A marriage made in heaven is Killer Kin dropping their debut album on Dead Beat Records. Killer Kin are a wild and reckless power Garage band kicking out the jams loud and fast and through the medium of some killer tunes channelling the spirit of Ron and his bro Scott via the heart n soul of Stiv and a whole host of cool cats from the MC5 to motorhead its all in here kids and you just need to cut loose and go with it.

New Haven is where it’s at, yup Connecticut rock n roll central baby. from the opening salvo of ‘Mr Dynamite’ you are under no illusion of what this is about. It’s hedonistic fast n furious here for a good time and not a long time as the roar of the bass guitar rumbling like a freakin freight train. It’s high adrenalin little Richard meets Lemmy rock n roll with some Chuck Berry thrown in for good measure captured on old school analogue with the needle firmly placed in the Lo-Fi red just the way this high octane shit was meant to be.

the bottom line is this – if you have the fire then you can dance with the devil and tame the savage beast and Killer Kin just nail it ‘On The Chain’ is moving and shakin like a shitting dog grooving on the Stooges riff and doing it so sweetly its a beautiful thing. As you stagger through the ten tracks on offer you are left wondering how bands like Killer Kin aren’t at the top of everyones list for bands to champion. ‘Stunner’ is rapid, ‘Hound Howl’ is thuggish fury as it blasts from start to finish – Gawd damn I love this record it makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Hang on a minute ‘Damned And Doomed’ is a slice of Dirty Deeds DC done through the medium of Garage punk and when it shifts seamlessly through the gears it gets punchy. ‘Motorbanger’ paves the way for ‘Sonic Love’ which is just about the peak of this record as it evokes the reckless Jim Jones rockin’ out with Jerry Lee on a long lost Hip Priests banger. What a killer record this is, 100% sonic energy like a rocket in a bottle that’s just been shaken and exploded everywhere I only wish there were more bands like this who cut loose their influences and ran with it spilling their heart all over the stage and capturing it on tape to share with the world. As the band sound like they’re about to spontaneously combust on ‘Shock Collar’ it only leaves the honking ‘Cross That Line’ to burn out and not fade away.

What an explosive record, full of energy and style it swaggered in like a fuckin peacock with a heart as big as the Stooges and blasted out like the bastard sons and daughters of the MC5 in full flight. Fan-Fuckin-Tastic they are the future and not the past they sing as it crashes and burns and asks what we think about that. Well, I think they’re bang on and I’m here to testify that this record can and will make you more desirable and live longer. Absolute Banger!

