What we’ve got here on ‘Kover All Over’ is a collection of Kiss covers recorded by Lester Greenowski during the pandemic. Each song features different line-ups and different guests on each track and adds a little bit of Lester’s heart and soul to each and every track. Now I’m not the biggest Kiss fan that’s for sure but I can’t deny they have a healthy back catalogue, especially the first few albums and up until the mid-80s when I first saw the band without the makeup but when people cover their songs they often miss the point where the earlier tunes were proper Rock n Roll songs and that’s something Lester gets, well and truly embracing the true spirit of what made them such a good band early on.

Back in his pre-teen years, Lester learned about the 70s New York City music scene through Kiss. Soon that scene will become one of Lester’s main passions and musical influences. Right from the opening salvo of ‘Radioactive’ you absolutely get that but he also manages to infuse what other greats poured out of the city that doesn’t sleep making this album more than just run-of-the-mill kiss covers this has plenty of Blondie and Dolls running through its heart and soul and you can hear that in these interpretations.

Sure there are some tracks that are (to this day) staple Kiss klassiks and it’s a brave move for a fan to tackle such tunes but Lester has a punk-n-roll beating heart and such a challenge must have been a buzz and the love shines through like lady liberty’s torch. ‘Got To Choose’ is a blast and the backing vocals have really captured the feel of the original and absolutely reeks of NYC, great job!

Of the biggies, I feel ‘New York Groove’ is a blast of energy, and the same can be said of ‘Cold Gin’ with a razor-sharp riff perfectly captured and my favourite Kiss tune ‘Strutter’ is thumpingly good. What’s not to like on the riff of ‘Parasite’ and Gene’s vocal is delivered with style. The power-pop swing of ‘It’s My Life’ clearly left a mark and as is the case for the whole of this album the quality of covers is exceptional and a real homage to Lester’s heroes and he does it so well.

Lester clearly loves it loud and this collection of Kovers serves him well for he has taken that passion and paid his dues and turned in a very respectable record. If you are a Kiss Kollector or just Kurious kome on in and get an earful of these fantastik Kiss Kovers now where are my stack boots and Kiss Korpse paint? Lester has got me diggin out me old Kiss rekords – I love it (loud)

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Author: Dom Daley