Aerial Salad return with new album ‘R.O.I.’ due for release via Venn Records on April 12th

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It’s with good reason that Aerial Salad describes themselves as Madchester Punk. From their formation in 2016, the power trio were always as in love with the Happy Mondays and Stone Roses as they were with The Fall or Buzzcocks. Their 2020 ‘Dirt Mall’ album certainly hinted at this cross-pollination of styles and sounds, but it’s on their forthcoming new album ‘R.O.I’, due April 12th via Venn Records, that they’ve really seen the union of different inspirations come to a successful fruition. And none more so than in the thrilling new single ‘Tied To Pieces Of Paper’, which is let loose today… 

“It’s inspired by something I read where Steve Ignorant from Crass was saying that, back in the day, humans had less reliance on money (not needing phones, broadband, and houses being affordable) meaning that, you could go and be a fuckin punk rocker and do a bit of cash in hand work and you’d be alright,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jamie Munro. “These days the world is so driven by money and thus, employment, the song is a shout-out to everyone that’s still trying to do creative endeavours alongside managing a fuckin job.”

You can hear the frustration bursting out of every single second (160 of them, to be precise) of ‘Tied To Pieces Of Paper’. It starts with a juggernaut bass and drum rhythm with Jamie spewing out the words over the frenzied beat and it’s a full minute and a half before any guitar cuts into the track, but when it does it has all the impact of being slammed face first into your shit office job desk by your tie. “What’s the point of saving any money, I’ll die,” sneers Jamie, as the noise thunders around him. It’s as exhilarating and inspiring as punk rock can get in 2024 and has a visceral power that can’t be ignored.

Recorded lovingly in Vibe Recording Studio, Cheetham Hill in Manchester with Dean Glover, ‘R.O.I.’ is an album that moves seamlessly from pulsing post-punk beats to unstoppable stadium rock anthems. ‘The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé)’ is Britpop rallying against the fake facade of influencer culture, ‘All Yer Dreamin’ is Mark E Smith at the Hacienda, ‘Chances’ is Oasis taking on Talking Heads. Aerial Salad finds space to explore new genres without losing the sense that this is a band born out of the hard-touring, DIY punk scene, a community that continues to be close to their heart.

Aerial Salad have also been asked to collaborate with Dr Martens to model their new Ramsey Monk Kiltie creeper shoe, with the band perfectly representing the creative expression of the shoes.   

The northern three piece want us to know they’re as authentic as it gets. Injecting that raw chaos and violent charm from the stage straight into their recordings. Their goal is to make themselves known to everyone and anyone, from rave heads to indie kids, poets to rockers. ‘R.O.I’ is fantastical while acutely bedded in modern post-Brexit, Un-united Kingdom canon. We’re all trying to find our places in this new world, let Aerial Salad be the soundtrack.

Catch Aerial Salad live at the following dates:


06/03: London, Old Blue Last

France Tour:

25/04: Paris – Supersonic

26/04: Tours – Bateau Ivre

27/04: Artonne – Gros Tonneau Festival

28/04: Lyon – Basement

30/04: Salavaux – TBA


24/05: Den Haag – Sniester Festival (Netherlands)

(Headline Album UK Tour):

30/05: Leeds – Oporto

31/05: Newcastle – Zerox

01/06: Sheffield – Sidney & Matilda

05/06: Birmingham – The Victoria

06/06: Brighton – Green Door Store

07/06: Bristol – Crofters Rights

08/06: London – Water Rats

15/06: Manchester – Gorilla


28-30th Tarn (France) Xtreme Fest

Aerial Salad are:

Jamie Munro – vocals/guitar

Mike ‘Wimbo’ Wimbleton – vocals/bass

Jake Marshall – drums

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