We go back to the early days of Lucifer Star Machine, when they were part of the burgeoning London underground, kicking up a shit storm with some uncompromising punk rock n roll that had a fuck you attitude and wouldn’t compromise for anyone. Then frontman Tor moved base to Germany and tweaked a few things here and there and got a lineup that was all on board with the direction of travel LSM was heading in and kaboom! things were on the up. Lucifer Star Machine, the infernal Action Punx still take no prisoners but somewhat softened the rough edges making them more accessible to a wider audience to be fair put more effort into the songs they were playing whilst still uncompromising and still doing it their way the songs sounded much better – stronger and longer lasting. They were no longer burning the ground up behind them they were delivering the goods but taking people with them the scorched earth policy was more engaging and wider reaching and has led the band to ‘Satanic Age’ head and shoulders their best collection of songs to date.

This their fifth full-length album, the band have always been an uncompromising band of brothers cut from the same cloth as your Motorheads or your Hip Priests but what they have done over the years is evolve their sound and Tor has seen the worth of not churning out the same record every few years and introduced more melody for an all-round set of catchier Punk’n’Roll but still with a heap of fuck you attitude.

This bad boy is offering up thirteen tunes spinning on their middle finger digit and boy I think it might just be their finest hour.

As well as the harder edge influences you have the melody of the Misfits and Ramones. It’s down n dirty, reckless and a lot of fun. From the haunting opening spoken words it’s the no nonsense of ‘Satanic Age’ Imagine The Misfits covering Turbonegro using Motorheads gear and you’re in the fun zone right there.

“Satanic Age” was produced by guitarist Mickey Necro and frontman Tor Abyss, who have written the album during the downtime of the pandemic and nailed exactly how this should go down giving every instrument enough room to breathe and ferment. It also has the unmistakable sound of guest vocalist Marc “Sparky” Phillips of Demented Are Go and Kit Swing of London outfit Seven Days And Doesn’t Die.

Sparky guests on a runaway train of a track with a massive rolling riff scuffing along like prime-time Marilyn Manson if he rode a dirt bike and not a limo. The punk is turned up for the ferocious potty-mouthed ‘Cunt Of Destruction’ but hold onto your trousers because the circle pit is getting bigger and faster for ‘Black Axe’ and Tor and the boys aren’t taking prisoners.

I pause for a breath then they pick me up with the boogie of ‘I Wanted Everything’. The lyrics are standard and on tunes like ‘Censorshipped’ you know they aren’t taking any prisoners not that bands like Lucifer Star Machine give a flying fuck you might want to wear headphones around your nan.

Fingers are flying on ‘Purgatory Souls’ as the Machine sets the fretboards on fire and dashes to the finish line with one of their most brutal sprints ever. this album is uncompromising and delivering on everything you want in this messed up crazy world we live in this is the soundtrack as everything around us burns.

As we head into the home straight the devil horns are raised for the hard-rocking ‘Hard Luck Mary’ where Kit Swing adds some light to the shade or is it adds more shade to the darkness. Whichever way it is this is some mighty fine hard rock. I love the filthy bass line on ‘Live Another Day’ as it swirls into action gargling away as the song is ripped open and that circle pit-inducing tempo bleeds out of the speakers.

There is no doubt that this is the finest album thus far from Lucifer Star Machine, they have effortlessly moved through the gears over the years to this point and have carved out their niche and turned in an epic set of tunes that showcases the finest side of this punk n roll action rock or whatever you want to call it these days. If you pass over this record then I can’t help you this is a must-own slab of wax that will burrow into my head as all fine earworms do. If this is the satanic age then Hell yeah I’m all in – Hail Lucifer Star Machine they fuckin’ Rock!

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Author: DomDaley