Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners – ‘Wasted Times’ (Wicked Cool Records) countryfied and melodic with an excellent verse and chorus you expect from a Ginger Wildheart record. This one has excellent backing vocals and honky tonk guitar picking. There’s an honesty and a joy about this one that is like opening the curtains of a summer’s day when the weather says get the beers on ice and turn up the stereo today is gonna be a great day and this is the soundtrack. The band sounds like it’s having the best of times and so will you when you turn this bad boy up. Bring on the album. If this is an indication of what’s to come then this is going to be something special.

Pick It Up Here

Sator – ‘Brown Eyed Son’ (Wild Kingdom) If your looking for a tune to whet the appetite for a brand new Sator album – look no further than ‘Brown Eyed Son’ for an absolute banger of a tune. Huge and I mean HUGE hook on the chorus with cool sing-along BV’s this tune just oozes sunshine and summer of course it does it’s a superb interpretation of Katrina and the Waves tune. Nothing complicated about this one its just turn the amps up, howl out a strong melody and let’s fucking go! Sators new album is coming soon and this should get you buzzin’ for it. Record of the week? Hell Yeah! But you knew they were going to own this one didn’t ya?

Listen to Brown Eyed Son and pre-order the album:

DESPERATE MEASURES NZ. ‘Thinking Of England’ (Easy Action Records) Following on from the band’s mini-album ‘Rinsed’ They’re back with their strongest song to date the brand-new single ‘Thinking Of England.’ It’s a high-energy, slice of punked-up power pop. It has hints of Los Pepe and the likes of The Briefs etched into its DNA with the vocal delivery of Jimmy Percey and sham 69 for added kudos. From the hook in the melody to the bright and energetic rhythm, it’s a banger alright and a proper earworm. Released on Easy Action Records and available on Bandcamp, Spotify, I -Tunes and all digital platforms.

Dub War – ‘Vibes In The Places’ (Earache Records) inspired by Talking Heads Said Benji of the first songs they wrote when they got back in a room together. It’s also a song they wrote with a drummer in the room. Its old school Dub War and will be a frantic pit stirrer when they hit the live venues again. Lifted from the new album ‘Westgate Under Fire’, which gets a release date in August. Here

Rowsie – ‘Danish Queen EP’ (Ivy RecRods) Sounding like a car crash between Lou Reed, The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr, while listening to the best indie rock mixtape you made when you were seventeen is a pretty big claim and my expectation levels went to DEFCON 10 levels. I guess anyone who loves some indie-fused punk rock is always waiting for the next Replacements to hit our stereos. As soon as that sloppy distorted guitar hit my speakers they had my attention as ‘Danish Queen’ unfolded I got Reed in the vocal style for sure and by the time we reached the chorus I was sold. This is excellent. Rise and fall through the verse and chorus but it’s just one track. Second track ‘We Live On’ is quieter on the intro more Green On Red with a bit of Dylan if I’m honest but I’ll take it. Enjoyed both tracks for what they were. Great vocals on the bulid up with excellent harmonies.

Ivy RecRods, a new singles label, recently launched to champion a freshly ripened indie scene tripping out onto the refurbished surrounds of London’s Tin Pan Alley is always something we’re going to be interested in. Stream it here

Dion Lunadon – ‘Its The Truth’ (In The Red Records) Sophmore album ‘Beyond Everything’ sees the light of day next month but until then you’ll have to make do with the down n dirty abrasive single from the former D4 man. ‘It’s The Truth’ is a Cold distorted guitar smashing against the aggressive solid rhythmic beat with the distressed vocals pleading rather than singing. It’s addictive and cool as fuck!  It’s about me writing songs in my little hovel of a studio and looking forward to my wife’s return home from work. A “distance makes the heart grow fonder” kind of thing Said Lunadon recently. (PRE-ORDER) Facebook

THE LICKERISH QUARTET – ‘Threesome Vol.3‘ (Lojinx), The new power-pop masterpiece from this power-pop Supergroup is Sung by Tim Smith, It’s deeper, darker lyrically that speaks to the universal ideas of heaven, hell, dogma and belief. But it still oozes the power-pop with Lush reverberant guitars, grooving bass and drums, with evolving vocal harmonies with the refrain that no one goes to Hell (which is comforting) The Lickerish Quartet are such professional power popping songwriters fans will be swooning for this new material. Set for release in Europe, on British indie Lojinx, Threesome Vol.3 makes its way into the world via remote writing, recording, and mixing.