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Author: Dom Daley

The first new album in 20 years is finally here. Those fine people at Dead Beat Records made it happen.  It features guests John Easdale, Rikk Agnew and Paul Roessler.  Eleven songs with a veritable Melting pot of styles is what’s on offer, so turn up the stereo,  sit back pour a cold one and lets go.
‘Ain’t It Summer’ sounds like Cheap Trick and the first thing that stands out apart from Paul Roesslers swirling keys are the layers and layers of harmonies on what is effectively the smash hit of the summer that never happened. it really is like a cool summer evening with the saxophone blasting out in the distance but not quite what I was expecting but ‘Fast Fucked & Furious’ is the rocket ride I was expecting.  Maybe they fucked up the running order I dunno.  Mayers vocals are as sharp and rockin’ as they ever were as he takes this sucker home but not before the guitars get set to melt their fretboards on the solo and from there on in the song is out of control.
Chillin’ or kicking back slightly ‘Bad Vacation’ has got a great hook with the riff and vocals working in tandem on the verse and when the sax joins in I’m sold – I love that setup and this is turning out to be a great tune. ‘We Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)’ is like a rouged up slice of power pop with the opening riff sounding like Neil Young and Crazy Horse jamming on a Wildhearts track.  Seriously it’s got those ingredients in the DNA.
We have some Rikk Agnew going on on ‘The Rejected’ as the boys fire up the Rock and Roll hotrod and take it out for a spin with a cool melody and vocals from Geoff Yeaton as well as his fantastic saxophone. I think when they wrote ‘Rumblin’ Train’ the title kinda wrote itself because the beefed rhythm section is like the sound of a freight train steaming down the track barely in control and its not Casey Jones honking on the rip chord tootin’ as it speeds down the track its a wide-eyed Frank Meyer with the devil’s horns raised high screaming for all he’s worth ably flanked by Duff as he rips out the guitar licks – great stuff.
They turn up the smooth old school classic rock for ‘Let Me Out’ in contrast ‘One More Drink’ is a punk rockin’ power poppin’ drop of nectar from the Gods of Rock and Roll.  It’s the more you play the better it gets kinda record.  Stick with it kids and the rewards start to filter through one by one.  You can stomp your feet to ‘Warzone’ which might well be the weakest track on offer here but it has some sparkling guitar licks and saxophone honkin’ which saves the cliches that otherwise might have gotten overwhelming. The record is closed off with ‘Switchblade Knights’ where they introduce some proper Ian McLagan boogie piano for good measure and sign off a bloody decent record.
In places, it soars like a phoenix from the ashes of what they used to be.  It never drops below an excellent record and when it does veer into a little cliched territory its got a saving grace that gives the song a free pass be it the vocal, a guitar break or saxophone honk – The world is a better place with bands like the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in it releasing records and making a worthwhile noise.  Now do yourself a favour and go get it because when they’re gone you’ll regret it but I hope it isn’t another couple of decades until the next one.
Facebook / Buy it at Bandcamp
Author: Dom Daley
Here’s a band you should be checking out.  Garage punk-metal crossover Acid Blood.  The Stooges and their chaotic sound meets the exploited meets early Mayhem for a kick-off. We thought what better than hunting down bands from around the globe and giving them some space on RPM Online especially when they are as good as Acid Blood.  So introducing the band ladies and germs here’s Acid Blood…
RPM OnlineFirstly. Tell us a little about the band.  How did the band form?  What influences brought the band together?
Jojo: Karl asked me and I said yes!
Emil: I wasn’t in the band from the beginning, but when the previous bass player quit Karl reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out a few songs.
Karl: My old bands broke up and I was looking for people to start a new band with. I ran into Jojo in a heavy metal bar, then again at a friend’s party and we sort of started the band there and then. The first bass player answered an ad and the drummer came from another band I knew. We did our first gig in November 2016, and recorded the 7″ EP “Dagger Eyes” in January 2017. It didn’t work out with them, so Jojo and I had to start again with a new line-up in early 2018. I knew Emil from bands and friends. His old band Raging Steel played gigs with my old band AC4. I first met Isak in our rehearsal room, when he came down to try out for us.
RPM OnlineWho writes the songs in the band?  What influences do you draw on?
Jojo: Karl writes the music and some lyrics, and I also write lyrics. Karl writes about war and stuff, and I write about plants, idiots and so on.
Emil: Then I add my own touch to them.
Isak: Karl writes almost all of the songs. As musicians, I think we all get inspiration from quite different bands and musicians.
Karl: My riffs are mainly influenced by old British Punk and American Blues, and some hard rock and heavy metal. Stuff recorded between the early 1940’s and late 1980’s. Just guitar based rock’n’roll. Lyrically my biggest influences are probably Lemmy and Jello Biafra.
RPM OnlineThe band has a striking image and the album sleeve was certainly attention-grabbing. What reaction does the band get locally?
Karl: Well, Jojo was striking when I first met her. She really stood out in an all-male sea of black and blue denim. That’s why I asked her if she wanted to front my new band. I thought she looked cool and different, and had her own style, and independent people like that usually have the confidence to sing in a band. I’ve dressed like this for 40 years now. I wouldn’t know what else to wear. The hair’s been the same too, except a short period when I had a mohawk. It’s getting thinner though, now I’m getting mentally prepared for skinhead times, haha. Locally, I think we get a few more girls in the audience than other punk bands, which is really cool.
Isak: We get mostly positive reactions locally, Umeå is a town with a lot of punk and hardcore so people here enjoy our live-shows, I think.
Jojo: I only get positive response!
RPM OnlineWhat about live shows, any plans for post-pandemic?
Karl: I just want to get out and play again. It’s been really difficult to book anything for a post-pandemic world when no-one knows when it’s gonna be over. Everything keeps getting postponed, as you know.
Jojo: We will play when it is time. We have done some live-streaming shows, and we are going to do some more.
Isak: No plans so far when it comes to live shows, but hopefully we can start booking some shows soon.
RPM OnlineWhat kind of lockdown have you had? Have the past twelve months been creative for Acid Blood?
Jojo: It’s been an easy time for me in this pandemic. I don’t like people that much so I have just been doing what I always do. Hitting the gym, and hanging out with my closest friends. The band has done some new songs.
Karl: I’m still not fully recovered from getting the virus a year ago. Normally I do roadie and stage-hand work when I need money, but with all big events cancelled I had to do other odd jobs for my mate’s firm, including COVID-19 disinfection and waste management work. That’s not how I got the virus by the way, we wear pesticide suits and gas masks. I was probably infected at one of the last big festivals. I couldn’t see my girlfriend Jessica for 3 months then, so that was shit. With the band, we shot videos for some of the album tracks. We’ve already released videos for 7 of the 14 album tracks, and with the slow progress here in Sweden it’s starting to look like we’ll have time to do videos for all of them.
Isak: No real lockdown here in Sweden. we have still been able to have band rehearsals. We´re rehearsing new songs at the moment so I think it´s been a creative period even if the pandemic has affected some of the plans for the band, such as the live shows.
RPM Online: What next for the band?  New album- songs? Tour dates?
Jojo: A new album is coming up!
Emil: We are writing new material to put on a new album and when all this is over, hopefully, we can do a tour with both albums!
Isak: New album is what´s next, I think! Maybe another video as well.
RPM OnlineHave you been able to meet and play together over the past 12 months?
Isak: Yes, but without bass.
Emil: Unfortunately, I haven’t rehearsed a lot with the band during this year because of covid related things, but I sure as fuck miss it.
Karl: We did a live-set at an international on-line festival a few weeks ago and Emil had to wear an old army surplus gas mask for that! It was fun though and it turned out pretty good.
Jojo: Yes!

RPM OnlineAny bands you’d love to tour with when it’s safe to do so?
Jojo: Celine Dion!
Karl: Yeah, right now the answer is any band on any tour! We’d be happy to open for Nickelback, haha, no. If I look back on tours that I’ve done in the past, all the bands that liked the old sex, drugs and rock’n’roll thing were fun to tour with. I get along with most bands, but yeah, we all wanna do shows with our favourite bands, don’t we? The ones you love and respect, you wanna be a small part of their story too. For me that would be a band like The Exploited. Or Girlschool. Rose Tattoo. Varukers. Cockney Rejects. Iggy. D.O.A.. Airbourne. Vice Squad. I could list a thousand names. Someone recently wrote that Acid Blood should tour with Amyl and the Sniffers, that would be cool too!
Emil: There are a lot of great bands out there, but if I had to pick one; The Hellacopters or Venom would be great to tour with.
RPM OnlineWhat about writing collaborations, anyone you’d love to write with? What bands would you say influence Acid Blood?
Emil: I’m not interested in collaborating with other bands with Acid Blood. If I’m going to write something with other people, I want it to be a different project.
Karl: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of collaborations. I sometimes write music that doesn’t fit my own band, you know, like songs that are maybe too much blues or Aussie bar rock, but I have those riffs kind of tucked away with no plan. I wouldn’t mind writing a hit single for another band though, haha. The biggest influences on the Acid Blood songs are probably Motörhead, Exploited, Stooges, and the biggest influence on myself would be the Sex Pistols, they really changed my life.
RPM OnlineAnything else you’d like to promote.
Jojo: PUSS!
Emil: Hope to see you when this shit is over!
Karl: Yeah, once the pandemic is under control, we’d love to tour the UK! In the meantime, feel free to stop by
Facebook / Youtube / Instagram and say hello!
European LP and 7″ EP on JANML/MvL


US CD on Dead Beat Records


The album is also available at Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, MediaNet, Napster, Spotify and other digital stores.

