With Keilan ‘Bass Thing’ Ryan back in the fold and with a fistful of tunes to get off his chest Episode 17 of the podcast is available to play it features a slimmed-down twelve tunes in this episode kicking off with a new song from Bloodclot from their soon to be re-released second album.

Brigatta Vendetta are also played with a banger from the debut album ‘This Is How Democracy Dies’ followed by Australian noise-bringers Clowns with a track off the new album ‘Endless’. A first on the podcast is American underground legends Dead Moon with a track off ‘Echoes Of The Past’.

With a new album in the bag Knock Off have a track aired off the album before Pirates Press recording artists Hunting Lions roar into view with a track off their new album ‘King OF The Avenue’ we play the rocker ‘The City’.

The Cavemen bring a track lifted off their brand new long player ‘Cash For Scrap’ these New Zealand reprobates survived the pandemic and are going stronger than ever as the track ‘Without You’ will testify. Banger!

Next up fuzztones rock up with a track off their Horny As Hell album with a track entitled ‘Johnson In A Headlock’ – Sleazy and fuelled by some cool wheezing organ work and a proper dreamy backing vocal. Kwilan got a little excited at the suggestion with the album title and song title but the youth can’t contain themselves anymore.

Pizzatramp has been long overdue a play so what better song to play than ‘Millions Of Dead Goths’ that was accompanied by a classic video you should really check out. Another band from the US of A is The Complicators with a track off their self-titled album ‘Pressure’ is a fantastic introduction to what the band is all about. Again released on Pirates Press who offer something of a seal of quality with every release such is their impressive roster of releases.

About the head out on tour in the UK of their soon-to-be-released new album The Meteors give ‘Please Don’t Touch’ a damn good seeing to. As people know we do love a cover version here at RPM and this is most decent. We’ve been lucky enough to hear the new album ahead of release day and its right up there with the best stuff they’ve ever done. Old fans will approve and new fans will will have a place to start as they delve into the impressive back catalogue.

Finally bringing this episode to a halt is Riskee And The Ridicule with ‘Body Bag your Scene; their about the play a show that host Keilan is playing on and with a new album in tow expect more from the band as the weeks fly by. chow for now as they say in llandow. yil next time bye the podcast team.