We first got news of Bad Nerves a while back and waited til the wee small hours to see them perform at Rebellion a few years back and caught their support set when The Hives marauded around Shit Island recently with Bad Nerves in tow and they raised their game and kept The Hives on their toes night after night it would seem.

The last live 10″ wet the appetite for what was brewing in the Nerves camp and boom tour finished and record number two was announced. From the much-anticipated blast off Bad Nerves aren’t fucking about here. Time is of the essence and life is for the living so when you get the atomic blast of ‘Don’t Stop quickly followed by ‘Antidote’ you barely have time to catch your breath and I like it – No I love it!

Turn the speakers up because this isn’t for the faint-hearted and it’s rapid. ‘USA’ is a fuckin belter catchy like an STI and just as sleazy and dirty as Rock n Roll should be. The Bass rumble and thrashing guitars of ‘You Got The Nerve’ is exhilarating, sure, they are indeed the torchbearers of honest Punk Rock like The Ramones and they have the pop suss of that first Strokes album but these aren’t merely the bastard children of a Ramones/Strokes broken home, Bad Nerves are snotty like the Dead Boys and cool like Blondie they do play ferociously fast distorted pop songs and I hope they do know it.

We need another band to break through playing guitars, Bass And Drums just like Dee Dee and Stiv did It would appear that maybe the stars and planets have aligned to birth the next big thing

Suburban have a diamond in the palm of their hand and with the right promotion, these Essex boys can blast off to big things. When they take a breather they channel their inner Bolan Boogie on ‘Sorry’ its got a dreamy T Rex quality about it and it wreaks of pop suss.

I get the Ramones and Jay Reatard influences and I can see why The likes of Billy Joe are on board and why The Hives wanted them to tour together and having listened to this album over and over I can also hear why these boys have a big future. It’s music to get your pulse racing and your heart pumping ten to the dozen. ‘Television’ is thunderous whilst ‘Jimmy ThePunk’ is hoping like a cat on a hot tin roof with a wicked lick and Bassline. There are twelve potential singles on here I kid you not. ‘You Should Know By Now’ is simply fantastic and buried deep into the album is like a sleeping giant. Tight and melodic it just soars. Closing the record with the fantastic and punchy ‘The Kids Will Never Have Tier Say’ is excellent rolling on a rapid strong melody its a classic upbeat uptempo album closer – it’s like rockets and fireworks going off left right and centre in celebration of a fantastic album.

I love it when an album you are holding out for arrives and delivers everything you wanted and some. Well, ‘Still Nervous’ is one of those albums. Quite simply don’t fuck about just order it! Superb stuff!

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Author: Dom Daley

Posthumously released records tend to be hit or miss affairs, especially when they are put out by a major label looking to cash in on some unfortunate musicians untimely passing. Thankfully with ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ what we have is a record very much in the “hit” camp, not only because it features a dozen new tracks assembled by Slug himself but also because he’s dragged in a plethora of his showbiz mates to help hammer home his message and blow me if it isn’t one of the best things the man has ever been a part of too.

This isn’t some fleeting comment you should take lightly either, especially when you consider that during his time on planet Earth, Slug had been a part of such bands as The Nitwitz, B.G.K, Loveslug and (the band with whom I first encountered his mighty bass thump) The Hyrdomatics.

Having started out in punk rock all the way back in 1978 delivering fast and furious missives with the first two of those bands Slug immediately got to share European stages playing on bills with bands like the Dead Kennedys, whilst a decade on and long before grunge was a household term, as part of Loveslug, he got to work in the US with the likes of Jack Endino helping forge a hybrid punk/garage rock sound and quite probably turning a few plaid shirt wearers’ heads in the process. Then at the tail end of the 90s Slug got to record with both Scott Morgan and Nicke Andersson in The Hydromatics, starting with the awesome ‘Parts Unknown’ record before more recently picking up with both The Spades and Cheetah Chrome and The Knobs.

The reason for this potted history lesson is to fully understand the true spirit of what The Tony Slug Experience is all about. Recorded across a 2-year period during various sessions in both Europe and the US. The biggest chunk being recorded in Tony’s hometown Amsterdam with producer/musician Steven van der Werff, this album assembles 30 of Slug’s other musician friends, including Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Jennifer Finch (L7), Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters), Jerry A. (Poison Idea) and Happy Tom (Turbonegro), to produce one of the most exciting swan song records of all time.

