People of a certain age know Nigel Planer as Neil from the iconic tv series The Young Ones, and Den Denis from Bad News. His list of roles in Comic Strip Presents is also impressive. As well as a host of film and TV roles way too many to list here. Check out this video exclusive interview with Kenny.

Kenny sat down and shot the breeze with Nigel Planer on the eve of his latest book launch ‘Jeremiah Bourne In Time’ Nigel played the famed Hammersmith Odeon and Donnington Monsters Of Rock, not something many people have done especially when it was the iconic festival pre Download. Neil, Neil orange peel is a character etched into the brains and memories of any kid of the 80s so without further delay – You can hit that link and head over to the youtube channel and sit down and enjoy Kennys chat with the one and only Nigel Planer. (Make sure you pour a large drink it’s a long one.)

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