Been looking for a band to fill the void since Slayer called it a day? Look no further! After a fifteen-year hiatus, Indianapolis-based thrashers Demiricous have returned with a fucking monster of a metal album. Yes, that’s right, a METAL album. This is as metal as it gets, one minute it’s bouncing from Testament and Slayer-tinged riffage, and the next we are blasted with Biohazard-style gang vocals. The band is as tight as the proverbial duck’s backside, double bass drums aplenty, fast parts, slow parts, huge riffs, fantastic, clear as a bell production values, and memorable songs make for a hugely enjoyable listen.

Demiricous III opens with an apocalyptic piano intro, before Unconditional Hate slams into action with some Gary Holt style whammy bar acrobatics. The track is a good indicator of what’s to come. Terminal Future sounds like Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer with its crunching riffs and pummeling drums. The single Smoke Chaser is a master class in metal, think of Machine Head, Sepultura, Prong, Slayer, Testament, and Exodus giving birth to a bastardised offspring and you’re somewhere close. Superb stuff! I was pulling that metal face while listening, you know the one, where your eyes roll up into your head and you start gurning? We’ve all done it…haven’t we? Haha!

‘The Follow‘ starts off with stabbing riffs and cymbal chokes before more full-on thrash kicks its way out of the speakers. Fuck the Fire settles into more of a double bass groove, this is the track that gives me the Slayer vibes more than any other, love it! ‘Chaotic Lethal‘ delves into more of a black metal style, while the brilliantly titled ‘Merciless Slut Cult’ starts with a sample of someone telling how much he hates people before we are back into breakneck speed thrashing, some Fear Factory style staccato riffing and double kick that gets your head banging. ‘Choke’ offers up more crunch than a share bag of Doritos, and the album closes with the epic nine-minute ‘Faith Crime’ which has more twists and turns than a go on the Waltzers at Barry Island.

A superb album from start to finish with amazing performances from every band member. It’s so refreshing to hear that there are bands that can take over from the old guards that are diminishing slowly but surely. Now, go and buy this, turn it up and piss off your neighbours like real metal fans are supposed to do!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick