Whilst we wait for the follow up of the london five pieces debut album they’ve decided to pacify us with a hot pink 10″ recording of their hottest gig ever. Recorded live in London last year its eight slices of the hottest power poppin punk rock you could wish to hear. Sure its got a pocketful of The Briefs and The Strokes whilst The Ramones course through the bands DNA along with a whole host of other Garage rock bands that quite frankly we all should have flowing round our bloodstreams its clear from this recording that Bad Nerves do and it oozes out of every pour wheather they like it or not. the pace of these tunes dictates that it should have been a hot and sweaty show they were lifted from it bloodywell sounds like it. Capturing the energy every band recording a live record wants to capture (but quite often doesn’t) it got the coolness of Hanoi all those wasted years on a sped up gettaway car cassete deck and It’s Alive meets the trasiness of The Cramps as the band absolutely blitz through the set its breathtaking. So good.

We all still dream of attending one of those blissfully joyous shows where the audience and the band are as one and just let go and everything clicks in right. Well from the artwork to the set list and the bootleg feel of the tracks as Bad Nerves just smash through the set it all feels just right.