Stream Now Here

Ditches – ‘Lost In Time’ (Drunk Dial Records) Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, and inspired by the 1970s power pop era and the American garage punk scene from the early 2000s, Ditches was formed in 2016. Setting out to create gritty melancholic music in an energetic downstroke Ramones way they’ve nailed it with the dark melody and wall of noise behind it. The first pressing of 100 on Coke Bottle Clear and 200 on black vinyl will see the light of day this coming week. On the B Side the band has gone for a cover of The Hives ‘Abra Cadaver‘ Pick it up from the Portland label Here or their Bandcamp page Here

Insomniac Bears – See You In Court (Fysisk Format), Norwegian rockers, Insomniac Bears. brings a touch of 80s pop to their alternative rock sound. With high-level intensity and addictively hook, it feels old and new at the same time. Intense whilst impressing the kids with your dad dancing. Pick it up on Bandcamp Here

A lot has been written about this here three-LP edition of the Clash’s ‘Combat Rock’ originally released in 1982 and the last to feature the classic line up however the album whilst containing a few stand-out tracks never hit the dizzy heights of its previous releases.

With an incredible 17 show residency at New York’s Bond’s Casino in the bag, the band set about rehearsing at The People’s Hall in the Latimer Road area of London thereafter they headed to Asia for a tour where the artwork was shot by the band’s photographer Pennie Smith as it goes.  This release of ‘Combat Rock’ includes unheard, rare, and early versions of tracks spread out over two albums and the original ‘Combat Rock’ however the final side is blank! Nada, nuffink not even an etching of ‘Know Your Rights’ Which left me feeling a little cheated. I might be being a bit fussy here but it could have contained a side of the best tracks from Bonds as a live side which might have been sufficient but nothing?

Anyway, I digress. Whilst having many a discussion about what constitutes a classic album and especially a classic Clash album nobody ever says ‘Combat Rock’ that I’m sure however when you drop the needle on side one and that familiar Echo of Strummers clanging reverb-laden guitar kicks in and his equally reverb-laden vocal introduces ‘Know Your Rites’ with “This is a public service…announcement – With guitars!”. I still get quite excited when the track sparks to life with Strummer’s rasping vocal as he rattles off your rites. It’s hypnotic and captivating to this day from the shots that fire off Jones’s guitar to the snap of the Heddon snare ‘Know Your Rights’ is a great tune and those rites still stand up to this day shame our government has no respect for them anymore. Strummer would spin in his grave I’m sure of that.

After the turn down leftfield, that was ‘Sandonista’ with all its headfuckery and musical veins that pumped life into a sprawling record that to this day has me scratching my head as to whether it’s a work of genius or the band is fucking with me different days offer different answers.

From the tweaks and funk of ‘Rock The Casbah’ Strummer was penning some fantastic lyrics and the band still had some fire inside them that they were able to express onto vinyl. They weren’t the same band who had led a generation into revolt at the tail end of the 70s they were indeed older and wiser. They’d seen the world and what was on offer and had soaked it up like a sponge. The dub and NYC had left a big impression on the band from hip hop to pop art and the sprawling metropolis that was Manhatten was a long way from London. ‘Red Angel Dragnet’ was all of this inspiration bleeding out onto the tape.

One of my favourite Clash songs is the magnificent ‘Straight To Hell’ from its rhythmic, atmospheric arrangement to Strummer’s vocal delivery and some brilliant lyrics it still sends chills down my spine. I always liked the bands changing image and the cool London urchins in their suits of London Calling had gone as had the Westwood fatigues of the spraypaint slogans and in were a united military mad max look and I vividly look back on seeing the ‘Rock The Casbah’ video and liking it from the great big ghetto blasters to the berets and camo fatigues and Strummers Taxi Driver haircut. The Clash were still cooler than most and that’s a fact!

‘Atom Tom’ is a great tune and even the weird dub-inspired dope-induced mish-mash of ‘Sean Flynn’ and ‘Ghetto Defendant’ are cinematic and experimental. ‘Inoculated City’ is a Big Audio Dynamite slice of pop from the guitar of Jones using the Glyn Jones samples no doubt. Not as strong a side as Side One but nevertheless a nice trip of a record I’ve not played in quite a while.

The real lure of this album probably isn’t going to be the remastered ‘Combat Rock’ but the other material not including the ‘Outside Bonds’ intro. Pfft I’m not sure why that took up five minutes of wax either. The funky ‘Radio Clash’ with alt lyrics is, however, exactly why I bought this record. Funky as fuck and from the slap bass to different lyrics its a window into a world we never thought possible.

‘Radio One’, ‘He Who Dares’, ‘Long Time Jerk’ is fascinating for Clash geeks no doubt about it. I love ‘Midnight To Stevens’ but the seven-plus minutes of ‘Sean Flynn’ almost fried my brain. All in all a right mixed bag is it worth the almost £50 price tag? Probably not it’s not in some fancy sleeve and the inner bag artwork is half decent and maybe I was expecting a bit more or a lot more I don’t know. It’s The Clash they are special and I couldn’t say no. Give it a listen on a streaming platform – you have a right. you also have a right to walk on by stay or go, but one thing you can’t deny is the Clash, as a unit, were formidable, adventurous and always up for a challenge to themselves and their fans. They follow their hearts and only dance to their own tune one thing I know for sure is there won’t be another of their kind not now not ever some have tried but all have failed.

Clash completists roll up and open your wallets this is something you must own. Oh, the poster is pretty cool as well. Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Wicked Cool Records are proud to announce the release of ‘Wasted Times’ the debut single by Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners.

Wasted Times is pure rock n roll, peppered with country touches, while the lyrics have an honesty traditionally found in folk music and It’s just a good time song played by a killer band.” exclaims Ginger Widlheart.

Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners were formed in August 2019 when Ginger joined forces with Neil Ivison and Nick Lyndon from the band Stone Mountain Sinners. The line up was completed with drummer Shane Dixon (Tri-City Fanfare) and as Ginger explains “I actually met the band at the studio where we recorded the debut album. We hadn’t even rehearsed prior to setting up in the live room of the studio. Wasted Times was the first song we played together.”
Wasted Times is taken from their forthcoming album recorded at Mwnci studios in Pembrokeshire, Wales, with Dave Draper producing.

To celebrate the release Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners play 7 UK shows in June, starting Friday 3rd at Oran Mor in Glasgow and concluding at Esquires in Bedford on Sunday 19th.

Despite the turmoil in which we find ourselves, Ginger with his Sinners gives us all hope.  ‘Wasted Times’, backed with a live version of ‘The Words Are Gonna Have To Wait’, is available to stream/purchase here

Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners June UK shows 

Fri 3rd Glasgow Oran Mor

Sat 4th Sunderland  Pop Recs Ltd

Sun 5 Manchester  Night & Day Cafe 

Thu 16th Wolverhampton KK’s Steel Mill 

Fri 17th Newport  Le Pub – Tickets Here

Sat 18th Winchester  The Railway Inn

Sun19th Bedford  Esquires

Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners:Ginger Wildheart, Neil Ivison, Nick Lyndon, Shane Dixon

US rockers Drive-By Truckers roll into the summer of 2022 with the release of an impressive 14th studio album. ‘Welcome 2 Club XIII’ sees the band step away from the politically oriented releases of the last few years, and instead focus and what the band describes as “a reckoning with the dualities of the things that make you alive and how they sometimes can kill you. A life-affirming flashlight for the dark nights of one’s soul.”

Dark nights are certainly the appropriate setting to accompany this album. The trudging riff of album opener ‘The Driver’, where we go “driving sometimes late into the night”, are offset by some ghostly vocals, all wrapped up in a fully atmospheric 7 minutes. By the second song ‘Maria’s Awful Disclosure’, the album is already opening up, sitting comfortably in a breezy southern rock world of cool.

The record is a wonderful tour through many of the things that make Drive-By Truckers so well-loved – shades of light and dark folk, country and rock and roll, all with a gritty but delicate delivery. From the warm ‘Shake and Pine’ to the somewhat joyous title track and first single (“a tongue in cheek homage to a local dive that founding members Cooley and Hood played in their early days”), or the melancholy of ‘We will never wake you up in the morning’, the album travels various yet always complementary paths converging together in a glorious 9 sweet tracks.

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Author: Craggy Collyde

US punks Bad Religion head to the UK next week for a quick headline tour tickets are still available from

6/3/2022            Bad Religion      London O2 Forum Kentish Town   

6/4/2022            Bad Religion      Manchester       Academy One             

6/5/2022            Bad Religion      Newcastle          University             

6/7/2022            Bad Religion      Nottingham       Rock City             

6/8/2022            Bad Religion      Bristol   Marble Factory

Been looking for a band to fill the void since Slayer called it a day? Look no further! After a fifteen-year hiatus, Indianapolis-based thrashers Demiricous have returned with a fucking monster of a metal album. Yes, that’s right, a METAL album. This is as metal as it gets, one minute it’s bouncing from Testament and Slayer-tinged riffage, and the next we are blasted with Biohazard-style gang vocals. The band is as tight as the proverbial duck’s backside, double bass drums aplenty, fast parts, slow parts, huge riffs, fantastic, clear as a bell production values, and memorable songs make for a hugely enjoyable listen.

Demiricous III opens with an apocalyptic piano intro, before Unconditional Hate slams into action with some Gary Holt style whammy bar acrobatics. The track is a good indicator of what’s to come. Terminal Future sounds like Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer with its crunching riffs and pummeling drums. The single Smoke Chaser is a master class in metal, think of Machine Head, Sepultura, Prong, Slayer, Testament, and Exodus giving birth to a bastardised offspring and you’re somewhere close. Superb stuff! I was pulling that metal face while listening, you know the one, where your eyes roll up into your head and you start gurning? We’ve all done it…haven’t we? Haha!

‘The Follow‘ starts off with stabbing riffs and cymbal chokes before more full-on thrash kicks its way out of the speakers. Fuck the Fire settles into more of a double bass groove, this is the track that gives me the Slayer vibes more than any other, love it! ‘Chaotic Lethal‘ delves into more of a black metal style, while the brilliantly titled ‘Merciless Slut Cult’ starts with a sample of someone telling how much he hates people before we are back into breakneck speed thrashing, some Fear Factory style staccato riffing and double kick that gets your head banging. ‘Choke’ offers up more crunch than a share bag of Doritos, and the album closes with the epic nine-minute ‘Faith Crime’ which has more twists and turns than a go on the Waltzers at Barry Island.

A superb album from start to finish with amazing performances from every band member. It’s so refreshing to hear that there are bands that can take over from the old guards that are diminishing slowly but surely. Now, go and buy this, turn it up and piss off your neighbours like real metal fans are supposed to do!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick


From a long list of sleazy punk n rollers LJ & The Sleeze rocks up to RPM HQ with their Bandcamp release ‘Stay Sleezy’. ITs down in the gutter rolling around with the Jabbers, The Stooges, and all things proto-punk. I’m guessing from the spelling they want to rattle the most fastidious punk rock police officers who patrol social media and beyond this here internet and will then produce the middle finger at any response.

This Virginia troupe gets things off to a one-fingered piano drill and distorted twelve-bar riff with those Steve Jones fills to accent the end of the bar – then hold it all together with a rock-solid beat and root note bass thump. Hey, chuck in a breakdown and floor tom fill for good measure and away we go. OH, let’s not forget the “don’t give a fuck” lyrics which happen to be repeating the song title over and over and over again. Maybe these punks really don’t give a fuck!

