Canadian speed metal merchants Exciter, along with bands like Accept, Motorhead, and fellow Canadians Anvil, are widely regarded as one of the innovators of the speed metal movement. Speed metal was a precursor of thrash metal, and it has been argued that Exciter invented thrash, but for me, that title sits firmly on the shoulders of Metallica. I believe that Exciter was an influence on what would come later but they were never a thrash band.

Their debut album Heavy Metal Maniac was released through Shrapnel records in 1983 and they had a successful run throughout the eighties touring with the likes of Mercyful Fate, Motorhead and Manowar. The band split up in 1989 but reformed in 1991, the line up at the time consisted of drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler, bassist David Ledden and guitarist John Ricci. The album I am listening to right now – Kill After Kill was released in 1992 on Noise records. The album is being re issued by Cherry Red Records, it has been remastered and includes extensive liner notes and contributions from the band describing the recording process and the changing climate in the metal world at the time.

This is my first time listening to this album and I have to say it is an extremely enjoyable listen for an old school metal head like me. Pounding drums, screaming vocals, manic guitar riffs and song titles like Smashing Em Down and Rain of Terror give you a good idea of what is on offer here. There is nothing highbrow about Exciter, they absolutely deliver the goods here though. Dig out your studded wristbands and bullet belts, turn this up to eleven and worship at the metal altar of Kill After Kill!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick