party music for the demise of the human race.  Hold onto that happy thought that came from one of this dynamic duo who once kidnapped a fleet of execs and subjected them to their world vision and immediately had every tom dick and harry begging to sign them which in this day and age is no easy task.  they have friends in high places as Space produces Idles and his able co-pilot Vibes are behind this headfuck slice of rock and roll.

The pair have absorbed their journey (and what a journey its been thus far) and poured every last drop into their music its fascinating – often compelling but never boring ‘ Never Not Nothing’ is what it is and maybe you should tune in turn on and drop out the Black Futures have go tit going on and from the opening heave of ‘Body & Soul’ it an intriguing journey as the pair involve their special guests such as Bobby Gillespie (no surprise that the Futures would collaborate with him there are large parts of the Screams in what Black Futures do.  A really impressive opener engages the listener as you move a little closer to the speakers (but not too close mind it could be dangerous)

Its like a headfuck of Suicide meets primal Scream meets Prodigy meets a heap of other influences that pile in when you least expect them to. Industrial electro-punks, krautrock, wooshing synths and wild vocals its got Idles danger and unpredictability a plenty on ‘Gutters’. whereas ‘Karma You Dig’ lulls you into a false sense of security before kicking you swiftly between the legs as it builds with menace.

‘Love’ could be Nine Inch Nails and to be fair there is a lot of Trent influence happening but its mixed with some of the more experimental Bowie if I might be so bold. ‘Trance’ will play with your head but then so much of this will do that to be fair.


I’m not sure how long I will play this album but when it’s playing I really enjoyed its uncontrollable edginess songs like ‘youthman’ would sound amazing live either in a huge field or in the tight confines of a small club.  Interesting album and enjoyable it has to be said. some really bleak sounds mixed with some really warm songs it will fuck with your senses and that’s always good fun.



Author: Dom Daley

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