By no means a new record this bad boy was sent via the US mail and probably took the duration of lockdown to get over the big pond to RPM HQ. These gutter punk rockers hail from outta Ocean County New Jersey and are channeling the spirit of the Stooges, Dead Boys, Ramones, and a few other legendary punk rock bands.

From the opening riff-o-la of ‘Do The Whip’ you get the flavour of the Rippers MO and it’s a healthy dose of scuzzy punk n roll in places, they remind me of the epic legends that were Uncle Sam mixing up the punk rock with a bluesy vibe. ‘Brats’ being a great example.

Hell ‘White Lightning’ I hope its a tribute to the lovely drink of the same name but alas I think that refreshing drink never made it stateside but the Rock n Roll is like WL bottled and cut loose in the studio. then to follow it up with the Sleazy groove of the Stooges like ‘I’ve Had It’ with a good lick on that old guitar ringing out makes for a decent tune. The record gathers pace from there with ‘Born In Waco’ a thunderous ride on a hotrod fueled on moonshine.

Following that Stooges vibe Side two gathers pace and is ‘Never Coming Down’ with its meaty punk rock. The songs never outstay their welcome seeing as most clock in at less than two minutes even ‘Vomit Pig’ keeps me interested. ‘Rock N Roll Til I Die’ rocks out like a sped-up Cramps and I like that it would make for a hectic pit in a smelly boozy club. Get some O.C. Rippers whilst they’re still with us and not spontaneously combusting on some stage somewhere or a highway to hell.

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