows our 2 days off were certainly highlights. Visiting the H.R. Giger museum in Gruyere Switzerland and having a relaxing day in Barcelona was awesome.

Going back to the recent album ‘Badlands’ how did you come to hook up with Wanda in Germany and Spaghetty Town Records two great fits for the band. We have been with Spaghetty Town since the 2018 Drowning in Blood single. They are based in Atlanta where we’ve played a lot and our great friends of ours. They partnered with Wanda on the new release so we would have European and US distribution. Q8. When coming to record a record with you being the main songwriter is it easier now there are other players in the band who also write will it evolve the sound of the band at all? We’ve always collaborated as a band. For the most part I’m the one who brings a song to the table. For example. Here’s the name of this song, Here’s the melody and hook I have in mind. Then we all play it and it grows from there. Things almost always change last minute in the studio when you hear everything over the monitors. We had a great producer (Tuk Smith) who also pushed us to take the songs to the next level. He helped a lot stepping in as a 5th band member and not letting anyone slack on their performance. I think we will do the next record with him as well.

You played some pretty cool covers on the tour from the UK Subs to the Lords of the new church what was it about those songs that made them fit into your set and what others would you love to play? Those songs are bangers and I feel like I have a deep connection with them ya know? They are dark and have powerful hooks with great lyrics. I’m not sure what we will cover next. Maybe something nobody knows so we can say it’s ours.

What are your plans for moving forward and the next album? Will this line up get recording soon and have you many songs already written? So far the plan is to keep coming up with new songs. We have lots but we only record the ones we think are worth it. We will see what makes it on the next record. I would like to get in the studio asap.

You hail from Baltimore is it a good place to hang out in a rock n roll band and is there much of a scene for you to feed off? Lots of great inspiration in Baltimore. I saw a guy last week try to rob my local grocery store with a machete and got chased out buy security with their guns out. I wouldn’t say there is much Rock N Roll these days, mostly hardcore and stoner metal, but there are some great bands. Total Maniac is my favorite Baltimore band and we like playing shows with them. Matt and our new bass player Sam live in NYC so we are going up there to play a lot now. We like playing with Mala Vista, The Trash Bags, Wyldlife, and Tuxedo Cats.

The two EPs you released is there any plan to press them onto one compilation album maybe? Do you have a favourite track you like to play live? I like those two EP’s as separate records. I don’t feel the need to consolidate them onto one vinyl. I like that they are pressed at 45 RPM because they sound better. I also like the art on each of the covers. The first record “Livin in Oblivion” is getting repressed and will be out this summer on Spaghetti town. It’s been remixed and mastered and sounds great.

Good luck to Ravagers for the future and hopefully I can catch you again on the road in Europe or the UK who knows and I look forward to your next record release. Keep on Keeping on. .

Facebook / Bandcamp / Spaghetty Town Records / Wanda Records

I arrive at the sunny surroundings of Camp Nou on a match day where 100,000 supporters file past the salubrious surroundings of Butyclan Music Bar unaware that inside are four fearless Rock n’ Roll pirates navigating their way across Europe converting followers of sleazy punk n roll to their wild and wicked ways, but I know, for I’ve also travelled far and wide to be here for this show. So, imagine my horror when I enter the venue whilst local punks Black Babies are tearing into their LAMF retro punk sound but in Catalonian so I’m fucked if I know what they’re talking about anyway. It was downstairs to an underground lair housing a bar in a cage and not a lot else – a low ceiling and a shitty PA and that’s pretty much what you have. Hey, it’s only Rock n Roll right?

