Big Paul Ferguson – drummer, cofounder, co-writer of the seminal UK band Killing Joke, and former member of Murder, Inc., Crush and The Orb, has joined forces with guitarist/writer Paul Williams, of UK industrial rock band Chaos 8; and Fred Schreck, vocalist/bass player/writer of NYC-based rock band The Ancients, Satellite Paradiso and Crush, to form a new project named Light of Eternity (LOE). 

Started in August of 2023 as a side project, LOE quickly became the focal point for the musical skills of each of these seasoned musicians. Their first release, Edge of Fate (downloadable on, is an impactful collection of four songs displaying a taste of their collective range. 

With plans to release new material every few months, their aim is to expand their audience with their musical power, depth, and emotional charge.  

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