Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners – ‘Wasted Times’ (Wicked Cool Records) countryfied and melodic with an excellent verse and chorus you expect from a Ginger Wildheart record. This one has excellent backing vocals and honky tonk guitar picking. There’s an honesty and a joy about this one that is like opening the curtains of a summer’s day when the weather says get the beers on ice and turn up the stereo today is gonna be a great day and this is the soundtrack. The band sounds like it’s having the best of times and so will you when you turn this bad boy up. Bring on the album. If this is an indication of what’s to come then this is going to be something special.

Pick It Up Here

Sator – ‘Brown Eyed Son’ (Wild Kingdom) If your looking for a tune to whet the appetite for a brand new Sator album – look no further than ‘Brown Eyed Son’ for an absolute banger of a tune. Huge and I mean HUGE hook on the chorus with cool sing-along BV’s this tune just oozes sunshine and summer of course it does it’s a superb interpretation of Katrina and the Waves tune. Nothing complicated about this one its just turn the amps up, howl out a strong melody and let’s fucking go! Sators new album is coming soon and this should get you buzzin’ for it. Record of the week? Hell Yeah! But you knew they were going to own this one didn’t ya?

Listen to Brown Eyed Son and pre-order the album:

DESPERATE MEASURES NZ. ‘Thinking Of England’ (Easy Action Records) Following on from the band’s mini-album ‘Rinsed’ They’re back with their strongest song to date the brand-new single ‘Thinking Of England.’ It’s a high-energy, slice of punked-up power pop. It has hints of Los Pepe and the likes of The Briefs etched into its DNA with the vocal delivery of Jimmy Percey and sham 69 for added kudos. From the hook in the melody to the bright and energetic rhythm, it’s a banger alright and a proper earworm. Released on Easy Action Records and available on Bandcamp, Spotify, I -Tunes and all digital platforms.

Dub War – ‘Vibes In The Places’ (Earache Records) inspired by Talking Heads Said Benji of the first songs they wrote when they got back in a room together. It’s also a song they wrote with a drummer in the room. Its old school Dub War and will be a frantic pit stirrer when they hit the live venues again. Lifted from the new album ‘Westgate Under Fire’, which gets a release date in August. Here

Rowsie – ‘Danish Queen EP’ (Ivy RecRods) Sounding like a car crash between Lou Reed, The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr, while listening to the best indie rock mixtape you made when you were seventeen is a pretty big claim and my expectation levels went to DEFCON 10 levels. I guess anyone who loves some indie-fused punk rock is always waiting for the next Replacements to hit our stereos. As soon as that sloppy distorted guitar hit my speakers they had my attention as ‘Danish Queen’ unfolded I got Reed in the vocal style for sure and by the time we reached the chorus I was sold. This is excellent. Rise and fall through the verse and chorus but it’s just one track. Second track ‘We Live On’ is quieter on the intro more Green On Red with a bit of Dylan if I’m honest but I’ll take it. Enjoyed both tracks for what they were. Great vocals on the bulid up with excellent harmonies.

Ivy RecRods, a new singles label, recently launched to champion a freshly ripened indie scene tripping out onto the refurbished surrounds of London’s Tin Pan Alley is always something we’re going to be interested in. Stream it here

Dion Lunadon – ‘Its The Truth’ (In The Red Records) Sophmore album ‘Beyond Everything’ sees the light of day next month but until then you’ll have to make do with the down n dirty abrasive single from the former D4 man. ‘It’s The Truth’ is a Cold distorted guitar smashing against the aggressive solid rhythmic beat with the distressed vocals pleading rather than singing. It’s addictive and cool as fuck!  It’s about me writing songs in my little hovel of a studio and looking forward to my wife’s return home from work. A “distance makes the heart grow fonder” kind of thing Said Lunadon recently. (PRE-ORDER) Facebook

THE LICKERISH QUARTET – ‘Threesome Vol.3‘ (Lojinx), The new power-pop masterpiece from this power-pop Supergroup is Sung by Tim Smith, It’s deeper, darker lyrically that speaks to the universal ideas of heaven, hell, dogma and belief. But it still oozes the power-pop with Lush reverberant guitars, grooving bass and drums, with evolving vocal harmonies with the refrain that no one goes to Hell (which is comforting) The Lickerish Quartet are such professional power popping songwriters fans will be swooning for this new material. Set for release in Europe, on British indie Lojinx, Threesome Vol.3 makes its way into the world via remote writing, recording, and mixing.

Stream Now Here

Ditches – ‘Lost In Time’ (Drunk Dial Records) Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, and inspired by the 1970s power pop era and the American garage punk scene from the early 2000s, Ditches was formed in 2016. Setting out to create gritty melancholic music in an energetic downstroke Ramones way they’ve nailed it with the dark melody and wall of noise behind it. The first pressing of 100 on Coke Bottle Clear and 200 on black vinyl will see the light of day this coming week. On the B Side the band has gone for a cover of The Hives ‘Abra Cadaver‘ Pick it up from the Portland label Here or their Bandcamp page Here

Insomniac Bears – See You In Court (Fysisk Format), Norwegian rockers, Insomniac Bears. brings a touch of 80s pop to their alternative rock sound. With high-level intensity and addictively hook, it feels old and new at the same time. Intense whilst impressing the kids with your dad dancing. Pick it up on Bandcamp Here