This year marks the 40th anniversary of Glasgow’s garage-rockers The Primevals, ‘so we’re excited to be releasing their 12th album “The Dividing Line” in conjunction with Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) and the band’s own Triple Wide imprint.’The Dividing Line’ is the band’s twelfth album believe it or not. With their soulful traditionally bluesy garage rock style ‘The Drop’ oozes class sounding like a cool North of the Border Lords Of Altamont without the Leather jackets and long hair this is the work of a gritty Glasgow gang and it is a very decent opener.

The harmonica honking ‘Sonic Pathway’ with its organ stabs and smouldering feedback is a howling good time giving the fantastic Fuzztones a run for their farfisa money. I must admit this is my first foray into the bands material and most enjoyable it is too. God knows how I’ve never crossed paths with them before now but its better late than never right? Right! I do wonder how even as an avid underground hipster I’ve not heard them before seeing as the Garage Rock scene in the UK isn’t exactly huge.

The recording is crystal clear and gives the band the space to show us what they’ve got ‘Drifting Away’ has more than a melodic kissing cousin to ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ on the verses but I like the ragged glory of the riff and the keyboard swirl on the pre-chorus. I’m sure some of the bands I’ve already associated them with are influences and the excellent ‘Don’t Cry’ is an uptempo rocker with some cool guitar breaks and confident stomp, much the same mantra for most of the album to be fair. Of course, these guys know what they’re doing and they are more than capable of turning in some cool tunes throughout even when they kick back like ‘High Street’ its engaging and theres a warmth about the songwriting.

The ultra fuzzed ‘WTFHTU’ is a wheeze from that speaker bothering bass to the organ whirling layer its a top tune and I can imagine a lot of fun live. Things get dark on ‘Sucking On Nothing Sweet’ with its Doors like intro before heading uptown its got a driving tempo and a decent arrangement.

‘The Dividing Line’ shows there’s still plenty of Rock and Roll left in this old dog and be it uptempo ‘Grit And Grime’ or signing this album off with a couple o frockers mixed withtheir more soulful garage style The Primevals do Rock and Roll really well and although they’re not here to reinvent the wheel this bad boy rolls nicely. Check em out Brothers And Sisters you might just dig their sound and get onto the right side of the dividing line.



Author: Dom Daley