“Baby! Hey! Won’t you give me another chance?”
With these words and the first single, Mudfight start the journey towards the release of their debut album. ‘Infant! Hey!’ While setting the tone to be expected on ‘Time For Revolution’, it also provides an antidote to remorse and lovesickness – all in the form of a high-energy punk anthem.

The young artists tell a story from the perspective of a person who apologizes for their behavior in a romantic relationship and asks for a second chance. Whether that person deserved it remains to be seen… but what is certain is Mudfighthave come to really shake up the punk scene! During the video for Baby! Hey! Inspired by classics like Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen’ or Green Day ‘s ‘Father Of All‘ , they are also concerned with getting the younger generation more enthusiastic about punk. This time, the newcomers from Upper Austria have specifically chosen a performance video to introduce themselves as a band and to show what they enjoy the most: namely being on stage and giving everything!

The video was created in cooperation with Klaus Winkler (Loprosh.tv). Fun Fact: It was filmed in a church!

Photo credit: Michael Wittig