Acid Blood – Jojo Anderbygd – vocals / Karl Backman – guitar / Emil Fjällström – bass / Isak Mörtzell – drums
The first Acid Blood album gets a US release!
US label Dead Beat Records will give the 2019 “Acid Blood” album a ltd ed CD release in the US this Friday, November 6, 2020. The self-titled debut album from Swedish punk band Acid Blood has previously only been available on vinyl from the German label JANML/MVL Records. The new ltd ed CD version will include all 14 songs from the LP plus two bonus tracks originally released on the band’s first 7″ EP “Dagger Eyes” in 2017.
Acid Blood are from Umeå, Sweden, and features vocalist Jojo Anderbygd, guitarist Karl Backman (previously in AC4, The Vectors, The T-55s), bass player Emil Fjällström (previously in Raging Steel), and drummer Isak Mörtzell. The band is influenced by Motörhead, Girlschool, Stooges, Exploited and Plasmatics among others.
The new US CD can be ordered directly from the label at Dead Beat Records

while the European vinyl versions of both the LP and 7″ EP are available at janml-records.

The album with bonus tracks is also available at iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, MediaNet, Spotify and other digital stores.

Acid Blood on Facebook
Acid Blood on Instagram

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.  The 45 RPM Singles Club is open for business. It’s 2020 and a new decade is ushered in and the jukebox is positively bulging with quality. Right up till the 11th hour we were taking on new releases and this merry lot are exceptionally good so, Check out these new releases starting with –

More Kicks – ‘Blame It On The Satellite’ (Wanda Records, Snap Records, Beluga Records) BANG! More Kicks new double A-side single ‘Blame It On The Satellite’ / ‘Ain’t That Just The Way’ & ‘Your Vibration’ it’s available for pre-order now! Released 7 Feb on Wanda RecordsBeluga Records and Snap Records! The band will have copies for sale on their February tour too! but if there was any justice they’d be sold out by then because its an absolutely exquisite couple of tunes all taken from their magnificent long-player released towards the end of 2019.  ‘Blame It On The Satellite’ punches through with that throbbing bassline before building towards the chorus.  I loved it when I first heard it live and it just got better and better on the record.  to throw ‘Ain’t That Just The Way’ as another A-side is just spoiling the listener with such a memorable and lovely melodic slice of power pop. Then finally ‘Your Vibration’ is jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof it’s there to show how to get a dancefloor jumpin’.  As good an EP you’ll not find released all year (as good maybe but not better) Buy It!
Pre Order from Wanda Records


Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts.- ‘Can I Get An Amen’ (Wicked Cool Records) I guess in answer to Ryans question the simple answer is a resounding “Hell Yeah!”. On the subject matter for the single Ryan explained about being brought up attending church which would explain the lyrics and subject matter but being co-written with Stevie Van Zandt is a feather in the cap and clearly the pair have chemistry and understanding its got a great uplifting feel to it and it oozes optimism.  Then to back it up with a cover of the classic Durannies ‘Ordinary World’ seems like a no brainer now he’s recorded it beautiful song and beautiful cover.  Keep on rockin’ Mr Hamilton you’ve got this and those Harlequin Ghosts aren’t too shabby either.  What a Fantastic single Buy it here

Bad Sam – EP (Self Release) Always a great day when you can crack open some Bad Sam on your stereo. What better way to start a new decade than with Newport’s finest. Four tracks for your bucks and of course its the usual high-quality punk rock with something to say. It’s been mooted for a while that they had music recorded and apart from the one track that sneaked onto the Bristol Skate compilation (‘Darker Days’), there are another three tracks of pure genius for your ears to take on board beginning with ‘Alcoholic’ and the expected caustic assault from Bedis with a chorus we can all bark along to. If you want a copy you’ll have to be quick as these will go in the blink of an eye.  ‘Looking Back’ is like some fucked up Sabbath trip of doom but fear not kids, of course, all hell breaks loose but a fantastic track none the less. Leaving just ‘Tag’ to rattle along and shake your core like a rag doll, of course, they’re meant to be heard live and hopefully it won’t be long before we have that pleasure as well. I’m left chuckling as Bedis signs off with a succinct message and a life-affirming satisfaction that Bad Sam is back in the room taking no prisoners just the way it should be.  Great Stuff!


Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – What Kinda Love (BNM) – What kinda music more like.  After Tuk called time on Biters or put them on hiatus (however you look at it) he’s gotten himself some restless hearts and ‘What Kinda Love’ is the first glimpse as to what he was going to do next and those expecting a massive departure can rest easy has Tuk merely tweaks his sound but still knocks out infectious, radio-friendly rock and roll with lashings of power pop and radio-friendly tones.  Check out the video and those in North America can catch him opening for Joan Jett and Def Leppard. The album will be along shortly so check out his socials for news.

Follow Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts: Instagram Facebook / Twitter / Website


Videostore – My Back (self Release) Videostore makes bedroom oriented indie songs for an imaginary eighties brat pack movie soundtrack. That’s the claim on their Bandcamp page and on this evidence who am I to disagree?

Side project from Argonaut is a lo-fi slab of alt-indie and that’s cool.  Its got a hint of Sonic Youth going on and is quite addictive, you can check em out on Facebook or find em on Bandcamp and pick up the track there.




The Claws – Stumblin Around (Dead Beat Records) Yeah Haw! rock and Roll is alive and kicking folks and Dead Beat Records Recording artists The Claws have released a second single for their debut album ‘No Connection’.  Sipping from the same bottle of red that The Faces and Keif n Mick once sipped from these cats have the threads and barnets to compete and most importantly they have the chops as this video will testify to. Check em out peeps its good stuff. They’re fronted by Chad Cherry (of the Last Vegas!)  Facebook 

Wyldlife – Neon Nightmare (Wicked Cool Records)  Over the last few years there have been a number of bands who’ve blown me away with every record they release yet when I think they might crawl out of the shadows they disappear and hibernate for another year or two well put Wyldlife at the top of that list. Then hey presto up they pop with a single that just snuck out at the last knockings of 2019.  This time they have a fighters chance by getting signed to the excellent Wicked Cool roster of wicked cool acts. Whats a couple of months anyway I’m including this one on the grounds of it being excellent and therefore you should check it/them out.

Bandcamp / Facebook


BBQT – Fever Rocket/Savage (Surfin Ki) You want some sleazy glam rock? Of course you do you filthy punks. This digital double is full of sleazy snotty glammed up punk rock and fuckin’ roll and don’t you forget it. The opening track is Glitterband mixed in with some fucked up bowie meets Bolan glam but if they were brought up on a steady diet of The Dolls and early ’70s Keith Richards. But it doesn’t end there, no sir.  ‘Savage’ does what it says on the tin it opens up like a long lost outtake from too much too soon before going off like a speedball ricocheting off every wall it comes into contact with.  Rock and Roll is still exciting kids and don’t you forget it because BBQT has the proof.  Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride I did.Facebook / Bandcamp



Prima Donna – Sing To Death (Wicked Cool Records) Its no coincidence that Prima Donna finds themselves recording on Wicked Cool as well seeing as its the magnet that pulls in these awesome rock and roll bands. Wyldlife, Prima Donna, Steve Conte, Kurt Baker, Ryan Hamilton to name a few.  Well ‘Sing To Death’ came out in 2019 and it was about time we featured it and as much as it is an embarrassment that Kevin Preston and the boys haven’t been regularly on RPM (not that I haven’t asked him for an interview mind) regardless, the deal is this as long as Prima Donna keep making great music RPM will keep featuring them.  Now the A-side is an ‘Eat To The Beat’ inspired slice of rock and roll whilst the B-side is not.  in fact the B side is the poptastic cover of ‘Cruel Summer’  I kid you not  The video is online and should be checked out.  Prima Donna can do no wrong so suck it up, kids. Dancing to their own tunes (and other pop ones) this is another must-hear. Facebook


Dead Friends – Cis White Whale’ (Standby Records) “Cis White Whale” is the first single from Dead Friends’ upcoming EP ‘High, Wasted Genes’ out this month via Standby Records. This tune got right under my skin and I like it.  Can’t wait to check out the full EP on this evidence its got potential. Click play and turn it up LOUD!


