Unless you spent last year living under a sizeable rock, you’ll know that the flame of righteous rock n roll is safely in the hands of His Lordship. Since their debut single ‘All Cranked Up’, they haven’t put a foot wrong, releasing two EPs, one of the original songs and another of greasy cover versions.

The dynamic duo, often a live three-piece, are easily in the running for album of the year, alongside Black Bombers. The quality of songs and the levels of energy have set the bar mighty high for their contemporaries. From ‘All Cranked Up’ onwards, it’s a joy. Alongside the songs that you already know, there are five new ones, plus the recent release ‘Jackie Works For The NHS’, which shows that while the tunes have their roots in the 50s, their subject matter is more varied.

Which, given James Walbourne’s writing partnership with Chrissie Hynde in Pretenders, should come as no surprise. He’s a busy fellow, but His Lordship stand on their own terms. And Kristoffer Sonne sure knows how to treat his minimal drum kit to his best advantage. If you don’t already know the likes of ‘Buzzkill’, ‘I’m So Bored Of Being Bored’ or ‘I Live In The City’, you’re in for a treat.

‘The Repenter’ shows that their musical palette is broader than some may have thought, ‘Joyboy’ is yet another raw slice of rock n roll, somewhere between Johnny Thunders and Link Wray at their most ferocious. Speaking of the great Link, their instrumental ‘Cat Call’ is pure class.

‘Rock, Fall, Echo, Dust’ has licks that Brian Setzer would surely approve of, and ‘Pixellated Polly’ is a grinding, hypnotic riff. ‘My Brother Is An Only Child’ adds a little Cramps to the mix, but nothing here sounds forced; they clearly love the music. It’s increasingly hard to make primal rock n roll that sounds fresh and exciting, but His Lordship have the talent and style required to pull it off. This is an essential purchase, folks. Get it ordered and catch them on tour.

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Author: Martin Chamarette