When you want to release your latest solo album and rope in a few pals to give it a little lift, have a browse through your Rolodex and call some randoms. Jeff Beck (RIP) longtime pal Joe Elliott tick, Johnny Depp, why not. Billy Gibbons, Slash and Duff from Guns n Roses and Taylor Hawkins (RIP) thats some friends right there to be getting on with and the list goes on and on to be fair. Hell get Waddy Wachtel on the blower as well. Now before I’ve even heard a note of this album I’m excited. To Be fair Ian Hunter ozzes Rock n Roll anyway so I’m not really worried about how good these songs are gonna be I just hoped it wasn’t overwhelming. Hunter explained it as a fluke yeah right c’mon man you’ve got Ringo on your first single as well as Tom Petty’s six-string slinger.

Anyway, I digress they say people of Hunters age shouldn’t be making records into the twilight of his years and once the needle drops and you hear him make sweet sweet music with a metallica bass player and Slash winding in some cool grooves. You realise the title is a metaphotical finger poking you on the forehead say hey, have it! It’s classic Hunter and his voice sounds fantastic full of coolness and a knowledge that if this was a fluke he’s got the hand of God turning the dials because this is class.

The first single sounds like its been carved from granite of timeless cool laid back Rock n Roll. I love its late evening glass of wine vibe – we’re gonna wind things up gently and before you know it the bottle is empty and you’re on the table – arms aloft singing the chorus.

It’s not an album like ‘Dirty Laundry’ where the band sound like they’ve been partying for seven days but it is a classy slow burner in places like the ‘No Hard Feelings’ with Depp and Beck laying their DNA over the song in a haunting slide heavy slice of balladeering. If you want some boogie woogie you can head straight for ‘Pavlovs Dog’ or ‘I Hate Hate’ featuring Jeff Tweedy. On reflection this album would make a fantastic bed fellow companion to Keith Richards ‘Talk Is Cheap’ album. It has a classy vibe and I guess having so many unique players it has variety with every slice making it a very listenable and varied record.

The classic Hunter big Ballads are here and on songs like ‘Angel,’ he’s turning back the clock to classic Hoople. It’s pretty much what I was hoping for, and I’m delighted to hear how good these songs are. Either dipping in on a mix tape or going for the full playlist this works on every level form is temporary class is permanent and let’s face it Hunter is class and this Defiant little gem is an absolute Banger, the kids should be quaking because this old dog is still learning new tricks and wagging his tail like a puppy who got the cream. Buy it! Fuck RSD get this.

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Author: Dom Daley