Legendary British rock & roll band The Godfathers return with an almighty bang on their highly-anticipated new album Alpha Beta Gamma Delta. Featuring thirteen tracks of new material, the album is described by the band’s lead singer and founder Peter Coyne as “a sonic tour de force” and is their first full-length studio release since the critically acclaimed A Big Bad Beautiful Noise in 2017.

Written and recorded during the course of the Covid pandemic, the album was produced by The Godfathers’ bassist (and former Damned member) Jon Priestley. Following on from the double A-side single I’m Not Your Slave / Wild And Free released in 2020, ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ is the first Godfathers’ album to feature the new line-up of Coyne, Priestley, ex-Heavy Drapes’ members Billy Duncanson (drums) and Richie Simpson (guitar) and guitarist Wayne Vermaak from The Great St Louis.

“Alpha Beta Gamma Delta is definitely one of the very best albums The Godfathers have ever made – it’s exciting, dark, dangerous contemporary rock & roll!” states Coyne. 

Originally formed in 1985 out of the ashes of The Sid Presley Experience, The Godfathers quickly earned a serious reputation for their electrifying brand of primal rock & roll and their incendiary live shows, aided and abetted by a string of classic radio hits and chart-bothering albums.

With numerous sold-out international tours and festival appearances to their credit, The Godfathers remain a consistent and reliable draw on the world’s stages and Alpha Beta Gamma Delta marks a thrilling new chapter in The Godfathers’ saga.

The album will be preceded by a 4-track EP entitled Midnight Rider on Friday 26th August, featuring two album tracks (Midnight Rider and OCD) plus two brand new and exclusive non-album tracks When The Cowards Fall and Fade Away.

The Godfathers will be announcing a full Autumn tour to coincide with the album’s release.

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta track listing:

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta / Bring On The Sunshine / You Gotta Wait / I Hate The 21st Century / OCD / Midnight Rider / Straight Down The Line / Lay That Money Down / Tonight / I’m Not Your Slave / There’s No Time / Dead In Los Angeles / I Despair  

The ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ album & ‘Midnight Rider’ EP can be pre-ordered Here


Manic Street Preachers release a radically reimagined version of their 6th album ‘Know Your Enemy’ on 9th September 2022. The new version of the album has been entirely remixed and reconstructed to form two separate albums as originally planned. ‘Know Your Enemy’ will be available digitally and as a 3 CD bookset, double CD and double album.

This deluxe release includes two previously unheard ‘forgotten’ tracks: ‘Studies in Paralysis’ and ‘Rosebud’, which is available online today. Beginning all wiry and cracked, ‘Rosebud’ soon opens out into a stuttering Hammond organ riff, a pensive rhythm track and a lyric that regrets “most things I never finished”.

Following the success of 1998’s’ This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’, Manic Street Preachers planned an ambitious follow-up to be released as two distinct albums: an aggressive, rapid fire return to their roots called ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’, a more conciliatory, reflective collection. During the recording sessions, the trio got cold feet and settled on a single album that forced often conflicting ideas to sit side by side on the same record. ‘Know Your Enemy’ was launched in February 2001 with a show at Teatro Karl Marx in Havana in front of the Cuban leader and charted at No.2 in the UK the following week, going on to see over half a million copies worldwide. The singles taken from the album: ‘So Why So Sad’, ‘Found That Soul’, ‘Ocean Spray’ and ‘Let Robeson Sing’ all reached the Top 20.

Whilst going through the band’s archive to put together an anniversary version of ‘Know Your Enemy’, Nicky Wire found the original tapes of ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’ that he’d made up in the studio during recording. When he put forward the idea of recreating those records, James Dean Bradfield agreed on the condition that he could remix the entire record with the band’s longtime studio partner Dave Eringa. The new mixes would bring a clarity to each record, losing extraneous studio effects and digital noise from the ‘Solidarity’ songs and stripping away unnecessary orchestration and embellishment from the tracks that made up ‘Door To The River’.

Author and long-term band collaborator Robin Turner explains in his expansive sleeve notes that this release is “the Director’s Cut of ‘Know Your Enemy’. The picture has been painstakingly restored, cleaned up, brightened. Although it doesn’t aim to replace the original, it most certainly enhances it.”

The vinyl edition ‘Know Your Enemy’ presents ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’ in the same order as originally planned in 2000. Each of the CD packages features those records in full plus outtakes, unused mixes by Tom Lord-Alge and tracks featured on the original ‘Know Your Enemy’ that aren’t on the two restructured albums. All formats feature previously unseen photos from the recording sessions taken by regular collaborator Mitch Ikeda.

Manic Street Preachers’ last studio album ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’ went to No.1 on release in September 2021. They followed its release with a headline tour of the UK. This year, they opened the BBC6 Music Festival in Cardiff and have headlined several UK festivals. Upcoming tour dates below. 

Know Your Enemy – September 9th – Columbia

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From the album “Jukebox Junkies” Andy was never shy about wearing his influences on his sleeves. When playing with Hanoi Rocks the group frequently included surprising cover versions among their killer original songs. Now, McCoy taps into the rich musical history that inspired him on his own full-length album of highly addictive covers entitled Jukebox Junkie! Check out the album’s first single and video for a deep cut by ‘80s hitmakers Squeeze, “Take Me I’m Yours!”

Your second offering is from Harlow punk legends Newtown Neurotics who have announced a new album called ‘Cognitive Dissidents’ that will be released through Cadiz Music on October 21. Before that, they have a new single ‘Climate Emergency’, which sees the band focused on one of the most important issues of current times.

The pre-order link for the album is here

The band have the following gigs confirmed:

Friday 27 July – Triangle, London  

Friday 5 August – Rebellion, Blackpool (band show on Empress Ballroom + interview w/ Steve Drewett on Literary stage) 

Saturday 6 August – Rebellion, Blackpool (Steve Drewett almost acoustic show) 

There’s been more than the odd occasion recently where I’ve found myself “getting something in my eye” as I’ve been whisked away on some kind of H.G. Wells inspired time travel moment back to my teenage years, all thanks to the power of rock ‘n’ roll. Midnight most certainly had me laying down my soul to the god’s rock ‘n’ roll when I saw them live a few weeks back, and only last week the new album by Then Comes Silence had me up on a mate’s shoulders chicken dancing like an idiot (well, in my head at least). Step forward then the latest mob to have this effect on me, and have me two-stepping all over the living room, namely US hardcore punk (super)group Beach Rats.

Initially the brainchild of Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Kienlen from the Bouncing Souls, following a memorial concert for Vision frontman Dave Franklin where the duo teamed up with Ari Katz from Lifetime, and had one of those magic lightbulb moments in process. The whole thing finally came together when Brian Baker of Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion, and Junkyard fame relocated to Asbury Park, New Jersey, looking, as he always seems to be, for yet another band to play with, and then by adding in Danny Windas, AKA ‘Dubs’ on drums, the Beach Rats were finally born.

Having subsequently signed with Epitaph Records, (I wonder how that happened eh?) Beach Rats are perhaps the band Baker’s other Epitaph side project Fake Names should have been, as I must admit that (given the musicians involved) I was fully expecting to love that record, yet it all kind of left me cold. Thankfully then, ‘Rat Beat’ is hotter than the UK’s annual couple of days of sunshine that we like to call summer. With just two of the album’s dozen tracks passing the two-minute mark, this is fast and furious punk rock, very much honed in the style of the early eighties’ crossover scene BUT (and this is a huge but) the songs also possess a much more contemporary edge (largely thanks to the vocals of Katz) which means there’s also the odd insanely catchy number in here too.

So, whist ‘Dress For Sick Sesh’ and album closer ‘Fuck You Dad’ might have me thinking of reaching for my copies of Cryptic Slaughter’s ‘Convicted’ or Crumbsuckers’ ‘Life Of Dreams’ for a long overdue spin, it’s the groovy as hell ‘Summers End’, the anthemic ‘Words’ and the more introspective ‘Clorox Boys’ where the melodies really cut through, and Beach Rats sound absolutely essential.