Ravagers take to the stage and immediately have sound problems and it looks like there isn’t a decent mic in the building let alone a PA that can handle some sleazy Rock n Roll hell it would struggle to handle a school sports day announcement but being the road dogs they are the band smash on regardless. They kick into the opening track with no vocals and the muddiest sound ever which is a shame because apart from all the problems not of the band doing they sound tight as fuck and the benefit of being on the road through mainland Europe is paying dividends. ‘Down The Road’ is their latest video so should be familiar to many in attendance but again no vocals it’s not until ‘Just Another Rat’ that we get some vocals in the mix which helps and finally we can relax and get on with some top-notch punk n roll. The band quickly get up to speed and is smashing songs old and new, ‘Blackout’ turns the temperature up a notch or two before ‘Drowning In Blood’ cuts the mustard and was dedicated to Baltimore knife crime and by now the band are flying.

Alex Hagen is doing a sterling job leading his gang somewhere between the swagger of Stiv Bator and a whippersnapper Johnny Thunders but he’s ably supported by Matt Gabs and Sam Hariss on Bass who along with the prince of pound Ray were stoking the heat in the engine room and pouring petrol on the fire out front as the tunes were coming thick and fast. ‘White Widow’, ‘Sick House’ and ‘Nasty Nights’ all sounded tight before they hit the jackpot with their cover of the Lord’s classic ‘Downtown’ showcasing the rhythm section and how tight they’ve become over this tour.

Before you know it we’ve hit ‘Cold Heat’ and the band is being told to get the hell out of dodge which only leaves time for them to rip through ‘High On Stress’ and we’re outta here.

With all the challenges of the room being inappropriate for a rock n roll show playing half the set in total darkness and the lights being a disco light and someone switching the house light on and off I kept waiting for Vim Fuego to fall down the stairs but hey ho oh and a 1980s PA, the band soldiered on and made light of their challenges and turned in an excellent set of Punk n Roll of the finest quality despite their testing surroundings.

Now, next time come to the UK at least for a couple of shows, I’ll be there singing along and championing some low down dirty, sleazy, punk n roll. God bless Ravagers for tearing it up across Europe on a proper tour playing Rock n Roll loud, fast n with the fury it deserves. Top turn, Top tunes top night out in sunny Barca. Gracias.

Author: Dom Daley


Ravagers are self described as street Rock’N’Rollers from the wastelands of Baltimore, and they have just announced their first European tour. Nearly 30 shows in countries including Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Spain.  Now Europe can witness what America has already known, Ravagers are the real deal.  No more watching videos on youtube, experience the rabid rock’n’roll first hand.

European Wasteland Tour 2023

31.03 Vienna – AT- Chelsea

01.04 Munich, DE – Glocke 

02.04 Hof, DE – Punkrockcity

03.04 Berlin, DE – Schokoladen

04.04 Erfurt, DE – Tiko  

05.04 Dresden, DE – Chemiefabrik

06.04 Hamburg, DE – Indra Club   

07.04 Groningen, NL – Gideon   

08.04 Münster, DE – Heile Welt  

09.04 Lichtenfels, DE – Paunchy Cats 

10.04 Arlon, BE – l’Entrepôt       

11.04 Saarbrücken, DE – Tante Anna

12.04 Essen, DE – Anyway 

13.04 Bochum, DE – Wageni  

14.04 Hanover, DE – Bei Chez Heinz     

15.04 Hameln, DE – K3   

16.04 Karlsruhe, DE – Alte Hackerei

18.04 Geneva, CH – Dig It Records

19.04 Bern, CH – Rössli

20.04 Orleans, FR – Dropkick Bar

21.04 Mont de Marsan, FR – Mad Jack

22.04 Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES – Helldorado (early show)

23.04 Barcelona, ES – Butyklan

25.04 Valencia, ES – La Esskombrera 

26.04 Madrid, ES – Funhouse

27.04 A Coruña, ES – Mardi Gras

28.04 Serria, ES – Buril Acde

29.04 Valladolid, ES – Cientocero

Rock n’ roll is alive and kicking baby, and it lives in Baltimore! Well, that’s where these snotty, street punks known as Ravagers can be found anyways. Taking their tricks from all your favourite punk n’ roll bands, they come outta the gutters screaming like the bastard sons of Hanoi Rocks and The Dead Boys jamming out with The Exploding Hearts. And if those names aren’t enough to whet the appetite, you’re on the wrong page entirely. Just look at that cover art and tell me you don’t want that on vinyl right now!

This is the debut long player from the 8-legged denim & leather clad four piece, and it’s no surprise to discover former Biters and current Restless Hearts leader Tuk Smith at the production helm, as this 10-track ‘all killer, no filler’ affair comes on like his former band’s early EPs (and we all know how good those are, right kids?).

Right from the off, Ravagers are firing on all cylinders. Previous single ‘Down That Road’ has a cool as you like gang vocal chorus that is preceded by urgent beats, guitars shooting from the hip and snotty vocals spat with enough venom and attitude to make this listener pay attention. It’s instant, it’s exciting and it will make you wanna don a leather jacket, grease back your hair and go look for some action.

Yes, there’s an element of danger and a whole lotta energy packed into the sonically seductive grooves of ‘Badlands’. Untamed, unkempt and undernourished, Ravagers certainly have an appetite for destruction. They seem like the sorta band that would steal your beer, shag your girlfriend and piss on your rims without giving it a second thought. In fact, they’d probably write a song about it, and you’d buy it, cuz it would be fuckin’ killer!

Think Motörhead drums, the power chords of Ramones and Stooges raw power, all wrapped up with anthemic power pop melodies, that’s a sure-fire recipe for rock n’ roll success, baby! Frontman Hagen sure has a Stiv Bators drawl about him, and the powerful rhythm section backs up the guitars of the singer and former Biters man Matt Gabbs to perfection.

‘Shake The Reaper’ is ‘Badlands’ pièce de résistance. A haunting, almost gothic picked guitar intro leads into a killer AC/DC riff, with pumping bass and no-frills beats. A catchy chorus with stabs of keys to accompany it, here they remind me a lot of New York punks Wyldlife, as they also do on ‘White Widow’, not a bad thing at all in my book. Man, this band have street anthems designed to blast at top volume, at maximum speed. Play loud, play fast and leave the competition weeping in the rear-view mirror. Just blast out the high energy, hook-laden ‘Trespasser’ for further evidence.

There’s a 70’s glam rock stomp to ‘Blackout’, it has a killer hook any sleazy rock n’ roll band would kill for and its fast becoming an album highlight for me with each play. The thing all these songs have in common? Loud guitars, killer hooks and enough anthemic choruses to give the Swedish action rockers a run for their money.

Ravagers have been causing debauchery for nearly a decade. 2 EP’s and a whole bunch of touring cemented a notorious live reputation. They have opened for the likes of The Damned and The Adicts, and played the Las Vegas’ Punk Rock Bowling Festival amongst others.

Who knows where live music will take us in the coming months and years and how well underground bands will adapt to survive. But I’ll tell you one thing, on the evidence of their debut album, these street rats called Ravagers have what it takes to survive these trying times. A punk rock energy and a handful of great tunes could take them far. Hell, these boys are so confident, they have a song called ‘Suzi (has an Uzi)’ and it didn’t even make the album!

If they drag their skinny arses over the pond, make no bones about it, I’ll be there in a shot, and so should you. But for now, track down this album and buy it on your favourite musical format of choice. You won’t regret it.

Buy Here


Wanda Records

Spaghetty Town Records


Author: Ben Hughes

What with the shitty news going on on our televisions how about we get lost in some great new videos for new releases covered here on RPM Online? lets do it. First up is one from the brand new compilation album from The Undertones reviewed this week.

 The band unveil a brand new video for ‘Thrill Me’ made by Vinny Cunningham its the opening track on ‘Dig What You Need’,The Best Of The “Reformation Years 1999 – Present” released next week on Dimple Discs. The band are out there touring this record and tickets can be had Here

Next up is a track off the new Ravagers album ‘Badlands’ which has its vinyl release the same day as The Undertones but these street punk n rollers are a different breed and one that will satisfy those searching for the new breed of Dead Boys, Dictators influenced punks to challenge for the underground pack leaders. Don’t snooze on this bad boy.

