After a few failed attempts, the big news is the WONK UNIT tour with Bad Cop Bad Cop is finally SORTED!

Please check if your tickets for the Nov 2022 dates are still valid with whoever you bought them through.

There’s a special guest coming along to these shows, our lips are unfortunately sealed for now!
Upcoming gigs15/10/2022 – Till The Fest 2, South London. Playing “Trolleys, Thank you” album show. Tickets.

18/11/2022 – Alex Wonk supporting the Drowns, Bradford. (early event) Tickets
01/12/2022 – Oslo, Norway – Vaterland (With DANGER!MAN)
03/12/2022 – Trondheim, Norway – Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen (With DANGER!MAN)
16/12/2022 Newport ( Tickets )
17/12/2022 DE, Cologne


16/05/2023 BRISTOL THE EXCHANGE – tickets
17/05/2023 SOUTHAMPTON JOINERS – tickets
18/05/2023 STAMFORD VOODOO LOUNGE – Tickets 
19/05/2023 MANCHESTER REBELLION – tickets
20/05/2023 STAFFORD REDRUM – tickets
21/05/2023 LONDON UNDERWORLD – tickets

Alex has been busy helping rock-n-roller punks, THE DROWNS (USA) with their upcoming tour of Europe and the UK. He’s helped sort some nights on the close-knit UK DIY punk scene so they can play most nights of the tour. They are a fantastic band and well worth catching. Alex will join them on stage in Bradford as he’s a proper Yorkshireman these days 🙂 Tickets

They play a free-entry gig at the same pub in Peterborough Wonk Unit played this year, for those cheeky chaps the Scary Clown Presents. Facebook event here.

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