The long awaited debut album from Merseyside titans in the making, The Mysterines! ‘Reeling’ is an apt title for the group, as anyone who has seen the band will know how effortlessly these guys reel off stellar material.

Kicking us all off with stomper ‘life is a bitch(but I like it so much)’ and followed up with the pummelling blow that is ‘Hung Up’. Already it’s clear that they have managed to recreate their live sound on this record, showcasing the power and intensity and losing nothing with any of the studio sheen.

Things slow down with the title track ‘reeling’ but with no loss of the intensity with the killer bass-led track. By the time we get to the previous single ‘Dangerous’, it’s practically a feeding frenzy for the listener, hitting Southern Gothic levels in terms of murder ballads, the delivery akin to PJ Harvey fronting Qotsa when they still sounded good.

My only criticism is at 13 tracks the record can seem a little bit long, but on the whole, the stronger material gives brooding shade and depth to the whole record making the whole event an experience to guarantee repeat listening.

Playling to packed out crowds on tour, big American festival dates in the diary, a top ten placing on the album charts (at time of writing), things are certainly looking up for the Mysterines and the future is very bright. 

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Author: Dan Kasm