Take a bite of some dirty and catchy rock n’ roll scrapped off of the streets of the Bowery, images come rushing through of Richard Hell and the Voidoids and a whole assortment of legendry names who paved the way for others to absorb and follow dishing up their own tasty treats.

Songs about life, love, loss booze, women what you’ve had and what you want Lorne Behrman has been there and done that and now he’s released his own record stuffed full of rock n roll. Lets take a trip.

LORNE, previously played in The Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks and most recently The Sweet Things, This long player follows LORNE’s acclaimed 2021 four-song EP ‘When I Hit The Floor’,

‘A LITTLE MIDNIGHT’ reaks of Noo Yawk cool from the album’s opener through the cocksure strut of ‘Harlem River Serenade’ with its johnny B Goode licks and Lou style narrated vocals on the verse its a real earworm that has you craving more and more.

The story-like delivery of the lyrics is cool and none more so than ‘I Can Burn You Down’ that draws Soprano-like imagery of Lorne driving by the Hudson with a thumping from the trunk of his Cadillac with some nasty punk rock tunes bursting out of the stereo. The bass rumble laying down the groove on top of the solid drum beat it’s a top tune.

‘Monday Morning’ has a keyboard wheeze as the beat skips on with some excellent power pop storytelling its a burst of carefree rock n roll like a throwback to when Rod the mod was Atlantic Crossing but if Lou Reed was doing the vocals. As we reach the midpoint the mood drops to a crawl as the smokey ‘Well, I Can’t Hold You’ punches through as the backing vocals punch you in the guts on this slow burner – a fantastic change of gears and another side of the same coin is flipped.

As we head into side two ‘A Little Midnight’ has us back on the Rock n roll it’s like a slab of dark pop with a underpayed melody right up to the guitar solo and we drop back into the chorus and everything’s ok its hustling and just getting by with a heap of cool and not a single fuck given.

‘You won’t Live In The Past’ is a ballad that got some excellent arranging from the liquid shape-shifting guitar soloing to the hushed vocals and the cool BV’s taking you away to some dreamy place from the past. The record takes a more laid-back approach for a few tunes taking me back to some Green On Red comparisons especially on ‘Black Cars’ which is an epic smoldering journey that paints some great images with the lyrics that worked really well with the whole feel of the song. The album then closes out on a dreamy laid back ‘Further On Down The Road’ I get the same vibes when I heard Lou Reeds ‘New York’ album a great way to end a really enjoyable walk on the wild side where the soundtrack is provided by Lorne Behrman and his pocketbook of Rock n Roll stories. My advice would be to pick this up and enjoy it because songs of redemption and reclamation might be personal, but the messages in Rock n Roll are for everyone and its a universal language we can all understand and appreciate and this is a fantastic soundtrack to help you further on down that rocky road.

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Author: Dom Daley