Ex-Humpers Scott Drake & Jeff Fieldhouse lead this group along with Saul Koll, guitarist also from Lovesores, 8-Foot Tender & The World’s Strongest Men bands with bassist Anna Andersen & drummer Tim Connolly. Vinyl and CD are coming down the track so until such a time we’ll have to go down the digital route. Now stop monkeying around and pay attention this is serious. What we have for you is ten whoppers bristling with energy, enthusiasm, and above all quality. Of course, when it carries that seal of quality that is Scott ‘Guerrilla Deluxe’ Drake you know it’s going to be good at the very least.

We’ve spent the last few years being drip-fed tunes from this beat combo but no full-length album and wondering with the changing times and pandemics maybe our expectations were too high but then it just dropped ‘Under The Dagger’ is a bit of a slow-burning beast. Ten slices of that wonderful garage Rock n Roll burning the punk rock at one end and the Rock solid timeless Rock n Roll the other, meeting in the middle for an explosive blaze of glory.

Guerrilla Teens are:
Deaf Jeff (guitar – vocals)
Teenage Tim (drums – vocals)
Guerrilla Deluxe (vocals)
Anna Bananas (bass – vocals)
Saul Teen (guitar) 

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