Kurt Baker Combo – Can’t Go Back (Wicked Cool Records) Come and get your fix of power pop via the immensely talented Kurt Baker and his beat Combo.  they play rock and roll with lashings of Costello and the attractions inspired new wave. The lead track is polished and like a summers breeze on a winters day put your shades on to play this one whilst the other track is ‘No One’s Home’ and more in line with some sloppy Stray Cat struttin’ old school Rock n Rollin’ then when your done checking out these guys back catalogue it’ll be summer for real and hopefully time for another new record from Kurt.  Facebook




Grande Royale ‘Out Of Gas’ (The Sign)  Grande Royale releases a music video for their single ‘Out of Gas’. The single is taken from their album ‘Take It Easy’, released last September on The Sign Records. Its Swedish Southern Rock if there’s such a genre. Facebook

The Black Watch hails from the city of Angels and play lush pop-influenced rock in the same dark vein as Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure and if you make a connection it’ll be a real earworm and you won’t shake it for days. Bandcamp

The Lovely Eggs – This Decision (Cargo Records) These bonkers punks are back swinging with this slab of unrepentant noise taken from their soon to be released new album ‘I Am Moron’ check this out and catch em live before (or just after) the album is released.

Jonny Polonsky –The Weeping Souls (Ghostworks Recordings) Jonny Polonsky announces the new album ‘Kingdom of Sleep’, teases first single ‘The Weeping Souls’. A melancholy single that’s laid back and has a bright production driven by big acoustic strumming. It’s easy to see why the likes of Mark Lanegan and Black Francis are fans  Polonsky has a great voice and this first single is thoroughly engaging.  Makes for a good appetizer for his sixth album that’s due soon. Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, The Quireboys, The Dogs D;Amour, The Jacobites, Diamond Dogs, Keif N Mick when they were looking through the ‘Fingerprint File’ and some well-timed Faces. Come with me on this one folks. Slip into your favourite shirt, undo a few buttons..one more.  Pull on your black jeans and slip into a pair of your favourite cowboy boots or creepers.  Put some ice in the glass, pour a shot or two of your choice. Now ruffle your hair and turn the stereo up.

Right, let’s commence take off and let the Claws be your guides for the next thirty minutes. ‘No Connection’ certainly has a connection with all of the above they all share the same blood group and were fed on the same steady diet and it shows throughout the seam of this LP.

I always appreciate a well-groomed Rock and Roll record that’s borrowed off some of my favourite albums and The Claws have done that here.  They’ve not aped their forefathers or just ripped them off they’ve learnt from them and taken the lesson and put them to the correct use. The opening couple of tracks are quite restrained and not the Dolls struttin’ you might expect at all and by the third track, ‘Wastin Time’ they are cruising around the hood of Those Black Crowes brand of Rock ‘n Roll from the laid back groove to the underlying organ swirl but up from is a croaky well oiled vocal and a sweet sweet overdriven lead guitar.


Hailing from the City of Angels and fronted by the one and only Rock ‘n’ Rolla Chad Cherry (of the Last Vegas!); the Claws play from the heart. They exude confidence in what it is they’re doing and as a result, people who hear it will be delighted.

They have some time for a bit of harmonica honkin’ as they cruise down to the crossroads with this upbeat shuffle ‘Devil Of Choice’.  They’re not intimidated or put off by playing out a cliche or two like the acoustic opening ‘Ghost Blood’ with its more dreamy Hangmen like tempo complete with swirling keys and castanets. They do just cut loose as well like on ‘Stumblin Around’ of course it sounds like a morning after the night before no regrets tune but hey we’ve all been there.

Gotta love the harmonica honk of ‘California M.I.A’ as the band just roll around on a traditional twelve-bar groove but it’s timeless and classy so I’m on board.  I’m a sucka for some sloppy Rock and Roll and when its done properly then it hits the spot so its a bullseye for me from The Claws.  oh and of course they sign off with a slowey with picked acoustics and lush piano bombs and hell they’ve gone full in with rim shots and bottleneck – Amen brothers, I’ll raise a glass to you for a really cool album full of timeless Rock and Roll that hits the spot ply after play after play.


Buy ‘No Connections’ Here


Author: Dom Daley

First up is the brand new video from those Poison Boys from the good ole US of A. ‘Been Here All Night’ is taken from the bands debut album ‘Out of My Head’ out now on Dead Beat Records. Facebook

Next up we have the brand new video from RPM favourites Suicide Generation with ‘Prisoners Of Love’ its part of a five label release coming soon.  They also head out around mainland Europe in October and November



The new video from Psychobabylon – ‘No Means Of Escape’ is taken from the band’s 4-track EP, ‘Is This All There Is?’, which is available on CD from the band’s wesbstore and digitally from all the usual platforms.


Expectations sometimes provide shocks to the system when things prove to be quite different that what you expected. The Poison Boys have released some previous singles/ EPs and material, which I have loved, and I went into this debut album expecting the album to be a more straight forward up tempo punk n roll album. While it is definitely a punk n roll album at its core, these 12 diverse songs make up an album that is diverse, deep, accessible, and a whole lot of fun. I have been following the Poison Boys for a few years now, and I could not be happier with what they have done here. I can imagine everyone from Chuck Berry to Johnny Thunders wanting a chance to come back and guest on this one.

The title track gets the party started and hits my original expectations as it comes on like a cross between the Humpers and Electric Frankenstein. The mix allows the guitar riffs by Matt Dudzik to pop out of the speakers and the bass (mostly Adam Sheets) and drums (mostly Matt Chaney) hit just as hard. ‘Slow Down’ starts with some brief piano notes before everyone else gets in on the action. The riff in the song feels pretty standard, but the song really connects perfectly. I actually thought about old artists like the Big Bopper here as well as someone like the J. Geils Band as this song compels the listener to smile and enjoy the moment. I can picture the glasses in the air as the crowd sings along to the main hook. Another stone cold rock n roll style classic follows in ‘Cut Right Out.’ If anyone out there remembers the likes of Junk Records, this one would have fit like a glove on their roster with those backing ‘wooohs’ settling nicely in the mix. The beat here carries a great groove, guaranteed to get the hips shaking.

Starting on track four with ‘Empty Heart,’ we start to see the band really expanding the songs. The thundering groove of this epic five minute plus song initially may feel a little long, but this one has proven to be a grower with Dudzik’s charismatic vocals being stretched and pulled on the journey. ‘Downtown’ returns to a fairly basic trash rock standard approach with a simple hook that hits the spot. It feels a bit like the Stones jamming with Hanoi Rocks, especially the way some of the guitar pops in the mix where it gets some extra space. I also love the false ending but perhaps I should not give that away. Wrapping up the first half of the album, ‘Up to the Sky’ opens with some acoustic guitar reminding me of Johnny Thunders before the song kicks in at a midtempo pace on this fellow five minute rocker. The acoustic guitar touches really give this album a wonderful depth. Dudzik’s vocals on the chorus really inspire a singalong, even if you are like me and can’t sing a note.

Flip the record over and the good times show no let up with first single/ video ‘Tear Me Apart’ getting it started at breakneck speed. The vocals really take a backseat here with the verses featuring fewer words, and the electrifying guitar riffs pushed to the surface. The hook in the chorus is sharp, but it is the guitar that has stayed with me the most on this one so far. The piano that is featured here and across other songs will hopefully be replicated in the live setting. ‘Desperado’ features some awesome saxophone and again reminds me of early Hanoi Rocks, right down to Dudzik’s vocals, the tasteful backing vocals, and the way the chorus is constructed. This has been one of my early favorites from the record.  Hopefully, the band will get an opportunity to make this a single at some point. Slowing the pace down a bit, ‘True Romance’ simmers along nicely with the groove getting under the skin. The backing ‘woooh’s’ are used again here to awesome effect. When the main chorus hits, it really opens up the whole song with the switch in the dynamics.

