Probably in a time when punk rock was still able to shock and could on occasion be seen as dangerous and offensive GG and Antiseen roamed American wastelands offending every pair of ears they came into contact with.

“Murder Junkies” was the seventh studio album by G.G. Allin and featured ANTiSEEN. It was GG Allin’s final studio album to be released during his lifetime, originally released in 1991. Jeff Clayton, lead singer of ANTiSEEN, has described this album as a mixed blessing. Although he is very happy with the way it turned out, he thinks that a lot of people got the impression that they are nothing more than a backing band for G.G. Allin. Clayton has stated that G.G. Allin was very professional during the recording of the album, and he wonders how much of G.G. Allin’s stage act was real and how much of it was “For The Marks”. Something I guess many people asked of the man.

Now, this album is being released for the first time as it was originally conceived, and it has been remastered in order to deliver the aggressive sound it was recorded with. From the opening chords and roll on the drums ‘Murder For The Mission’ bursts into venomous life. If you don’t know GG then look up his tumultuous life on youtube and be amused and repulsed in equal measures. There was a time however when he was a serious punk rocker and glam punk rocker and he actually made decent records when he put his twisted mind to it without all the circus hullaballoo that was GG Allin.

The sound is aggressive, raw and like a box of pissed-off snakes. Ten Tracks in the blink of an eye lurching from one thumper to the other ‘Stab Wound’ and ‘War In My Head’ rattle past towards ‘Violence Now’ which can never have too much cowbell.

I guess in a world where cancel culture and scrutiny of the arts are front and center maybe GG would never have survived even in the murky underground of Punk Rock, songs like ‘Rape, Torture, Terminate & Fuck’ would not have got past the sensors.

‘I Hate People’ probably sums up this release with self-destruction being the order of the day. I guess the image outshone the musicians at play and the cartoon character that was GG Allin definitely overshadowed the songwriter and when he actually put his mind to it could pen decent tunes. If you want to piss yourself and others off then get stuck into this slice of Scum Punk and remember to turn it up the neighbours three doors down might want to sample a touch of Murder Junkies.

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Author: Dom Daley