Look, if you’re a fan of any of Beach Rats’ associated bands then it goes without saying that you need a copy of ‘Rat Beat’ in your collection, but in saying this, if you are also a fan of the likes of Aerial Salad, Incisions, or Pizzatramp, you do also really do need to start saving your beer tokens and snap up a copy of this record when its released (on LP. CD and download) on July 29th.

The ‘Rat Beat’ is groovy as fuck. Now, go flip your baseball cap peak up and get ready to (slam) dance like a teenager all over again.

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Author: Johnny Hayward

SLADE“All The World Is A Stage’’ box set includes 5 live albums, 

three of which have never been released before 

Available 9th  September

Pre Order Here

On 9th September Slade and BMG are proud to present their new smash hit live boxset ‘All The World Is A Stage’, shining a light on Slade as a phenomenal live band. This unique five-album set serves as documentation of why Slade became pretty much unbeatable as a live attraction, 
Slade were unstoppable throughout the seventies becoming one of Europe’s biggest bands, releasing 6 smash hit albums, including three UK No-1’s, a run of 17 consecutive Top 20 singles and their hits are synonymous with the glam era. This new live boxset includes three never previously released live sets from across Slade’s expansive live era and will become a key component of the Slade catalogue for years to come.

The three previously unreleased live shows featured on ‘All The World Is A Stage’ are –

Live At The New Victoria recorded on April 24, 1975, captures the band before they went around the UK to promote their feature film, In Flame. Heard officially for the first time, it now presents a fitting snapshot of the group’s powerful live performances. 

Live At The Hucknall Miner’s Welfare Club recorded on June 26 1980, shows the band unwilling to trade exclusively on their past with songs featured from their new studio album at the time ‘We’ll Bring The House Down’, along with classics ‘Take Me Bak ’Ome’, ‘Gudbuy T’Jane’, ‘Everyday’ and the perennial ‘Mercy Xmas Everybody’.

Alive! At Reading the third unreleased full live set, captures the band delivering a sensational live performance to over 80,000 people. As last-minute replacements for Ozzy Osbourne, few knew they were going to be performing but their sensational set was the highlight of the festival and led to Slade enjoying a renaissance in the eighties.
Completing this raw and epic new live box set is previously available;  ‘Slade Alive!’ considered one of the greatest live albums of all time, “Sounds better, the louder you play it” – Los Angeles Times, and 1982’s Slade On Stage.  
‘All The World Is A Stage’ will be a collector’s item for years to come. Exploring the shows that paved Slade’s journey to their legendary live status within the rock community.

Phillidelphias Chained Bliss first came to our attention back in 2019 with their ‘Stained Red’ cassette EP. This full length album sees the band back on the radar sounding ready for action and up for the fight.

Punk Rock with Melodic guitar lines jaring power chords, while frantic choruses. ITs got plenty of bite and roar as well and is set to get your pulse rate up.

Chained Bliss come from a base of garage rock, skateboards, and a scene we relate to the likes of a lot of So Cal punks. There is clearly a love of thrashing around making noise and living for the moment. From the thump of the bass line on opener ‘Nonfiction’ there’s confidence happening here and I like it! ‘Devils Laughter’ is more of the same with a great tempo that helps ramp up the vibes. It also contains a smart breakdown in tempo that is welcome.

It’s not all banger after banger mind, however, the cool opening on ‘Creative Seizure’ reminds me of prime-time Fugazi and if they’re channeling that kind of smarts then the future is bright, very bright. ‘Pillars of Abuse’ starts with a cool groove that helps catch your breath but you can feel the tempo rising as the drums get louder we’re barely a minute in when the circle pit opens up and you can’t wait to throw your carcass in for more brain banging punk rock but it does ebb and flow like the best of the Banshees used to.

‘Inner Citadel’ bumps into the excellent ‘Ominous Life’ and the party continues. hit after hit of energy washes over you. It’s basically ten tracks of the very highest standard punk rock you could wish for. Some great melodies and breakdowns all add to the thrill of what an LP should sound like.

This is a band and an album that should be taken into the hearts of punk rock kids everywhere it’s a great LP and one that deserves to be cherished long and hard everywhere. they’re probably too modest to say it but I’m not – this record is all killer and no filler and banger after banger in the youfs language get out there and check em out! before they blow up and you’ll be too cool to listen. They saved the best til last as well with the final three offerings being the best tracks on this album ‘Drifter’, ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Stained Red’ – bloody great stuff!

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Author: Dom Daley

Become Like They Are is the latest offering from Horned Wolf. Hailing from the US, they have been described as ‘progressive sludge metal’. I’m not sure what that is, they just sound like ‘metal’ to me…. The band have been around since 2015 and this is their first release with vocalist Sav.

If you like shouty, growly vocals, down tuned guitars, Sabbath and Alice in Chains style riffing, as well as some powerhouse drumming, Horned Wolf will be right up your street. I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Sav’s vocal style, but I can certainly appreciate the talent it takes to be able to sustain that kind of delivery.

Opening track ‘You’re Boring’ kicks off with a mid-paced chug along, some tasty drumming from David Zey really helps to elevate the track. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested at this stage.  ‘Bloodlines’ has a Kyuss kind of sludgy feel to it, nice and doomy. ‘Charnel House’ highlights some clean vocals from Sav, I much prefer this to the Evil Dead-style shouting that goes on for most of the time.

Drag the Bayou’ is another mid paced number with some cool riffing and twin lead work from guitarists Don Bailey and Justin Mullin. It is all a little on the generic side though and the tracks do tend to blend into each other. The title track gives us more of the same, by the time I’ve got to this stage of the album, I’m bored and don’t really want to listen to anymore. Not that Horned Wolf aren’t good at what they do, they are. It just doesn’t resonate with me, not enough melody, no real earworms to speak of and it just becomes background noise.

As I previously stated, Horned Wolf are good at what they do, it’s just not my bag. Best of luck to them, I’m sure in their genre they will be appreciated. The album artwork is pretty cool too.



Author: Kenny Kendrick

Somewhere between the B52s and Devo lurks The Meat Sweaters. (hailing from Brighton and London, via Stockholm, Sweden) release their debut EP ‘Paranoid and Sweaty’ on July 22nd and have a new track from it available today called ‘Body Yoghurt’.

The Meat Sweaters are a trio (Wahoo Samuels, Pete Fraser and Jon Palmer) of friends who appreciate sounds that are very far removed from what most would consider conventional. Embarking on a thrillingly bizarre synth-punk journey with their debut four-track EP, ‘Paranoid and Sweaty’, released July 22nd via Hype Music (a sub label of Extreme Music), today sees the release of disturbing new single ‘Body Yoghurt’. A manic, twitching, rampant, glorious mess of deranged experimental punk, ‘Body Yoghurt’ never takes its foot off the accelerator pedal.

But what’s it all about?

“What does yoghurt taste like? How do you know the flavours? Which do you like? Which are best to apply to your body? Let us tell you about the best and worst ways to Body Yoghurt,” states Wahoo Samuels.

None the wiser? Good. The Meat Sweaters aim to confuse.

lenceIn direct contrast we also have one from the new Then Comes Silence album ‘Hunger’ it’s like night and day (see what I did there?) kings of the dark Goth are back with a new album ‘Hunger’

Ahhhhh, Towers Of London, the band whose singer once proudly proclaimed they could dick on the Sex Pistols are back. Returning with their first new music in ages, and the first to feature the band’s re-united original ‘classic’ line up.

Yes siree, after those well received support shows with The Wildhearts back in 2019, Donny, Dirk, Rev, Snell, and Tommy are finally back with ’Yet To Be’, an all-new 5 track EP that’s coincidently released in the same month as, (and sixteen years after) their classic ‘Blood Sweat & Towers’ debut first made them the band many seemed to love to hate back in the noughties.   

I’ll include myself in that category as I’ve had my own love/hate relationship with them through the years too, initially catching them in Cardiff Barfly around 2005 and absolutely loathing them, Towers then seemed to end up supporting every band I was going to see, before around the time of the release of their debut I finally “got it” and simply couldn’t get enough of them. Then, just as quickly as the band they so famously thought they could dick on, they were out of the spotlight and releasing the way too Indie leaning. ‘Fizzy Pop’ (the band’s second album), and whilst that record does indeed still have some fans out there, without Rev and Snell in their ranks they just weren’t the same incendiary live act, and without that underlying tension that seemed to be the band’s catalyst for musical catastrophe, the band slowly withdrew into the shadows.

Somewhere they then ended up spending quite a bit of their time, working with various other musicians exploring potential new avenues for the band to pursue musically and releasing such singles as ‘Shake It’ and ‘Shot In The Dark’ along the way. Then in 2019 news finally broke that the original line up was getting back together for one last crack at this thing called the music biz. Returning as a much more ‘grounded’ group of people, the thing that perhaps struck me most about those Wildhearts support shows was just how much each member appeared to have grown up during their time apart, and Donny in particular seemed genuinely humbled not only by the enthusiastic reception they received night after night but also by just how powerful the band still sounded after all those years away.

‘Yet To Be’ picks up on the spirit of bonhomie from those reunion shows and actually includes a couple of the tunes from that set too, however it’s the track that’s recently been included in TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ series that gets the EP out the starting blocks and for me it’s perhaps the track I actually like least here. That’s not to say it’s a bad song, it’s just that to my ears the anthemic ‘Jump’ actually sounds like ‘Fizzy Pop’ era Towers colliding headlong with the Rev’s post-Towers band The Howling, and whereas elsewhere within this EP elements of electronica are used to superb effect to ultimately add a new dynamic to the Towers sound, here, whilst the synthy tribal beat is insanely catchy, it doesn’t really make me want to err jump…not like ‘Get Yourself Outta Here’ anyway. Initially premiered on the Wildhearts tour, this is the Towers of London sound I first fell in love with, a ferocious slice of guitar rock, complete with one-finger Stooges piano and a sneering chorus, this track alone should have the band’s diehard fans drinking, fighting and fucking like there teenage-selves all over again.

Likewise, ‘Free Your Love’, the other track that was aired live back in 2019, which has a kind of ‘Towers Waltz’ stop/start feel about it, and possesses a soaring middle 8 that shows just how much the band has also matured in the songwriting department. Something that becomes abundantly clear when ‘Push It The Same Way’ chugs in on a powerpop riff to die for. This is easily my favourite song of the five on offer here, and whilst there are hints of the Towers of old during the chorus, it’s the use of the aforementioned synths during the verses that really do make this song a true work of genius, and if this is the sound of things to come from the band then, just like Noddy, I’m all (big) ears.

‘Amazing’ which ends the EP is another Towers songwriting curveball, as it somehow manages to remind me of Blur, Abba, Ozzy and U2 all at once, yet it’s still immediately recognisable as Towers Of London, and the chorus on this one really is, ahem, amazing in its simplicity, and as well know now, sometimes less can indeed be more.

True to Towers’ form ‘Yet To Be’ surprised me, so much so I initially hated it, and now (after a day of playing it non-stop) I absolutely love it, however, as it’s only available on streaming platforms at the moment, who really knows what’s next? Will we get to finally hear the third album, or get to see the long overdue Towers’ documentary, and with the UK live scene slowly returning to as normal as it can be right now, what about a coast to coast tour to promote it all?

Whatever happens next, I can’t fucking wait!   

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Author: Johnny Hayward

There are many albums we hotly anticipate being released none more so than the debut from Rough Gutts. Former Rotten Foxes members and all-round fashionistas are going to crack your craniums with their infectious beats and foul tunes. If you haven’t already ordered this Boss Tuneage record then might we suggest you get your skates on and do so because there will be no point whinging and crying when they are all gone. Here

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