This might only be four songs but these guys pack enough of a punch in those four songs you won’t want for anymore, trust me.

Frontman Dan O’Day (aka Bopper) remains at the helm of the good ship River City Rebels alongside new partners in crime, Marc Conti, Izzy DeSimon, Kody Sanborn, and Adam Allard, and between them they kick up a proper rockin’ shit storm. from the cock sure strut of the opener ‘Pop Culture Baby’ but thats only paved the way for the ’77-inspired confident duel guitar hook of ‘Rock A Cross’ with its lick of Idols Generation X and the lip-curling snot its got style and swagger much like the confident banger that is ‘Unless Your White’. Its a shade over three minutes but its got a tonne of energy and the sound is exactly what you want to hear beefy riffs in all the right places and well-arranged vocals.

Hell, I know I said four tracks is all you need, well, I might have jumped the gun there because when ‘Abuse Myself’ gets underway you want more. A solid stomper that puts on its shit kickers and starts kicking shit from the off it leaves you craving more. I want more. Before the years out I’d like to think we’d get at the very least another EP and if we’re very good can we get a whole Long Player of this stuff – it’s punk as fuck and I like the cut of their jib and ‘Pop culture Baby’ is a fantastic starter for ten. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley