Eye eye what do we have here then? A new Eye-inspired release from Germany’s finest Berlin Blackouts. If you’ve not already seen it they have put together eleven Eye inspired tunes on this eye-catching new record. It’s twenty-five minutes of punk rock inspired by your peepers. splattered amongst the original tunes they have some right spectacles covered like the classic ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’. but more eye-opening is their take on the ‘Dirty Dancing’ slushy pomp rock-lite that is ‘Hungry Eyes’.

So it’s not just a lame cover album, it’s not patchy either, the Blackouts deliver quality melodic power pop, punk rock and from the off, they dish it up from the punchy ‘Kubrick Eyes’. They then kick in with the sultry saxophone intro of ‘Hungry Eyes’ and you won’t be able to look away they’ve covered a tune perfectly. Sure it’s a huge melody overload and the Ramones-like chorus is simply delicious. Ten out of Ten for having the balls and for the interpretation. Nail, head, hit! Hell, when you’re on a roll why stop? ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ is tackled next and again it’s sublime in its delivery and interpretation.

They sound like it was the best of fun to have recording an album and speeding through ‘In The Eyes Of’ and ‘Eyes Of 84’ before smashing ‘Dead Dogs Dancing In Your Eyes’. The ebb and flow of the record is excellent and out there from the punk rock smashers to the pop-like bop n roll of ‘Doctor My Eyes’ taking us back to the ’70s and a pair of creepers with some teddy boy drapes for added authenticity this could and should be a leg up record to bigger and better things and radio bods should be all over this album filling the airwaves with these tunes.

I loved Radio Dead Ones and Berlin Blackouts are a fine post project I’ve gotten my beady eye on what the band were up to and have the records and this is the finest project the Blackouts have managed thus far and its great to hear they still have the chops to stay in the game and deliver excellent music. Take the plunge and check out these tunes and delve headfirst into the Berlin Blackouts they deserve it – They rock and love to make a spectacle of themselves and eye think this album can and will be enjoyed far and wide – get on it kids this album is a banger!

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Author: Dom Daley