Finally, this has just dropped from Bob Vylan, the new video for the single ‘Health Is Wealth’. Get Vylan’s album and merch here

The Loyal Cheaters are an Italian/German Rock n’ Roll band formed in 2020, inspired and seduced by the 70s and 80s sound of bands like AC/DC, Runaways, Slade and the latest Scandinavian Action Rock. The band has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff for the worldwide promotion of their debut album.


Next up we have no less thann the 9th video off their debut album. Acid Blood are a Swedish punk rock band and you can pick up their debut album in Europe and North America. “Acid Blood” LP in Europe Here Ltd ed “Acid Blood” CD in the USA Here Digital version available on most platforms

Finally how about the third video from Ravagers? Cooler than an ice cube these cats have a new album out on Spaghetty Town and Wanda Records and this is the third video from the album

Seeing as Spaghetty Town released one of if not the best EP so far in 2021 we thought we’d bring you a few other of their releases via the medium of video and first up is The Stripp with ‘the Rising Tide’ which you can pre order Here


Next is a classic from Baltimore’s finest and out in September heres Ravagers with ‘Down That Road’.

Finally how about the brand new video from Chubby & The Gang?  Coming Up Tough it is then.  West London 5-piece Chubby and the Gang have detailed their much-anticipated second album – The Mutt’s Nuts out August 27th via Partisan – and shared its first single with accompanying music video. ‘Coming Up Tough‘ is part snapshot of modern London, part punk rager about government failure and the school-to-prison pipeline. It comes from frontman Charlie Manning Walker (aka Chubby Charles)’s own experience with one of his family members.

OK, so April is well underway and we pay a visit to the singles club as we’ve ad a few belters that need to be spun.  Its like London busses, when you wait for ages a whole bunch turn up at once  well.  The Singles Club is like that.


Chubby & The Gang – ‘Lightning Don’t Strike Twice’ (Partisan Records) London punks Chubby & The Gang are back with a no-holds-barred thunder in a bottle of pub Rockin blues based punk rock. Picture a bit of slide for a prelude before a quick drum roll that’s like a fumble around the back of the disco before the two litres of bow kicks in and its onto the dance floor with your mates because the DJ is playing Sham 69. Chubbys not fucking about with his gang as they knock out an infectious couple of minutes of noise that just burrows down inside your ear and stays put.  Can’t wait for the new album?  This will have to do…for now. Chubby ain’t going to lose on this evidence he’s a winner and I don’t think he should ever have doubted it.    We’ll run the news with the video later in the week along with links for where you can get your grubby mitts on this bad boy!


The Lancasters – ‘Scallywag’  (Fuzzy Cracklins Presents (CA))  Italian rock and rollers release a new video for the single ‘Scallywag’.  ‘Scallywag’ talks about the lies that people accept as words of truth, superstitions and other inaccuracies perpetuated by the media, the internet, and other scallywags.  From the video, you can hear the band have an ear for the likes of The Kinks and a bit of Dave Edmunds and even some McCartney going on here.  With a decent tune the band aren’t to be confused with the Oi! band of the same name.  This is a good time slice of rock and roll – enjoy it!  Grab it here




Dinosaur Jr. ‘Garden’ (Jagjaruwar)  A second taster of the wizardly trio’s new album, ‘Sweep It Into Space’ (co-produced by the band and the inimitable Kurt Vile), ahead of it landing in a few weeks’ time.  This time out it’s ‘Garden’ getting an airing, which ranks among the finest Lou contributions to a Dinosaur Jr. record, a soaring, breezy ballad with soft guitar filigree that builds into a wholesome song that never gets out of hand and remains a heartfelt charming song and another great reason to preorder the album.  Lou sings on two of the songs off the new album with ‘Garden’ being one of his strongest offerings to date. check out the video here. Excited much?



