Back last year I reviewed the debut EP World on Fire by Sea of Snakes and thoroughly enjoyed it. The band are now unleashing their first full length opus called The Serpent and the Lamb via Metal Assault Records. The band effortlessly blend a mix of Sabbath, White Zombie, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Corrosion of Conformity, and even Blue Oyster Cult to give us a unique experience. They really are fun to listen to. The production is nice and sludgy, the guitars sound great and vocalist Jason Busiek sounds like a younger version of Ozzy, his high register lifts the vocals perfectly over the gut churning low end.

Opening track Start a War kicks off the album in style, powerful drumming from Jeff Murray accents the chunky riffs perfectly. It’s not all about the powerhouse riffing with Sea of Snakes though, there is plenty of light and shade to add colour to the songs, this really helps to highlight the vocal abilities of Busiek. Demon Seed plods along nicely with some great guitar work from Jim McCloskey. Next up we have my favourite track on the album Get the Gun, which has a feel of the classic Kyuss track Green Machine before taking a more melodic turn halfway through.

End of the Sun has more of a doom feel to it with its super slow, down tuned riff. Dead Man’s Song could have been something from the cutting room floor from Jar of Flies era Alice in Chains. We are back into high riffage territory with Third Kind and In Hell, both tracks chug and stab along with urgency. The album is a step up in quality from their EP, the songs are well written and crafted, the muddy production also works perfectly.

Sea of Snakes has delivered the goods here with memorable tunes in abundance, a band to keep your eye on.


Author: Kenny Kendrick