2024 sees no let up in the re-release of the Slade back catalogue many on vinyl for the first time or at least wonderful coloured variant represses. Let’s take a wander through Studio album number god knows how many Slade were turning the amps up there with the best of em and ear-shattering powerful boogie hard rock had shifted the Glam stomping of what made the band such a household name in the 70s. With Holder’s vocals in fine fettle, they could certainly go toe to toe with the biggest and best. the previous releases prove that from the Reading LP, they were a formidable live act and in the studio, they could turn out hit after hit.

The power that was ushered to the forefront through the barnstorming opener ‘Rock n Roll Preacher’ Followed by the bluesy ‘Lock Up Your Daughter’ the band could still deliver and probably deserved more respect than they got. I’m still not convinced with the keyboards and after all these years I’m still of the same opinion Slade didn’t need to move with what was hip or trendy they had the tools to rock n roll in the vocals and guitar department anyway never mind the super tight rhythm section that was a match for any band on either side of the Atlantic.

The title track reminds me of The Who, Super Yob was certainly in form throughout this record. I’d love to hear a mix without the keys especially on the bluesy ‘M’hat M’Coat’ it sounds more like Gary Moore than Slade. But to be fair when they just got on with the Rock n Roll they still cut it. Their sense of humour is still intact through the lyrics and the song titles ‘Knuckle Sandwich Nancy’ is a particular highlight. Sure it’s not as good as some of the earlier releases but worth shelling out for the collection for sure.

To be fair the real beacon of light out of these pair of releases from Slade has to be the live concert LP recorded in the ‘New Victoria’ It did come out on CD as part of the Worlds A Stage Box set that came out recently and alongside the Reading tapes, this is one Hell of a concert. Recorded in 75 at the peak of the bands powers. Its twelve tracks from a 1975 show on vinyl for the first time and packs a rather splendid punch from the opening ‘Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing’ is the signal for a riotous performance from one of the world best live bands at the time. No question they were at the zenith of what a party could be had at a Rock and Roll show.

The tracklist is packed with dance floor fillers and mile-wide grin guarantees. ‘Gudbuy T’Jane’ a spectacular ‘Far Far Away’ from ‘In Flames’ and the breather that is ‘How Does It Feel’ before the roof gets blow off with the awesome ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ before closing off what sounds like a spectacular night with the chart-topping legendry ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’ and for any aspiring rock and roll band wondering how to turn in some top tunes bristling with energy and delivered with the utmost professionalism then look no further than Slade live at the new Victoria. Its a keeper just buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley