As I load up the virtual player, I can’t help being drawn back to a time when oil lamps were/ are the thing, pulsing light shows that emphasized the psychedelic sounds coming straight out of the physical media. Those days of 60s Psychedelia where bands like The Chocolate Watch Band. The Strawberry Alarm clock, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, and even the Fledgling Stooges formed a real soundtrack to the times, songs for the Counter Culture, the coolest of Generations so to Speak.

Why am I waffling away about 60’s underground Psychedelia, lesser-known Garage rock on such a Hip website? Somewhere the cool cats browse? Somewhere bang up to date? The answers in the Title and the fault lies fully with the Fuzztones and this updated remixed and expanded version of Preaching to the Perverted. No this didn’t come out in the 60’s it was first released in 2011!!! And really should have formed part of everyone’s collection back then. But you now have the chance to reinvigorate your taste buds and enter the weird and wonderful world of the Fuzztones.

This LP as you listen now is really a teeny bit special and only with I think the passing of the 12 years almost since its release do you realise how important it’s impact has been on the underground now and how many bands have been influenced by The Fuzztones.

 It takes you through a history of Psychedelia, from the lighter opening tracks such as My Black Lines and Between the lines to the almost Garage Punk intro to Set me straight (It could really be Stiv Bators singing the opening), before we move into the Psychedelic Blues of Don’t speak ill of the Dead. That R&B and Psychedelia vibe further combines with a Harmonica straight out of Hell within Old. But when you slip into next up Leave your Mind Behind your fully in the Freak scene, before Bluegrass???? Takes the lead and the whole trip takes a really weird turn, this could have come straight out of The Legendary Shack Shakers songbook!!!!

Before you realise that time has stood still, the trips almost over and we’re dropping/sinking backward into Lust Pavilion. As the Music slows the pulsing images start to subside and we drift back into our own reality our time in the ether almost complete, we head to a finish with almost a gospel-led vibe within Bound to Please underpinned with some straight-up Garage Rock Soloing, before we flashback via a bastardised Jazz intro/outro via Come to Me.

Get on the Fuzztones trip baby, and become one of the converted but remember with every trip there’s an up and down time, this Bastard Pulses. Rises and falls and takes you to some really strange places, Enjoy the ride.

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Author: Nev Brooks