How about half a dozen (and some) bangers to get 2024 started and warm the cockles of your hearts in this cold winter.

Fast Eddy – ‘In Too Deep’ (Spaghetty Town Records/Beluga Records/Boulevard Trash Records) Produced by former Biter Tuk Smith FAST EDDY’s latest single, “In Too Deep” is a dreamy light touch melodic rocker. IT’s got a happy sing-a-long disposition and is a great appetiser for what’s to come in a few months when the album hits the shelves.

Beneath the track’s cheerful nature, lies a narrative exploring the intricacies of relationships and the struggle of acknowledging a desire for connection, and the realization of an unfit partner.  It’s got a timelessly cool vibe and a mature feel with the organ and acoustic layers. It’ll whet the appetite for that album when it drops just an allround top tune. Get on it kids.

J Mascis – ‘Right Behind You’ (Sub Pop) From the upcoming album ‘What Do We Do Now,’ out on Sub Pop Records i Feb Mascis is back with his familiar tone and dreamy American Alt post-grunge sound. It’s a cool breezy pop tune from J and just enough to get you excited for the new album with his familiar fuzzed-up solo and mellowed verses. Its always good to hear him do new music be solo or Dinosaur Jr.

Moron’s Morons – Go Pop (Big Neck Records) Slipped through the net but we’ve managed to net this bad boy. Some cool swaggering punk n roll from Poland’s prime punks get their single released through the Virginia USA label. ‘Cadillac Eyes’ is a banger all Briefs swaggering snotty punk n roll but the gem for me is ‘You’re A Sleaze’ with its uptempo rhythm led by the Boys-inspired keyboards that add the party to this buzzsaw punk swinging round the chuck berry meets the New York Dolls attitude. Always a winner for me when you stitch those influences into your music. Great single.

The Fabulous Courettes – ‘Shake’ (Damaged Goods Records) The grooviest Courettes’ tune to date! Try to listen to ‘Shake!’ without dislocating those hips! Slide into your skinny jeans and Chelsea boots and let’s kick out the jams together. Killer fuzz riff and infectious beat of the Motown variety, hints of soul and rock n roll are in there, showcasing a bit of the recipe of The Courettes’ next album due out in September 2024. Catch them all over that there Europe in 2024. Groovy baby. The B side isn’t too shabby either and it’s exclusive to this release as well ‘You Woo Me’ not arf Pop pickers!

THE COMPLICATORS -‘Blink Of An Eye!’ (Pirates Press) The track is from their upcoming self-titled debut LP which goes up for pre-order on January 12th and hits record stores worldwide on February 2nd. Some angry young men play punk rock with aggressive riffs and broken glass vocals with big drunken sing a long gang choruses. What more do you want? It’s got a tonne of energy and would get any sweaty pit moving. If the album is as strong as this then get ready 2024 it could get messy.

Deniz Tek & Jeff Dahl – ‘Love /Hate’ (Cleopatra Records) I’ve saved the best til last this month with my pick of the pops from Deniz And Jeff as they take two new tracks and sing one each and it’s tough to put a Rizzla paper between them for number one pick but together this is the single to get hold of this month. Pressed on red vinyl ‘Hate’ is swinging in on a filthy dirty sleazy riff with an express train of energy it’s a garage punk masterclass with Dahl snarling out those lyrics but don’t take it personally he’s one of the good guys. If you think you’re going to get redemption on ‘Love’ then think again sounding as cool as a summer breeze its got swing like a classic undiscovered Townsend track before opening out. An exceptional song to be fair if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. Record of the Month by A Country Mile and the solo on ‘Love’ is a stone-cold killer. If you’d be so kind gentlemen a full-length album would go down really nicely especially if it sounds this damn good.

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘We Go Boom!’ (Ghost Highway Records) I’m sure when you hear this you’ll agree that your heart just jumped to over double your resting heart rate. r loud and as raw as fuck. The woo hoo! are easy to sing along to even for the drunkest person in the room. Chuck Norris Experiment have captured a classic moment piledriving a slice of The Hives into their familiar uncompromising style of hard rock and on this, they’ve nailed it folks no doubt it. and had Tek and Dahl not released a single this month this would have been number one with a bullet. Taken from the forthcoming album ’20’ that will be released on GHR in April to celebrate their anniversary it also signifies the return of guitarist Chuck Daniels which might explain why the guitars are so fuckin’ huge! whats bigger and better than two guitars? Three of course. Boom!

Brigata Vendetta ‘1000 Cuts’ (Pirates Press) one of the newest Bay Area bands featuring members of Harrington Saints and Bum City Saints, have released a new single called “1000 Cuts.” The song comes from their debut LP “This is How Democracy Dies” which is available for pre-order on January 12th and hits stores on February 2nd. about incompetence and corruption of a Congress to do any sort of governing that would actually help people instead of toeing party lines. The old adage of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is the refrain in the verse: ‘Lie, cheat and steal / Then feign ignorance / Death by a thousand cuts,” Unwavering uncompromising punk as fuck this is an absolute blast and as pissed off as you’d imagine it would. Darrel and Mike from the excellent Harrington Saints are the seal of quality you needed to have to reassure you this is essential hardcore music to check out.