The Darts – ‘Love Tsunami’ (Dirty Water Records) Formed way back in 2016 to make some Garage Rock all girl noise they’ve toured with The Living End and The Longshots which in itself is impressive they had their last album released on Alternative Tentacles so why wouldn’t this three track 7″ blow you away? The lead track has that opening stab of organ mixed up with some groovy spooky backbeat and punchy bass it’s cool as fuck and that’ll do for us. The second offering is more of the same as ‘Shit Show’ is a swirling laid-back groove on the verse but when it hits the chorus it wigs out and that’s champion that is. Only leaving ‘Underground’ to pick up the tempo and fire up the engine as we head towards oblivion but with a jukebox full of top tunes. Pick this banger up Here

Wild Zeros – ‘Diggin It’ (Heavy Medication Records) France’s kings of fun, frantic rock’n’roll are back!
It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard from Wild Zeros with their 2019 singles compilation “Well Cooked!” (also released by Heavy Medication). Now, the gruesome threesome from Bordeaux celebrates 15 years of three-chord bashing with a KBD-styled three-song 7-incher titled “Diggin’ It”. Roaring guitars, galloping bass and heavy pounding skins join forces to deliver loud, trashy rock & roll that’ll please all fans of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, and Infections as well as die-hard disciples of Crypt and Rip Off Records. ‘Dig The Dirt’ ticks all the right boxes as do the other two tracks with ‘Tough Job’ being more of a straight old school slice of punk rock with heads down and play that guitar until your fingers bleed. My fav on the single is ‘Did You Dig It?’ taking no prisoners with a dirty slab of garage punk rock. Nice! Buy Here

JOHNNY THUNDERS – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Golden Robot Records) One of my favourite artists ever gets dug up for the umpteenth time and this live recording of the Nancy Sinatra tune that Johnny performed numerous times. Howling feedback and nothing more than a soundboard recording or a pretty decent bootleg. It’s lifted from a forthcoming Golden Robot live album it’s classic Thunders. It’s sloppy, cocky, howling with feedback just as I remember him. Often imitated but never bettered Rest In Peace Johnny you crazy fucker. Top tune from a top musician and performer.

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Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders – ‘Down On 7Th Avenue’ (Heavy Medication Records) ‘Down on 7th Avenue’ is a classic balls-out rocker that Pat Todd has made his trademark. On top of that, he never drops in quality with his ever-present attitude it mixes up some country, punk n roll but always a good time. “I Will Give Up” is a slice of New Orleans-styled R&B about picking up the pieces and movin’ on that accompanies another cold beer and tough guys shedding a tear in the corner with the best bar band dishing out the soundtrack. Another day another quality Heavy Medication release but this one is a Co-release with Dangerhouse Skylab (France) Yee-Haw!

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DAVID BIERMAN OVERDRIVE ‘She Don’t Love You’ (i94 Recordings) David’s band in the 80- 90s The Junk Monkeys were known for their straightforward rock and roll.  No metal overtones, no industrial edge, no rap hybrids.  Just straight-up rock n roll ala The Rolling Stones, The Replacements and Cheap Trick.

 The band toured relentlessly but David decided to leave the music business until now. After five years ‘She Don’t Love You’ shakes off any cobwebs and just Rocks and fuckin rolls period! It’s not reinvented punk n roll or any fad tune its just a subtle slow burner with a cool Westerberg vibe building into a cool chorus. The flip side is more of the same maybe coming in more on a Green on red rockin out tip mixed in with more of that cool Replacements vibe. Excellent offering check it out Here

Ming City Rockers Jill Was An Anarchist’ (Self Release) The first single from their upcoming album ‘LIME’ which will see the light of day on Jan 26th. It’s classic Ming City Rockers. A rattling garage indie masterclass it’ll burrow down into your ear and lodge inside your head and before you know it you’ll be shouting at randoms that Jill was An Anarchist. Great to have them back

Bob Vylan – ”The Delicate Nature’ ft Laurie Vincent of Slaves (Self Release) Another cracking slow burner from Vylan until the final furlong when he picks up the pace. OF the success of the first two albums Vylan shows no sign of letting up with this new track. Easily one of the UKs most exciting artists does it again.

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Black Aces – ‘Show You How To Rock’ (Off yer rocka records) Whats that you say there hasn’t been a great DC-infatuated band kicking it for quite a while. Well, get an ear full of these boys. Aussie pub rockers Black Aces are also set to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their highly praised sophomore album release, ‘Anywhere But Here’. In honour of the occasion, album opener Show You How to Rock N Roll has been given a brand-new lyric video release featuring behind the scenes and previously un-released footage of the band from over the years. In the middle of a UK tour we recommend you turn it up and check em out! Buy it Here / Connect with Black Aces: Website / Facebook

DEADWOLFF ‘Heavy Rock N’ Roll’ (Golden Robot Records) Hold on a second, We’ve covered these hard rockin gods before and if you’re looking for a second opinion then ‘Heavy Rock and Roll’ is it. It’s a studded gauntlet double thumbs up from HQ Deadwolff take no prisoners and run on whisky fumes and a heavy dose of Witchery. If you don’t dig this bad boy then you clearly aren’t friends of ours. Absolute stone cold class. Old school motorhead meets warfare, meets Dianno, Girlschool and some grubby punk rock for attitude. Bring on the next release and make it an album packed full of the same just more! Love it!

There is an album on the way from this classic three-piece Canadian outfit in the can and we can’t wait. Get em over to the UK with Wolfspade so we can all windmill and headbang like possessed mother fuckers! Now!


Black Star Riders – ‘Crazy Horses’ (Earache Records) An audacious cover version of a 70s classic sees Black Star Riders’ cover of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” deliver the goods – the vocals are pretty spot on, an eyebrow-raising impressive and energetic take for sure. Lifted from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, out 20th January 2023. Pre-order now on signed CD, limited edition coloured vinyl, special collector’s sets and more at

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