I’m always a bit miffed when I see a Japanese glam scuzzy punk rock n roll band breaking through in the West. I know a lot of bands who tour Japan always say how awesome it was touring the land of the rising sun and how energetic and cool the place is especially for lo-fi punk n roll so why aren’t we deluged with household names? Hell knows because I don’t. Well, slovenly know a thing or two about scuzzy punk n roll because they’ve been dishing it up for a couple of decades and rarely do they not hit the mark with the bands they introduce you to. Add Angel Face to that impressive list because from the off these cats are struttin like peacocks knocking out Generation X meets Hanoi meets Dead Boys meets The Parkinsons style punk n roll.

This record is crammed full of banging melodies and hooks by the time you hit the earworm ‘USA’ you’ll be spilling beers and pogoing like a good un. ‘Big City’ is as snotty as those early Hanoi tunes but this one has a borrowed Waldos riff. Man, side one is done and dusted and it flew by and I absolutely loved it!

Come on everybody clap your hands, ‘I Can’t Stop’ is a decibel raising party in your speakers. I hope they were suss enough to get their band name from the Glitter Band track. The fact I can’t find anything on the World Wide Web about them only makes me like them more.

‘Bring Me Back’ unleashes some nasty Cheetah Chrome riffage that we should all love and it also evokes some of that Cavemen recklessness, I bet these would dish up one hell of a party in your pad if they were invited. There is a freshness and innocence about this and thats alluring but they’re tight in the right places like the snotty Thin Lizzy riff-a-rama that is ‘That’s Enough’. Hell, we’ve reached the end and all thats left is a speed enthused ramage through ‘Slippin and Slidin’ which is wonderful and sounds like the perfect take to bring this riot to an end. Lie down in a darkened room for five then put it on again but another notch louder let’s do shots to go with the beers that we’re chuggin’ whilst pogoing. Angel Face is the band rockin’ and fuckin Rollin is their game – Get involved its a no-brainer and one of the most enjoyable records you’ll hear all year – Fact!

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Author: Dom Daley