‘I Won’t Look Back’ turns the tempo back towards rocket speed with the guitar licks again deserving to be highlighted, but the song itself has been the slowest to connect with me. The band hit trash rock nirvana again with the rollicking ‘Say Goodbye’ reminding me again of the Humpers with the rhythm section nailing this one. Closing song ‘Been Here All Night’ truly feels like it had to be the closer on the album and ends the record on an incredible high. The song shimmies and shakes on the beat with the guitar riffs begging to be played by the listener. Something tells me the guys worked long and hard on this one but knew exactly where it needed to be on the album. It just feels like a celebration musically.

The Poison Boys showcase that there is plenty of magic left in rock n roll over the course of these 12 songs. There has clearly been a ton of heart, sweat, and love used to create this album as these songs drip with the genuine distilled spirits of everything that makes rock n roll amazing. Are the vocals always spotless? Do the instruments hit every note perfectly? Absolutely NOT! This is pure, primal rock n roll the way nature intended. A great summer for music became even better with this album.  Recommended? You should have it put it on order when you started reading my introduction.

‘Out of my Head’ is available Here



Author: Gerald Stansbury

Los Angeles California so much to answer for but thankfully one of them isn’t Hammered Satin.  Taking Smash Fashion and Giuda to the next level and channeling the Gypsy Rollers. The next level is to time warp – time machine these four lifers in all their glam-tastic -high heeled stomping glittery rock n roll finery  ala sweet meets Bolan meets the glitter band with extra plumes of feather boa and I might add stints in some pretty cool bands form their CV’s such as  the Zeros, Flamin’ Groovies, Flytraps, S’cool Girls and Teachers Pet. this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Sure as shit stinks they have a track called ‘Dynamite’ that does indeed have sound effects of explosions with one with extra glitter for the finale and hand claps and added slap on that snare drum.  Man, this is unashamed retro Rock and Roll.  Fuck me song titles that include words like ‘Candy’ ‘Sugar’ ‘Velvet’ ‘Starchild’ ‘Silver’ Satin’ Stomp’ they just about tick every box that has been left unopened properly since the ’70s.  ITs like every Top Of The Pops album got warped in the sun and melted into one (not so) original album. Did he just say lollipop and bubblegum in the same sentence? Of course he did the songs entitled ‘Cand Sugar Baby’ for fuck’s sake!


Sure there’s nothing remotely original here its simply glam stomping fun.  a lot of that glam hasn’t been used this brazenly for decades and why not?  Damn, they take huge lumps of Bolan and Glitter and make it their own in 2019 and I’m good with that the title track is pure Bolan and why not they’ve even borrowed his lyric book and backing vocal tapes. Giuda went there but with double denim and tried to tough it out with a bit of street thrown in but Hammered Satin go the full hog mog and set fire to the double denim and go straight for the thrift store bellbottoms and silver platforms.

‘Silver Streak’ is about a bike (of course it is) and what a bottleneck guitar bruiser it is too.this one is the start of the albums purple patch because ‘Baby Vampire’ has the records best backing vocals and ‘Honey Squiss’ is Hanoi Rocks cool in the melody stakes and the albums golden nugget. I would say its a hidden gem but there’s nothing hidden or under the radar on this record no Sir not for a second.  By the time ‘Starchild’ has begun you realise that that’s it and the record is on its last legs and this slower acoustic led ode to Starchild is the curtain call and that a shocker because it went by so quickly.  So re-apply that eye shadow pull up those satin bellbottoms are flip this bad boy over and go straight back in for another round.  It’s a lot of fun and whilst its dredged the underbelly of the 70’s glam scene it’s a hoot a proper blast of glitter oh, and the last quarter of this record is excellent.  Get on it and ride that white swan til the end ‘Velvet Vortex’ is addictive as hubba bubba and space dust and about as much rock and roll fun as is legally permitted.



Author: Dom Daley