The Shits resumed live duties pre-pandemic when original member Pete Makowski decided to have another crack at playing with the Shits and they managed a few choice performances like Rebellion and support to Johnny Moped for Damaged Goods birthday bash. They managed one original album ‘I Can’t Come’ which was put out by Damaged Goods way back at the tail end of the eighties. but every band deserves a live album don’t they? Well, maybe not but the shits have a number two in them and here it is! ‘Shits Alive!’

Tom Crossley was persuaded to join the band on vocals who happened to be in Giovanni’s second band Famous Monsters after The Shits burned out the first time around. Pete roped in his mate James on the drums and Snivelling Shits mark two is all systems go. This record you could be lucky enough to hold in your sticky mitts was recorded when Damaged Goods got the tape machine rolling at their 30th Anniversary show at the Lexington and The Snivelling Shits were duly roped in to play. After playing a wonderfully chaotic show at Rebellion in 2019 the bloody pandemic stepped in to derail what was blossoming into something quite beautiful until sadly Pete passed away late on in 2021.

With all that’s gone on and circumstances conspiring against this record hitting the shelves what with Brexshit, vinyl shortage, pandemic and death etc. This record is a fitting tribute to Pete who oversaw the artwork and tape recordings, as well as all original members its a small peek into what a great band they were/are. Also it brings two demos from the original lineup that was briefly available at that Rebellion show (long gone now sorry) (on Brown Vinyl). It was also a fact that Pete wanted this recording also pressed on Brown Vinyl but with all, that’s going on Brown wasn’t available so all the colours of the rainbow would be the fitting alternative I’m sure Pete would approve. The record kicks off with ‘Terminal Stupid’ which is a punchy romp Buzzcocks style and Tom’s vocals are the perfect fit. The mid-song banter from Tom is quality as the band launch into ‘Only 13’ with that Steve Jones snarling riff it’s toe-tap-tastic. ‘Bring Me The Head Of Yokio Mishima’ is a belter of a tune be it live or the demo mix that’s included here on this record a real highlight. I did have a giggle at ‘Crossroads’ and I’m sure Benny would approve with its Lower East Side sleaze and snarl and that Lou Reid chug.

It’s not all fun and games they also ponder serious questions like ‘Isgodaman’ with its loose riff being punched down the line by James Sherry’s solid beat it happens to be a thumping good tune. The live songs are brought to a crushing end with the ode to pens everywhere with ‘I Wanna Be Your Byro’.

This only leaves room for the demos ‘Bring Me The Head’ and ‘Et Mo, Et Moi, Et Moi’ which is a fitting way to put a full stop on the magnificent Snivelling Shits. So if you want to join the cool kids then what are you waiting for? ‘Shits Alive!’ is a blast, a lot of fun and some top tunes, no seriously these tunes are where it’s at in 2022 and God bless Damaged Goods for getting to release it for our listening pleasure. If only they were flushed with success

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Author: Dom Daley