Blasting out the speakers with ‘Road Goat’ this is where the Slug story comes full circle with lead vocals provided by Jello Biafra (his first of two songs here). This song must surely have taken Slug all the way back to those early B.G.K days, whilst ‘If I Make The Gates’ which immediately follows (and featuring Nicke Andersson) is much more like the latter day garage punk music Slug would go on to be involved with. It’s Jeven De Groot (guitarist/singer with space rock outfit Temple Fang) who really shines on this tune though as he does on ‘Wreckerball’ a song that sounds like it’s just fallen out of The Hip Priests’ extensive back catalogue and is truly a world away from the singer’s day job. Exhilarating stuff indeed!

Elsewhere, Jerry A steps up to the microphone for a riotous ‘I’ll Never Forget’ and Jennifer Finch slips into ‘Someone to Blame’ with the utmost ease. The latter is a song that reminds me of US glam punks (and Dom Daley Rebellion faves) Glitter Trash which is kind of ironic as their ex-guitarist Paul Grace Smith (who also played with Slug in a host of bands) features on ‘Spy Satellite’ which immediately follows. Plus let’s not forget ‘Smile’ featuring Greta Brinkman on vocals that gives the record a full tilt rock n soul vibe at the midway point, she returns for the equally excellent ‘Dumb Things’ later too.


You know, with so many different musicians and styles involved ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ could really have ended up sounding like a patchwork quilt of tunes, but it’s true strength is that it doesn’t, it plays out as one set of interconnected songs, and that’s because Slug is at the heart of them all. Slug Rock to the very end!

Set for release on May 5th 2024 ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ will be released via Suburban Records and Wap Shoo Wap in Europe and via Alternative Tentacles in the US, the vinyl coming in a gatefold sleeve with a foreword by Turbonegro’s Happy Tom, accompanied by a fanzine-sized biography.

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Author: Johnny Hayward

Whilst we wait for the follow up of the london five pieces debut album they’ve decided to pacify us with a hot pink 10″ recording of their hottest gig ever. Recorded live in London last year its eight slices of the hottest power poppin punk rock you could wish to hear. Sure its got a pocketful of The Briefs and The Strokes whilst The Ramones course through the bands DNA along with a whole host of other Garage rock bands that quite frankly we all should have flowing round our bloodstreams its clear from this recording that Bad Nerves do and it oozes out of every pour wheather they like it or not. the pace of these tunes dictates that it should have been a hot and sweaty show they were lifted from it bloodywell sounds like it. Capturing the energy every band recording a live record wants to capture (but quite often doesn’t) it got the coolness of Hanoi all those wasted years on a sped up gettaway car cassete deck and It’s Alive meets the trasiness of The Cramps as the band absolutely blitz through the set its breathtaking. So good.

We all still dream of attending one of those blissfully joyous shows where the audience and the band are as one and just let go and everything clicks in right. Well from the artwork to the set list and the bootleg feel of the tracks as Bad Nerves just smash through the set it all feels just right.

Half a dozen new entries into the Single Club Jukebox this month but there might well need to be another meeting in a few weeks. It’s never about quantity but always quality and boy have we got quality tunes from far and wie this month. Check em out…

Fights – ‘Serenity Now’ (Lie Laga Records) Let’s get this straight right out of the traps. Fights ‘Serenity Now’ is an absolute raging banger! no two ways about it this is a fuckin’ blast from the raging vocals to the apocalyptic guitar solo and frantic rhythm this is the mutt’s nuts!

The scream the preceeds the solo deserves a standing ovation on its own. Fights come raging from Norway (of course they do) and ply their harcore punk tip as well as any other band I’ve heard doing this genre this side of the first Bloodclot album. Its lifted from the upcoming debut album “Scampirock” that drops April 21st. And I fuckin’ loves it.  FOLLOW FIGHTS:  Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Bad Nerves – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Suburban Records) BAD NERVES the first single from their alive in London 10″ album is the epic ‘Don’t Stop’. Bad Nerves are a 5-piece Powerpop-Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Essex. The bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one night stand, they play ferociously fast distorted pop songs, with melodies that hook so deep, even the most skilled lobotomist would struggle to scrape them out. As a follow up to their self-titled debut album (2020), they are now releasing a 10″ live album: Alive in London. It’s short, sharp and yet another banger. Of course it’s got a top melody and a buzzsaw riff and the kinda song you can’t get out of your head for ages and the first thing you want to hear when you wake up in the morning. Get some Bad Nerves in your life they’re cool as fuck and play great Rock n Roll.

