Yeah, you read that right, Animal Shithouse is the name synth agit punk is the name of the game. Settle in make sure you’re comfortable and turn that shit up! Six tracks full of venom and craft that will ultimately earworm into your skull and fuck you up! It’s a simple plan – play chaotic punk rock with as much force as you can muster then sit back and watch the carnage unfold. It’s what punk rock could and should be in 2023 that’s for sure. From the minute ‘Downloading A Red Stripe And Punching An Old Lady Called Penny’ sets you on the path to being fair. Plenty of frenzied shouting time changes more screeching, chaotic noises, and sample drum beats all intended to set your pulse racing. To be fair job done. ‘Snowing In March’ is like the inside of Richey Manic’s head when he was writing his frenzied poems.

‘CK’ is a modern digital race pounding with drum machine tics and sample throbs before a Peter Hook bassline plays out. Love it.

‘MoreMoreMore’ is a bit of screamo hardcore punk that these Tunbridge Wells punks thrash out with vim and vigor relentless to the end or they run out of breath.

‘Enemy’ closes off this exhausting hardcore attack with a relentless romp. Raw, pulsating, and boundless energy. To be fair I enjoyed my introduction to Animal Shithouse and a finer band name I’ve not stumbled across in a long time. Get into em!

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