Follow that with a twist on the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For The Right’ and if you’re not hooked then move on mother fucker, Me, I’m in. Slurred vocals on ‘Closing Out The Bar’ and boy this is Sleezy stuff. Loud, in-your-face punk n roll for sure.

We shift through the gears as ‘I’m Bad’ revs its engine and we’re off. I’m liking this – I’m liking this a lot. ‘Small Dick & No Brain’ is a shambolic intro that’s holding on by a thread and that’s as it should be.

Many of these tracks first appeared on the band’s ‘Keeping It Sleezy’ but this is a much-improved version from the recording production to the tightness of the songs. These arrangements are the mutt’s nuts. If ‘Trouble Is A Ladies Man’ doesn’t get the blood pumping then I don’t know what will. It won’t be the best album you’ll hear this year but it might be the most un PC and sleezy for sure. ‘Aliens Exist’ is punk as fuck and clocking in at sub-one minute it’s a belter.

In another time ‘Cocaine’ could have been an L7 number or Betty Blowtorch no doubt about it. I won’t ask what ‘Ripping A Jizz’ is about but it’s got style and plenty of grunt going on but they do use the lyric “Blow me like a harmonica”. ‘Cheri Love Affair’ is a fine love song and is delivered with attitude. Before the band signs off they deliver a solid one-two-three – ‘Live Fast Die Whenever’, ‘Night Time Whenever’ and ‘2 Stoned To Bone’ a trio that encapsulates everything the band is trying to achieve and they do it in style.

Get on this you punks and fill up on the sleeze. Who knows they might learn some new riffs and a solo or two then come back with more tales of depravity and life in the fast lane or they might just get high and drunk or both then crash and burn! until then ‘Stay Sleezy’

Bandcamp Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

SINGLE LAUNCH SHOW LONDON WATER RATS MAY 20TH THIS FRIDAY! TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: The Duel and Seven Days and Doesn’t Die are along for the ride!

Pic credit Per-Ake Warn

New Zealand born, London-based rockers Desperate Measures follow their mini-album ‘Rinsed’ on Easy Action Records and a full UK tour with Paul Cook’s post-Pistols rockers The Professionals at the end of last year, with a brand-new single today titled ‘Thinking Of England.’

Recorded once again with Andy Brook (who has produced, engineered, and toured with the like of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Wonk Unit, Hayseed Dixie…) at The Brook Studios in Wallington, Surrey, ‘Thinking Of England’ is the first glimpse of Desperate Measures’ debut full-length album due early 2023.

‘Thinking Of England’ is a high-energy, charging power-pop eruption that guitarist Michael Gaffney says is “about leaving a bad situation, whether it be physically or mentally, trying to find light at the end of the tunnel and staying hopeful, realising that you might be fucked now, but it’s not always going to be that way.”

Originally due to be just an EP, then two EPs (‘Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. B’, naturally), then something called COVID happened and the band realised that, given the extra time to finish it off, they had actually made an album; argument still rages as to whether this was on purpose mind, however, an album it is and a bouncy, upbeat, positive one at that. No covid lockdown blues in evidence here folks.

Now, anyone who caught these people supporting the likes of The Wildhearts, Vibrators, and Splodgenessabounds will know what to expect and clearly playing with some of the bands that have inspired and shaped how they sound no doubt.

Right from the off these thirteen tracks lay their cards on the table. Loud upbeat guitars, often pounding rhythm sections and melodic vocals are the order of the day.

The album includes previously released singles, (‘Brother‘, ‘Reboot Me‘ and ‘I’m Sorry Indy‘) as well as the further ten new tracks, classing these as Nerd punk is a bit harsh but it is harmonic and at times self-deprecating, they also throw in some ska-punk and every song is epic sounding with a different story to tell. ‘Reboot Me’ is straight from the DIY Wildhearts old-school rock-school. opener ‘For Harambe’ begins with some gang vocals and a bit piraty but once it gets going proper it’s got that gargling bass and some loud drumming happening.