Baby Schillaci – ‘Radical’ (Self Release) There seem to be things happening in the land of song and way out west especially. Baby Schillaci are making all the right noises on the alt scene and this new video backs that up. An attention-grabbing slice of post-punk ‘Radical’ is a right old earworm burrowing in and tickling your fancy excellent and proper. From the twisting riff to the smart lyrics this is a wonderful introduction to the band and with live shows already booked and an album the future looks bright and West is indeed best. they’ve already pencilled in the next single for April and that’s a right Banger but until then this will most certainly do. Baby Schillaci is the name remember it

Ferocious Dog – ‘Too Late’ (Graphite Records) To celebrate the forthcoming 10 year anniversary of their self titled debut album, Ferocious Dog unveil a brand new video – ‘Too Late’ 2022, an updated version of live favourite. Complete with bells and whistles (quite literally) Fans old and new will love it. It’s taken from the double album that features one CD remastered whilst the other disc is a live show recorded last year in Leeds. The band plan to make up for covid with over forty dates already booked for this year tickets can be picked up Here

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘Tryin’ (Ghost Highway Records) One of our favourite scandi rockers Chuck Norris Experiment have always released great singles and this is no exception. Like a wall of noise that only Evil Knievil could get over so it makes sense theres a helmet of his on the cover art of this banger. Scream for me Sweden – You fuckers rock and the feeling most certainly comes through 100% bonafide rockers Chuck Norris deliver yet another top tune. Get on it kids have we ever let you down on our recommendations? of course not and neither have CNE or Ghost Highway.

Bad//Dreems – ‘See You Tomorrow’ (Farmer And The Owl/BMG) Lifted from their album ‘HOO HA!’ that hits the street in May this slab of jarring punk rock down under style will have you throwing your own G’day digger parties. Uncompromising and throughly infectious once it burrows in like the finest ear worms do May can’t come quick enough. Tour buddies with Amyl and the sniffers and The Chats its just another no brainer fo rus here at Singles Club HQ. Punk as fuck and none of em give a four xxxx just get a load of the video and throw yourself around – Banger!

After receiving the inevitable Fashionably late singles we had to reconvene the Singles Club and pull the virtual dust sheet off the Jukebox and spin the black circles before we shut down for the year. It’s lean but its an oh so talented bunch of bangers. Check out this lot…

IDLES – ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE’ (Partisan) Lifted from the album “Five Years of Brutalism” out from the 9th December 2022 on Partisan Records. you can pick it up here: https://idles.lnk.to/FYOB A pretty vital and exciting performance from Idles is added to the debut album. A proper intense banger. #fuckthetories

Sister Morphine – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ (Self Release) The highly anticipated release (16th of December if you’re asking) sees Sister Morphine Axl dance through your devices and out of your speakers – a couple of decades later than it should have been released but who cares? Like a fine wine it’s been left to mature over time and now is the right time to unleash this bad boy.

Hot on the (Cuban) heels of the Gunfire Dance debut vinyl album seeing the light of day or the debut vinyl press of Demolition 23, Sister Morphine have gone one step further by going into a studio to record their old tunes (and some new tunes), to give them a modern and fresh feel and what we have here is the lead track off that album, literally hot off the press – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ is a barnstormer a real shot of energy. It’s a good time wedged into the modern world complete with howling good time guitars, rollicking piano and some great gang vocals on the chorus. Clinging onto the ethos that Rock and Roll is indeed timeless and the fact that this band went on their hiatus in the early 90s, cryogenically preserved Rock n Roll will warm your heart on a cold South Walian night. Rock ‘n’ Roll never sounded so good and up for it – Get on it kids and keep your eye peeled for the full makonkee. We’ll keep you posted on all things Sister Morphine because you deserve it. Facebook

Neil Leyton – ‘(I Got A Call From) Michael Maker’ (Self Release) My heart beats faster when I get news from someone I love listening to is making a record and one of those artists happens to be a guy called Neil Leyton some will be familiar others not so. Let me tell you if you happen to be in the dark about his past then I suggest you catch up after you put this on your playlist and work backward. The man has talent oozing from every pore and has written dozens of excellent songs and you can add this to that list. It’ll burrow into your ear and cling to your brain making everything feel right and proper for the four minutes it’s ringing out into the world. Neil Leyton releasing Rock and Roll music makes me so happy – it’s been long overdue. Available from Monday 11th December Here / Neil Leyton discography Here

Status Quo – ‘It’s Christmas time’ (earMUSIC) A Strictly Limited Collector’s Single of their festive anthem ‘It’s Christmas Time’. The song has been freshly remastered this year and will be released on earMUSIC on 16 December 2022. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ will be available in two strictly limited physical formats: Dark Green 10” Vinyl Single featuring two tracks, and a five song “Freestyle” Maxi-CD.
As well as the evergreen ‘It’s Christmas Time’ this release will also feature brand new 2022 studio versions of the band’s timeless classics ‘Caroline’, ‘Paper Plane’ & ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ was originally released in 2008 and was written by the late great Rick Parfitt and Wayne Morris.

