Seemingly having been around forever it’s right here right now that The Chuck Norris Experiment have reached their full loudest potential after spending the best part of two decades honing their skills and perfecting their song it’s finally here.

’20’ is the loudest heaviest and fuckin best record these Scandinavian marauding punk n rollers can offer. No longer just players in a scene these ruggedly handsome noisemakers are leading the scene after the Turbonegro sized void that has been needing filling CNE are here to poke their flag in the ground and stake their claim and after the metallic intro of ‘Fight’ has died down you are left in no doubt about how fuckin good this record is. Gothenburg is the place to be at the moment with CNE and Upploppet leading the charge both with new albums to champion.

Apart from sounding loud as fuck on the recording the riffs are huge and the band have never sounded so focussed. I thought ‘Shortcuts’ was on point but this is next level. ‘You Go Boom’ is sharp to the point and has a bassline to give the earth tremors and the guitars are sharp as samurai blades. Ok so I’m not so keen on their take on ‘Prime Mover’ sure it’s a no-brainer to cover and it fits right in but I’d have preferred they do another original not that there’s anything wrong with it mind its banging but a bit of a surprise.

With eleven tracks on offer played loud, this is exhilarating stuff. ‘Surprise (everybody Dies)’ is a blast as it goes through the gears but then so does ‘Hard Time/Easy Living’ and not a single fuck is given, true enough Chuck my man. Hell, ‘Life In Hypercolour’ is thrashing it taking no prisoners it’s like bloodletting from those razor-sharp riffs to the crisp backing gang vocals they nail this death punk hard rock crossover and it should see them play bigger shows across the globe they’ve worked their collective backsides off for it and nail it. If you thought they were taking it easy duck! ‘Deadshot’ is heading outta the speakers at breakneck speed and taking no prisoners.

If you’re waiting for the comedown and acoustic ballad to reset your heart rate then forget it. this record only ups the ante and the final cuts ‘Out Of Your League’ and ‘Bats!’ are killer cuts. In fact this record gets better and better the deeper you get into the record. Sublime and I truly mean that The Chuck Norris Experiment have finally delivered the good from start to finish this is absolutely top-notch punk n roll. Turn it up and fill yer boots you won’t regret it CNE are in da fuckin house and taking no prisoners. Buy IT!

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Author: Dom Daley