Rob has once again drafted in a whole bunch of musicians to enhance his latest album and like London busses, Rob lays low for decades then boom! two albums in quick succession. This time Rob takes the songs down a darker route with a more Gothic punk rock sound that bares a passing resemblance to the likes of Andrew Eldrich and his Sisters Of Mercy or perhaps a little Iggy DNA circa Bla Bla Bla for good measure.

There are eleven tunes and as the title suggests a few with Rocket in the title which bookends the record and to be fair two of the album’s finest moments with the finale being my personal pick of the pops with its excellent Stooges like saxophone honking up the sound and giving an added dimension to what Rob does.

Some of the playing is fantastic and Rob giving over the solos to different players is an excellent idea because having someone else’s vision and interpretation on the music add to the tapestry in nothing but a positive way with opener ‘Rocket Ship To You’ being a great example.

‘Red Beans And Gasoline’ fucks with ‘Johnny B Goode’ & ‘House Of The Rising Sun’, ‘Richard Jewel’ has a great dark swirling rhythm with yet more great guitar playing, Abaad Behram take a bow.

As we reach the meat of the record ‘Rock N Roll Ralphs and the Joie de vivre rock n rolla that is ‘Rip Van Winkle ’85’ turn up the dial to eleven and if you’re getting album fatigue these will no doubt chase it away. There is no time nor room on this record for a ballad but the tempo has dropped a tad for ‘Ink Blue Smoke’ where images of Iggy are possible through the haze with some rather splendid slide chops cutting through and adding another texture.

All in all Rob has again delivered an excellent album that turns up sonic treats in different places on each play. Go check it out and have a blast (off) grooving through the ether to some tasty tunes. Keep em coming Mr Moss its been a blast!

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Author: Dom Daley