‘Sausagefest The Musical!’ might go against everything I’ve already said and nerd jokey titles spring to mind but hey ho. ‘I’m Sorry Indy’ is a thrasher, causing a circle pit of its own. ‘There’s A Reason’ is something of a ballad but in a piraty way and the vocals are a bit piss takey but they sound like they’re good with that and having fun.

‘Snakebite’ is back on track as it goes for the jugular. ‘Beano’ is the ska jangle in the first verse but it quickly grinds before heading back to the skank. Is the Beano a bit shit though? Didn’t even know it was still a going concern. They even have a song about ‘Rosie & Jim’ The ragdolls on a boat? Ding Dong heads gone me thinks. Me or them I’m not sure.

They clock off with the ‘Ballad Of Colin Dent’ which isn’t a ballad at all. Confused you will be.

The Melbies will play a special album release show on 29th May at the New Cross Inn in London.

To pre order ‘Song for Harambe (Vol. I)’ CD please go to:

To pre save ‘Song for Harambe (Vol. I)’ digitally please go to

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WooHoo! A brand new set of recordings courtesy of JJ & The Real Jerks had this scribe jumping for joy and when they featured on the Rock and Roll Manifesto single EP that got released a while back I was delighted only to find out this long player was in the works. This crazy rock we live on kinda reverting back to some sort of happy place after all the turmoil of the past few years.

It’s simple, I love loud guitars, and can’t get enough of ’em especially when they come wrapped in excellent melodies and arrangments that ooze class then all squeezed onto plastic that we can spin to our hearts content. Welcome to the world where JJ & The Real Jerks are that band.

A tonne of Energy, Saxophone, Electric Guitars, bass and drums all chewed up and captured with understanding and love for what they do. It’s a time-honored format – nothing too complicated. Tip the hat to the good and the great that went before them and paved the way so some could follow. Drain a few beers get the vibe going and then kicked down the door and just rocked the fuck out.

‘Mess You Up’ begins with a rapid beat and thumping bass line then JJ enters the fray before we zoom off with a hack and slash slice of punk rock n roll old school. It’s got the right amount of energy and lip curling bubblegum chewing vocals – pouring out the lyrics that pick up the gauntlet and not so much run with it but blaze the path and keep the cycle of punk n roll turning. JJ & The Real Jerks do this as good if not better than most. Tunes? Hell yeah! ‘Dead In The Water’ is cool as fuck. Nothin’ groundbreaking but thats not their MO, they just wanna rock n roll to the best of their ability and leave a bunch of great tunes that rock like a bastard and the result my friends is a resounding Job Done! The chorus on ‘Dead In The Water’ is easy even if you’re wasted just so long as you’re not dead in the water you can join in. turn up the stereo and let it out..

‘Lost Souls Pub’ is a killer tune. JJ sings with such authority of course I’m gonna join you in the pub get the beers in I’m there and the sax punching in is awesome. My only complaint is there are only eight tracks on offer because I want more, more, more!

‘Ten Cent Beer Night’ continues the party. Then, the title track rolls in on some cool slide Geetar and a chilled backbeat before the fist-pumping gang vocals get involved. This is anthemic Rock n Roll kids but not in some cheesy way it’s the bastard sons of the Dolls and The Dictators and all those bands who cruised around knowing they were out of step with what was the ‘flavour of the month’ but did it because its what was in their soul, it’s all they knew. This is a bunch of tunes that deserve to be heard and those of us lucky enough to tune in and get it will have records to turn to forever just like the bands that helped shape JJ & The Real Jerks like The Humpers, The Dragons, sure some Johnny Thunders meets Hanoi meets Buzzcocks with a twist of X-Ray Spex and Supersuckers (at their evil powers best).

JJ & The Real Jerks understands what it takes to whip up some magical music and then get it pressed on wax. Hell, they close with the epic smoulderingly cool as fuck ‘Sinking Feeling’ which deserves to be heard so I’ll leave you with this – I know it’s only Rock n Roll baby but I love it! Welcome back JJ we’ve missed ya! Now people get out and buy this record it’s a Banger!

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Author: Dom Daley