Ravagers – ‘Down The Road’ (Spaghetty Town Records)  Another new track from the much anticipated long player (due September) from Baltimore’s finest.   Ravagers wisely used their downtime to decamp to record in Atlanta with Tuk Smith and Dan Dixon where they used their collective skills to hone the Ravagers into the lean fighting machine that we hear today on this single.

The song has a polished edge that wasn’t present on previous offerings and maybe that’s what they needed making them more assessable to the masses.  This has a great hook on the chorus and is short but oh so sweet more aggressive than ‘Nasty Night’ but its the second slice of Rock and Roll and a sidestep from the previous release which makes a mouth-watering proposition for the new album. Its littered with rock and roll diamonds glistening with every lick and pounding drum beat.  Get an earful of this and get September in yer diary as Ravagers new album month.

Spaghetty Town Facebook / Big Cartel 



Atomic Eater / Kool & The Gang Bangers – ‘Split’ (Helvetes Kitchen/No Front Teeth)  It was a no brainer that this slice of Scandi Punk would come out on NFT its the perfect fit, to be fair it’s lo-fi not no-fi with some added drum machine action to accompany the swirling synths.  They have a sound that’s a perfect fit for NFT Records and behind that scratching guitar that’s driving this hypnotic tune from start to finish is a really good song.  As for Kool & The Gang Bangers, it’s again a lo-fi extravaganza of abrasive guitars and crash band wallop then they were gone.  You know where to go for this split if not then head over to Bandcamp.  It’s short but oh so sweet!





DeeCRACKS – ‘Lost In The Middle’ (Pirates Press)  A most excellent song from Europes finest.  Its not as rapid as I was expecting and slowing down the attack has ‘Lost In The Middle’ coming across as more Rocket From the Crypt rather than The Ramones and its a really good tune for it. Pick up the album here



Venomous Pinks – ‘Based On A True Story’ (Self Released)   Tracks taken from the bands Bridge City Sessions. Arizona punk rockin trio sound fantastic like the Ramones meets L7 with a whole bunch of attitude that seems like it’s well suited to the live session arena and seeing as they have a liking for TSOL in their press kit it was a no brainer for me.


Head over to iTunes Here or Spotify Here and save this cracker.  The lead track is indeed a take on the Joan Jett track but they amp it right up and give the original a damn good run for its money.



The Automatics – ‘Shine Everlasting’ It’s an uplifting track taken from the album’ A Grand Swandive Into The Void’  The band host an impressive back catalogue of old school punk n roll with catchy powerpop hooks and ‘Shine Everlasting’ is a great example of what they can deliver.  check out the video and their impressive back-catalogue over on www.theautomatics.co.uk.  they’ve been around for several decades and some and were regulars back in the day at venues like The Marquee Club when it was on Wardour street


HUMAN FAILURE – ‘Barbed Wire State’ (Riot Records)  Of course they’re punk as fuck – with a name like human Failure and singing about barbed wire states it’s like 82 never happened.  But from the bass rumble and caustic riff its howling feedback and raw vocals is always a winner. 

The bands upcoming ‘Urchin EP’ begins with a flat-out hardcore that’s done in the blink of an eye or 30 seconds, starting the EP with a bang and giving a taste of what’s to come. It then opens up to more melodic and metal flavours and ends with driving hardcore punk.  Check out these Australian noise bringers Here

Pre-order/pre-save ‘Barbed Wire State’ HERE


Jesse Malin – ‘The Way We Used To Roll’  (Wicked Cool Records)  Saving the best till last here’s the new one from the inimitable Jesse Malin  Available now on Wicked Cool Records Here

A laid back mid-period Stones like number sees Malin not waiting on a friend but forging ahead on his own.  Some great interplay going on here with a fantastic arrangement bring on a new album we need it!  ‘Time Runner’ is another with that Jesse Malin swagger going on upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable over and over again.