Black Star Riders – ‘Riding Out the Storm’ (Earache Records) Following the announcement of new guitarist Sam Wood, Black Star Riders, the Anglo American rockers featuring Ricky Warwick (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Robert Crane (Bass Guitar) and drummer Zak St. John, are excited to release their new single ‘Riding Out The Storm’, which is accompanied by a video, directed and produced by famed video maker Tony Aguilera (Jerry Cantrell, Killer Be Killed, Orianthi) in Los Angeles. 


10th ANNIVERSARY UK TOUR IN FEBRUARY 2023 Tickets are on sale now from www.mytickets.co.uk.

Scumbag Millionaire – ‘Strike Me Down’ (Suburban Records) Swedish action punk band Scumbag Millionaire releases ‘Strike Me Down’ Ho HO Ho what a banger! A Christmas Cracker if you like. From the rumbling bassline to the howling distorted vocals these guys are delivering the goods big time. Get on it kids this is a blast! Taken from the B Sides and oddities album set for release early in 2023 entitled ‘Barely Alive!’ Get on it only available on wax! Website

Brian Ray – ‘On My Way To You’ b/w ‘The Story of Bonnie And Clyde’ (feat. Orianthi) Brian Ray is back with a brand new single.  Fresh off of a tour as guitarist/bassist with Paul McCartney, Brian is returning to releasing solo music with this single.  The b-side, The Story of Bonnie And Clyde, is a duet with Orianthi.  In addition to his solo career, Brian has also worked with Etta James, Smokey Robinson, Willy DeVille, and many more.  These experiences give him a unique style, which is evident in this new release. orcd.co/onmywaytoyou

Lucifer Star Machine – ‘I Wanted Everything’ (The Sign Records) The second single from Lucifer Star Machine’s forthcoming 5th studio album. A song about whether you’re living life to the fullest or you’re looking back at lost opportunities. Raw twin guitars and melodic vocals in perfect balance. Punk rock with a huge pop sensibility and great potential for radio plays. The single release is followed by tour dates in Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

Neverland Ranch Davidians – ‘Rat Patrol’ (Heavy Medication Records) The first single from the debut album by L.A.’s Neverland Ranch Davidians, the missing link between The Blues Explosion, Suicide and Stax Records.

If Godzilla was Swedish he’d be playing hard, fast and nasty rock & roll in a band just like Scumbag Millionaire. He may even grow a moustache and change his name to Max.

Now you’ve got the picture, let me introduce you to “Poor and Infamous”, the second long-player from these four Gothenburg gutter deviants. The record that’ll get you safely through the rest of this Covid craziness.

From full-throttle opener, “Demi-God” to sleazoid closer “One For The Road”, “Poor and Infamous” is an ass-kicking classic. Think early ‘copters (obvs), think classic Motorhead and you’re almost halfway there. Where ever there is !?!

Lead single “Ain’t No Doubt” is everything The Backyard Babies used to be, totally Total 13 and a bang on dyed in the wool classic. Check out the video.

“You Had It Coming” gets a little Mick Taylor-era Stones groove on, while “Chasing Dawn” pummels you in the ears into submission.

The distorted bass intro to“Put A Price On My Soul” is pure Boss DS1 magic courtesy of the legendary Sunlight Studio.  Tomas Skogsberg’s production is spot on, the man is the Phil Spector of the garage punk metal universe.

“Desperado” is a monster. A face-fucking distorted onslaught.

“Subterranean Twist” reminds me of the early Scumbag singles (check out US compilation “Fast Track Big Pack” if you missed them).

“Highway Blues” calls on those super sexy bass tones again. Not as full on as its “Poor and Infamous” bed fellows but it’s a tune that BYB would kill for.

“Trouble City” is pure Motorhead magic and “Dead Man’s Hand” ain’t no slacker either.

Rounding things off with the aforementioned Sea Hags-tastic “One For The Road”, “Poor and Infamous” is simply the bollocks.

Pre-order the album Here on limited transparent magenta vinyl, regular black vinyl or on ye-olde traditional CD.


While you’re at it grab the US comp “Fast Track Big Pack” along with debut album “Speed”. You won’t regret it. Guaranteed !!!


Bandcamp / Facebook

Author: Frazer Munro