The self-styled kings of South Wales Action Rock are back. Two years after ‘Stole Your Rock N Roll’, Deathtraps release their fourth long player in October, but preorder now and you can dive in via Bandcamp. The previous album was a highlight of the confinement (lockdown) period in my adopted France, belting you round the ears in no uncertain terms.

And, even with the minor involvement of one Johnny H Bomb, the boys could not be persuaded into spandex and synths. Phew! No, it’s business as usual, with Veej supplying yet more addictive riffs. Some things don’t need changing. Fraser’s vocals occasionally wander into Lemmy territory, which is no bad thing, and ‘Let’s Kill Rock N Roll’ is the ideal opener. At just over two minutes long, Uncle Ginge would approve.

‘Red Eyes, Black Kisses’ rattles along, “I’m rooting for the bad guy”, while ‘What If Jesus’ wouldn’t be out of place for prime-era Turbonegro. Very nice. Eleven tracks of lean rock n roll, not a ballad in sight, but ‘Candy Darling’ changes the pace a little. An ode to the Warhol Factory legend; “she’s a bad boy”. As pop as Deathtraps are capable of being and very catchy.

‘Let It Burn’ and ‘Rip Em Off’ are back to their brutal side, with some nice Ron Asheton-style licks in there for good measure. ‘Press Darlings’ isn’t the Ant’s song of the same name, but has some sweet, melodic touches. ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ is a suitably foot-on-the-floor song to end on.

Sharp, snappy, but with some satisfying, unexpected moments, the album passes by in a flash, and you’re pressing ‘play’ again. You want some quality Action Rock? Then Get it here. Get it now!

vinyl/CD preorder, released 21st October 2022

Author: Martin Chamarette