It’s episode 11 of the RPM Online podcast and this episode begins with a tribute to the legends that are Shane McGowan and Geordie Walker who both passed on recently. As well as new tracks from the likes of Black Bombers, MDC, and Family Battenberg we play classics from the likes of Dead Kennedys and Frank Black. This Episode also features tracks from Ultrabomb who are touring with Bar Stool Preachers and both have albums released in 2023.

How about some Action Rock from the re-issued and first time on vinyl for the A-Bombs on Beluga Records which only leaves Wine Lips on our playlist.

In the coming episodes, we have a bunch of new songs played on episode 12 which is already recorded and coming next week before we have a couple of special interviews we’re cooking up over the festive period with some of our favourite artists as well as the writing team for RPM who are getting together to reveal their favourite releases of 2023 as well as some of the best live shows they witnessed this past year.