Hands down one of my favourite bands over the last few years who peddle this Punk n Roll thang mashing up snotty punk rock with a more Glamorous edge much like prime time Hanoi Rocks or Lords Of The New Church who have found their spiritual home and solid label with a magnificent roster and pedigree and have delved into the band’s back catalogue to remaster and reissue their debut EP.

Originally on Virginia’s Cricket Cemetery Records, it’s been out of print for almost ever and when copies become available they cost a small fortune so it’s brilliant to see this fantastic EP get a new lease of life and a much-needed rebirth on Spaghetty Town Records as well as a digital release.

The current six-stringer in the band Matt Gabbs originally produced this collection of tunes way before joining the ranks and a sterling job he did too. It’s six tracks of uncompromising catchy snotty punk rock n roll and right from the off you know what you’re getting with the call to arms of ‘Cold Heat’ with its Heartbreakers meets Hanoi riff n roll it’s fast, furious, and fun. Crack open a cold one and let’s get this party started.

Imagine the UK Subs covering early Kiss. ‘Night Creeps’ carries on the furious pace but has the catchy chorus driven by the most excellent drumming thats furiously pouring petrol on the fire in the engine room. ‘Living In Oblivion’ the title track is a rampant beast thats all flashbombs and fury windmilling through your speakers as it careers almost out of control but held together nicely by the captain Hagen who steers the good ship Ravagers through some tasty choppy waters.

My favourite track on the album is the stunning ‘Pretty Sure’ thats got some Hanoi Rocks chops coursing through its DNA. This could easily have fallen off ‘Mystery City’. Sure it might not be that good but it comes pretty damn close and the lick after the solo is McCoy and Suicide inspired and not many bands have come that close in years.

The smoldering ‘Shes A Spy’ is a more measured song with a great rhythm in the verses, it has a real menace about it and a stinking attitude that says in big fuck off neon lights that this band is the real deal and you should get on board asap. They wear their heart on their ripped sleeve and ooze class.

The EP Closes with the rampant ‘Suicide Bomber’ sub-three minutes of pure snotty punk rock n roll. whilst it may only be six songs long, it is a fine document of what came before the full length album ‘Badlands’, another awesome EP in between and this being the starting point.

A monster European tour earlier this year lit a fire in the band and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for another slab of wax pumping out some more Rock n Roll from these guys. ‘Livin In Oblivion’ deserves your attention, and if you have a beating Punk n Roll heart then this should be on your most wanted list. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get on the Ravagers train because this is where it all began. Take my advice because this is a must-buy record!

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Author: Dom Daley