Come and Join the Rejects they said and in the twenty-first century, they are still going strong making music and playing live always on their own terms and as uncompromising as they ever were. To think this is only their 9th album since the late seventies debut is perhaps the result of forces beyond the band’s will to record music and the myth that grew around them that perhaps held them back. It’s fair to say that number nine will indeed be their final offering and the band have put together some package to sign off in style. A box set, Guitar giveaway, CD, Vinyl the whole machonky as they say in these parts.

What Rejects will turn up for this final fling is quickly revealed after the opening track ‘We Were Never Bothered’ unfurls. Mick said in interviews that the record sounds like everything they’ve done for the past 45 years rolled into one which might strike fear into either their terrace anthems original fanbase or their love of Metal and hard rock fans that were turned onto them in the 80s. There are however many who like both anyone who denies not liking one or the other in my book is a bit weird or just a bit of a hipster.

Jeff is a no-nonsense talker and anyone who has seen his recent in-conversation performances knows that he’s always going to keep it real and this outing is no exception. You are taken off on a wistful acoustic intro before the Geggis riff book is opened and the ship sets sail. IT’s 21st-century terrace anthems with gang vocals and pounding rhythms all being held together by Mick’s hard rock riffs.

Sure they sing about ole London Tawn and having it but so what that’s who they are and like em or loathe them they’ve always been true to themselves. Hold onto your high tops kids because ‘Paper tiger’ is cock rock with sparks flying off those frets – so when they said its everything they’ve ever done rolled into one album they weren’t joking. Good on em!

However, I would point out that it’s more leaning toward the Rock side of the Rejects. ‘Same Ol Same Ol’ is more like FM thank classic Oi! The Metal years continue on ‘Up For The Fight’ and ‘Stab In The Back’. If AC/DC recorded ’40 Years Undefeated’ Kerrang would be championing them alright. Its late night boozer sing-a-long territory as well and Mick is pulling out all the stops with the rhythm section stepping up but not wearing spandex or high tops with one foot on the monitor it’s still the Rejects and not non ferrous maiden.

One thing you can’t level at Jeff Turner is he’s never faked what he does I’m sure if you did it would be Bosh! lights out and ‘My Heart Ain’t In It’ is like Tokyo Blade as Turner sings his cotton socks off God bless him. The title track is bordering on pomp Rock with Mick showing off his flashing blades guitar work with gentle verse picked chords and thunderous power chords on the chorus. Its like the Rejects should make a video where they’re on horseback riding into battle with their firm of ‘Ammers in tow slaying all before them. Noisy fuckers kicking up a shitstorm annoying the neighbours for all their worth doing exactly what they want to do. Love it, g’on son dish it out and turn it up. the Rejects aren’t taking prisoners and they’re going out in a blaze of Glory oh and a cover of The Stray Cats runaway Boys just to fuck up your head a bit more bet you weren’t expecting that bad boy were you? Bosh!

Best track? ‘That Thing We Do’ now that wraps up the Rejects in one three-minute song all their best sides in a bloody decent tune. they then hit the final furlong and ‘Mug’ turns up which might have me reassess the best song on the album with classic Turner lyrics. Their best song since ‘East End Babylon’, Bosh! I wasn’t going to mention the final offering but they do bow out with ‘Learning To Fly’ – Now you nor I was expecting a Tom Petty cover on a Cockney Rejects album but there you go there it is – Bosh! Ave it. Thanks for the records gents it’s been one hell of a ride that’s for sure and I’m glad you’ve made it to album number 9 and still doing it on your terms but Tom Petty? Leave it out me old chinas. Right I’m off before they come after me…The Cheeky chaps.

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Author: Dom Daley